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Chapter 1: The Lot.

1987 Prawn Island, Vice City

The glare of the beautiful afternoon sun glinted slowly off of Dwayne Banks' brooding brown eyes. The tall buildings of Prawn Island cast a shadow on the group of teenagers who hid behind a corner, like Vultures waiting for the kill. A grey voodoo limped slowly down the streets with music blaring through the once quiet air. The car parked itself on the corner of the streets, and out emerged three black men in blue- shirts and dirty jeans. In seconds a battle cry shattered through the music and the sounds of the street as the teens emerged from the shadows.

In front was a tall black man with long permed hair and a giant smile, closely followed by a younger version of him with the same grin on his face but very intriguing hair. An Italian boy leaped from the shadows and followed close behind, while a chubby Mexican boy chased after him frantically gasping for air. The Haitians turned around to meet the group then made a run for it through the grimy alleyways of the Island. With a minutes sprint to a clear escape the three men began to slow down, then suddenly another group appeared. With no where to run they slowly faced their enemies, the tall black man emerged from the group with his switchblade shining in the darkness of the alley. The gang closed in and finished the job leaving the Haitians lying in a pool of blood. A siren signaled the end of their fun and the groups scattered into the run down island.

Minutes later two cops entered the bloody scene.

"So, Foley, What did the witnesses say?" the first cop questioned.

"They said it was a large group of youngsters who did this, all looked pretty different cept for one thing," Officer Foley said grimly while he made a call on the police radio. "Bastards were all wearing cut off jackets with sharks on the back..."

Big D's Basement

"We did good there guys, I'm proud to be yo leaders. We handled those fuckin Haitians and it turns out we got the right ones this time, they had cocaine stuffed to the rim in the back seat." Announced the tall black man while passing around a bottle of Vodka. It soon fell into the gaping hands of an Italian kid who looked about 18 years old with sleeked back brown hair and light green eyes, everyone called him Gino or jus No for that was the answer to most questions he received. He threw the bottle over about 8 other guys and it landed on another table and into the hands of the fat Mexican named Antonio, but everyone called him Vaca. The bottle was quickly grabbed out of his smudgy hands and into the hands of a 17 year old with shifty brown eyes and a large grin on his face as he set his lips on the bottle.
"Nice try Dwayne but you know you ain't old enough to drink" remarked the tall black man named Danny but only his brother called him that, everyone else called him Big D. His short perm almost touched the ceiling as he grabbed the bottle out of his brother's hands. "Anyway we gotta get you a haircut; that damn Mohawk is pissing me off, strutting around like your Mr.T or sumtin."

Big D turned around as another Shark entered the dark basement through the side door. It was a tall white kid with curly brown hair and a lopsided smile, he threw his jacket on the ground and grabbed the beer. Big D walked away from Dwayne to go pick on the new comer.

"Hey Kook, where you been lately you missed a good fight today, reminds me of the good old days"

"Ha you mean the days when I used to save you from getting killed by the Hoodz"

If it was anyone else talking the room might have gone quiet, but it was Kook the only person who could get away with disrespecting Big D.

"Hey Danny you looking good lately man, getting blacker everyday."

D scoffed at the comment and walked back to messing with Dwayne

" Talkin bout savin people, what happened out there today? It was like you were scared, all them days we spent shootin by the lake with dad.

"Get off my back Danny, what happened to us doing a good job"

"Oh, so you call doing a good job hiding behind the garbage can with that pastry eating prick"

At the mention of pastries Vaca spit the hotdog out of his mouth and looked at Danny.

"What the hell you lookin at ain't you s'posed to be mowing some lawns or something?" Everyone in the room laughed except Vaca and Wayne, who were already walking out the door.
"Where you goin, the Haitians are gonna be everywhere looking for any Shark to kill. Get your asses back in here I'll need you two tonight, well atleast you Dwayne, we got a deal set up with the Cubans tonight we trade the cocaine for some guns."

Dwayne walked slowly back to his brother.

" Well since you really want me to be there bro I got your back, well all know that I'm the best talker here anyway I can make any deal possible."

Gino snickered from across the room and walked away throwing his jeans jacket on the couch. Dwayne and Vaca took their seats again as Big D went back to his speech.

"Sharks it's time we took back the streets, the sharks have been in Vice City before any of these guys showed up, since the Vercetti family wiped out most of our sets we've been down, now the North Point Hoodz have takin over the mall area we got nothing but this shitty Island left. Sharks, it time for us to make a come back and this time, its for good."

21:30 Little Havana

A bum slowly walked along the dark empty parking lot with a single street light keeping it illuminated. Six head lights tore through the dark night as a trio of vans tattooed with the Graffiti of the Sharks skidded down the street. The Gang Burrito's parked themselves and then spilled out their contents which at this moment was 23 members of the Sharks. The three groups emerged into one party of nervousness, they had only dealt wit Cubans once and at this moment only had 6 people armed with glocks and a couple of weapons in the vans.

A soft rumble interrupted the thoughts of the Sharks as out of the shadows emerged 4 Cuban Hermes'. The doors of the cars swung open and out of each three men came out wearing white shirts, which gave them a total number of twelve. The two gangs stepped up into the light facing each other in the lot. A young Cuban with a thick accent and a large flame tattoo running along his neck stepped forward.

"Hey man, It's about time you got de drugs from those Aitens, now here we gotchu bout twenny AK's a couple handguns n' shotties, we give you all dis for jus half of that shit you got there, man."

Big D as usual took the front casually waving half of the amount of cocaine in a trash bag as if it was nothing.

"Aight you got a deal, but I gotta check that shit out first, yah know how it is, you say "twenny" might mean four or sumtin."

"Oh, man so you don't trust me?"

Kook laughed in the background as Big D continued to talk.

"Of course I don't. Business is business my friend now let me check out what you got in that car, or else we're –"

The conversation was cut off by the sound of a bullet cracking through the skull of the Cuban and the thunder of what sounded like an army of foot steps. The gangs turned to face what seemed to be an army of Haitians, weapons on both sides flew out and fired at the Haitians. Screams filled the night as bodies fell on both sides. Vaca ignored it all and ran for the Hermes with the weapons, he gunned the engine and swung open the door for anyone willing to live.

Big D on the other hand searched his own van and brought out an rifle. He pulled the trigger and let loose two bullets into the screaming gangsters. The first piece of lead out of the gun rocketed through the head of a Haitian, while the second bullet finished the job on his chest. Dwayne ran into the same Van and pulled open the door inside he found an AK and a chrome shotgun, without a second to lose he hurled the shotgun at Gino and ran straight through the lot firing out in anger. A stream of bullets sent one Haitan off his feet and into a pool of blood, another round pounded through a chest then ripped apart the lungs. A Cuban ran forward with a grenade in hand hurling it out into the night sky. The explosion ripped bodies apart and sent blood splattering sickenly to nearby cars. The shock of the blast knocked Dwayne on his back. Gino took a stance and calmly walked towards the Haitians firing away. His first shell sent a black arm through the night sky; his second shell burned a hole through a human chest. He took aim once again and his eyes met with a barrel pointed towards his head. Gino jumped to the ground and fired barely missing the bullet while his shell cracked opened the neck of the shooter. He darted backwards to Dwayne with a stern look on his face.

"Nice shooting there, too bad you can't even stay on your feet"

Gino let out a yell as a bullet slammed into his arm. Dwayne watched wide eyed as another bullet went into Gino's back Kook ran from his spot and ran out to Gino, Dwayne screamed out through the night.

"Get the fuck down!"

Another bullet span through the air and landed in Kook's skull,his body flew back into a car and slide down, leaving a trail of blood on the windshield.

Vaca spun the car around back towards the lot with its doors still wide open, Dwayne jumped up and hopped in the passenger seat while Vaca loaded Gino into the back. Two other sharks crammed into the back seat of the car and waited for the signal to leave.

Big D stood there facing a barrage of bullets with a remaining group of the brave. He sent a hail of bullets at the closest Haitian spilling his body unto the parking lot ground, he aimed the gun one more time before chucking it back into the van, he dodged another bullet and started the Burrito up . Two Cubans and a Shark hopped into the back of the vehicle and followed the Hermes as they sped away from danger.

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