Eduardo y Ravena

By Jeune Ecrivain

Summary: Just when Eddie is realizing new feelings for Raven, she gets another psychic cold.

Rating: PG

Part 4

Raven blew her nose loudly for the umpteenth time as she half-sat, half-laid on her bed. She then looked up to find her brother Cory standing at the entrance to her bedroom with a bowl of soup in his hands and a disgusted look on his face. "Geez, it's a good thing you came home," he said, "'cause there ain't nobody that wants to see that."

"I know, I know," Raven said resignedly. "I don't look my best, but you don't have to rub it in."

"I could be polite and lie to you, but you'd just hear the truth in my head anyway," Cory observed with a shrug as he approached his sister. "Anyway, here's that chicken soup Mom made."

"I thought chicken soup was for the flu."

"Oh, it is," Cory replied. "But Mom and her whole side of the family insist that chicken soup cures virtually anything."

"Oh, well, I guess it can't hurt," said Raven, spooning the soup idly. "Thanks for bringing it up."

"Yeah, sure," responded Cory casually before turning to leave.

Raven took a bite of her soup, but before she could swallow it, she started to cough in surprise and repulsion. "Cory," she said harshly.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"First of all, Chelsea has a boyfriend, so get this through your head: it ain't gonna happen. Second of all, the next time you decide to have fantasies about my best friend and I have a psychic cold, could you please not do it within mind-shot of me, 'cause I do not need the mental images!"

"Fine," Cory conceded with a role of his eyes. With that, he was gone.

Raven idly munched on her soup for a few moments, her thoughts returning occasionally to the algebra test she was missing. This was where her mind was when she heard a knock on her door. "Who is it?" she called.

"It's Eddie," answered a familiar voice.

"C'mon in," Raven called, inwardly grateful Eddie had come. He always brightened her mood, and that's exactly what she needed then.

Eddie entered her room and caught sight of her. "Hey," he greeted.

"Hey," she returned. "You do realize that, besides being a total mess, I'm also contagious, right?"

For you, I'll take my chances, she heard him think, at which she couldn't help but smile. "Ah, we're friends. Friends don't let friends be sick alone," Eddie spoke aloud. "I just had to show you this," he added, handing her his Spanish test. I can't wait for her to see this!

Raven took it and glanced down at it. Her face lit up. "Yay! A B-plus! Way to go!"

"Thank you," replied Eddie, taking a theatrical bow.

She beamed at him proudly as she handed the paper back

Man, there's that smile again! thought Eddie. That face is a sight for sore eyes any day!

Raven's smile faded slightly from surprise at Eddie's thoughts, and she could sense herself blushing.

It's not just her face, either, Eddie added inwardly, giving her a smile that bore a trace of nervousness. Get a grip, man! he scolded himself.

Raven averted her eyes for a moment, trying to make sense of Eddie's thoughts. They were flattering, to be sure, but boys usually don't talk like that about their friends. She shook it off for the moment. "I'm happy for you Eddie," she said.

Eddie chuckled confidently. "It just goes to show that with a little help from his friends, E.T. can do anything!" Except tell the best friend he's known all his life how he really feels about her, added his internal mental self wryly.

Raven's jaw dropped slightly. Was Eddie feeling what she thought he was feeling? "Eddie…" she began after slurping another spoonful of soup. However, a familiar nasal sensation interrupted her, and she let out a rather loud sneeze!

"That bug's really got you, huh?" Eddie observed, chuckling warmly at her and plucking a tissue from the box on her desk to hand to her.

Raven accepted the tissue and blew her nose again. "I probably look like heck," she said with a sniffle.

"Nah," Eddie reassured her. "You look fine." It'll take a lot more than a cold to make you unattractive.

Raven blushed again, and she suddenly felt a little self-conscious.

"Are you alright?" Eddie asked, obviously noticing this. "Still stewing about that Algebra test?"

"Ye-Yeah," Raven said, reasserting herself as she swung her legs off the bed and stood up. "I'm fine. Mom said if Mr. Fedders doesn't let me make it up, she'll sue," she said with a laugh.

Nice figure, Rae, Eddie remarked voicelessly. How'd I get so lucky that the girl I care about deeply also happens to be so sexy?

Raven was so taken aback she nearly stumbled. Did he just call me sexy?

"You okay?" Eddie repeated, her nervousness obviously beginning to show.

"Uh,…yeah," Raven stammered. But in her head, her thoughts were racing. Edward Thomas, my best friend since kindergarten, just thought of me in a completely non-platonic way! She didn't know what to do. She couldn't let Eddie know she was reading his mind, but she needed some way to escape from his presence so that she could digest what she had learned.

As if on cue, Chelsea burst into her room, followed by Ben. She stopped abruptly when she found her two friends, and ran her hands through her hair nervously. "Huh…hi, Raven and Eddie," she said awkwardly. "Rae, how are you coming with that nasty psychic cold?" she asked pointedly, eying Eddie and not doing a good job of hiding her emphasis on the word 'psychic.'

"Yeah," Ben piped in. "I remember my worst psychic cold. I could read minds for a week," he stated, throwing hinting glances at Eddie.

Eddie and Raven looked confused for a moment. Then, Raven heard some of Chelsea's thought and all confusion left her. Eddie's mental gears weren't turning for long before he too figured it out. "Wait a minute?" he asked, an infant panic sounding in his voice. "Are you trying to tell me that Raven has one of those colds where she can read our minds?"
Chelsea nodded eagerly.

Eddie turned to Raven for confirmation, and she too nodded.

"So, that means…" Eddie trailed off, and he once again looked at Raven, who delayed eye contact for as long as she could before she allowed her gaze to meet his. Eddie was spared the task of asking the question that was on the tip of his tongue. He could see the answer in her eyes just as clearly as if he himself were telepathic. Her apologetic expression said it all.

"I gotta go," he said quickly before he fled from the awkwardness that filled the room, not knowing what else to do.