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Eduardo y Ravena

By Jeune Ecrivain

Summary: Just when Eddie is realizing new feelings for Raven, she gets another psychic cold.

Rating: PG

"Eddie, concentrate."

Eddie Thomas snapped out of his reverie and looked at the half-irritated, half-amused expression on his best friend's face. Raven Baxter sighed. "If you're going to get this, you have to pay attention."

"Sorry, Rae," said Eddie, his thoughts for the moment returned to the subject matter before him. "I'm paying attention now." To her, or to Spanish? he thought to himself with an inner roll of his eyes.

The two teens were now high school juniors, and in an ironically repetitive turn of events, Raven was once again attempting to get Eddie's Spanish up to par. The challenge was, in a way, even greater now. Last year, the only Spanish class either one had taken was an introductory course, which was little more than basic vocabulary. This year, their Spanish class was much more focused on grammar, which was naturally a little more complicated than simply remembering, for example, that "shoe" equals zapato.

"Do the verb ser," she told him, her eyes immediately glaring at him with a mix of hope and expectance.

Eddie paused for a moment before saying slowly. "Soy,…eres,…es,…somos,…sois,…son," he recited.

A warm smile spread across Raven's face. "That's right!" she almost squealed.

Eddie grinned, and as Raven returned to the textbook for a moment, his grin shrunk only partially to a half-smile. He had definitely needed help with his Spanish, and he knew Raven was pretty good at it. But perhaps asking for her help wasn't the best idea, since she was becoming something of a distraction. Maybe it was a last ditch effort to prove to himself that Raven hadn't unexpectedly acquired a somewhat new and dare he say romantic appeal in his eyes. If that was the case, than he wasn't proving anything. If anything, he was making it more and more obvious to himself that, like it or not, Raven had become as much of a romantic interest as she was a friend.

He had caught himself countless times over the past month or two, paying unusual attention to how her caring and vivacious personality made his day more interesting than it otherwise would be and how her bright and expressive brown eyes reflected her emotions in a way that was never unpleasant to behold even if the mood being reflected wasn't a good one. She had long, flowing hair whose color made her name seem all the more appropriate. She did something new with it almost every day, but Eddie was certain it would probably look best if it was let to naturally frame her pretty face and cascade down her shoulders and back.

"Eddie, don't space out on me again," Raven rolled her eyes.

Eddie blinked. "Oh, sorry, Rae," he said.

"Can you do hacer?" she asked in a business-like tone that somehow managed to sound cute at the same time.

Cute? Did I just use the word 'cute'? Eddie marveled inwardly. Get a grip, Thomas! "Uh,…" he fumbled slightly. "Yeah."

Raven nodded and gave him that expectant look again.

"Hago,…haces,…hace,…hacemos,…hacéis,…hacen," he recited.

Her lips once again formed that warm smile, and Eddie wondered briefly what it would be like to kiss her. Man, I got it bad…and for Raven, of all people! he thought to himself. I'm not s'posed to feel like this about HER! How did this happen?

His thoughts were interrupted by a sneeze from Raven. She sniffled. "I've been a little stuffed up today," she said. Indeed, she did sound slightly congested.

"You think you're comin' down with something?"

"I don't know," said Raven. "I hope not. I have a big algebra test tomorrow, and I wanna be in good health for it."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, Rae," Eddie said with a crooked grin.

Raven smiled back at him. "Thanks."