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The beginning of the end of Vice
Chapter 7: An eye for an eye.

Downtown, Vice City

Luigi's betrayal shook the Vercetti ranks. Betrayals became a common event and anyone suspected of switching over was killed. Tommy watched slowly as his empire began to crumble under the might of the mob. If he wasn't fighting for his businesses he was busy trying to fix Rosenberg's mistakes. The Cuban's were restless and out to draw blood. The Shark's finally proved their worth during this tough time.

Despite the loss of two valuable soldiers, the Sharks grew stronger. Big D had lost his best friend and was a little shook up by the events so once again Dwayne and Gino grabbed the reigns of the army. The Shark's hit the street's hard and sacrificed business for personal matters. In days the mob was taking hits on all sides. Luigi grew paranoid and fled Vice City, as a result the Sindacco's became the main threat.

Gino lit a cigarette as he leaned back against the Admiral. His eyes drifted up and down the street as he kept a lookout for what was going on inside the store, it was another chilly night out here as Gino adjusted his long white sleeves and shoved his lighter back into his Shark's jean jacket. He exhaled slowly and for a second stared up at the moon dangling in the night sky. He peeked down at his watch, which had cost him a hefty 400, and checked the time once again, the smaller hand had jus hit on the 12. He inhaled again and entered the driver's seat and turned on the engine, he tapped the cigarette a little letting the ahs fall through the window and onto the pavement outside of the Tattoo parlor that was currently owned by one Johnny D. Sindacco. He leaned back in the seat and was near sleep when he heard two loud bangs, slightly muffled, emitting from the parlor.

It was 11:48 when Dwayne and Sent walked into the parlor, there were only four people in there at so late of a time. Tucked safely on both of there belts were fully loaded snub nosed pistols. Sent with his usual crooked grin held a duffel bag containing a couple kilos of coke. Dwayne stared at the four strangers sitting in the room, his eyes landed on the two Colombians, who were new on the street and wanted to make some money selling, he had worked with them before, but according to word traveling around, they had flipped to the Italians. The other man in the room was Garth, as they called him, who was from Liberty City and conveniently moved down here when the mob did, the last person was Garth's girlfriend, he was currently working on a tattoo running along the left side of her arm.

As soon as he heard the Colombians wanted to meet here, Dwayne knew it was a set up. Merino, the older one was a big addict who had trouble selling it on his own, so he claimed that Garth stepped in to help overlook everything.

Dwayne sat casually and shook hands with Mierno.
"It's been awhile Mierno, I was starting to wonder if you'd found someone else to buy from. "

"Never! We go back awhile Dwayne, you know I never do nothing like that."

"Well I got everything, where's the money?"

Mierno nodded towards Garth for a second, Garth's greedy eyes glinted as he patted his girlfriend on the arm then made his way through the darkness, opening another door towards the back. Sent's eyes looked over at the girl, even through her dark hair, he could make out her eyes staring back. Sent leaned forward towards Dwayne and set the duffel bag down and he went over to the woman. Mierno's brother sat still the hold time ,looking as if he was holding his breath as Dwayne picked up the bag and set one Kilo down on the table, he held out a knife and cut it open, sliding the coke over to Mierno. Both sides thought their plans were going perfectly.

Minutes passed and everyone grew weary for the return of Garth. The tension was swept away as Garth stumbled back into the room holding a bag. Sweat was pouring down his face as he walked slowly towards Dwayne. As soon as Garth's hand reached into his jacket, a loud scream erupted from the right side of the room. The girl was squirming as Sent held her still and pointed the working needle left by Garth towards her throat. Everyone's attention turned to Sent for a split second. Dwayne wasted no time and rushed at Garth with the pistol sitting in his hands. He pushed the barrel against his head.

It's like the world stopped spinning as the room grew silent. Everyone took a breath and watched the horrible scene play out. One simple click changed it all. Garth's brain's exploded in front of him, the blood covering his girl as Sent stabbed the needle hard into her jugular, she gasped for air as she blood swelled out of her throat and slowly dripped crimson onto the floor. Dwayne spun toward Mierno and cracked a shot off towards his brother, sending his lifeless body shaking in his seat. Mierno stood up and made a run for the door with the money and duffel bag of coke. Dwayne wiped the blood away from his eyes and fired into the dark. One thing didn't make sense as he watched Mierno sprint towards the door. There was no way they could have sent a couple or druggies to hit someone like him. His suspicions were confirmed as two figures stepped out of the dark, bringing a hell of a lot of heat with them. Bullets sprayed the whole shop as Dwayne dove behind a couch, he landed softly in a pool of blood, and he crawled forward and felt a body lying in front of him.

Sent had drifted into the darkness of the parlor, his beady eyes searching for another kill. The two hitmen were lost in the action and continued to fire aimlessly. They spoke to each other quietly as they began to search the room. Sent creeper silently along the wall as he got closed and closer to the first hitman. His hands held the cold steel of the revolver as he planted it slowly on the attacker's head. A quick flash illuminated the room as the back of his head opened up and spilt its contents on the ground. The second hitman spun around to meet the barrel pointing straight between his eyes. He shut his eyes and whispered a prayer. Sent laughed and re-centered the barrel against the man's left eyelid, he pulled the trigger and headed for the door. By the time Dwayne decided to get up from his position lying on Mierno's brother body, the whole room reeked of death.

Gino sighed and pulled open the door once again. He leaned over to the passenger side and grabbed a shotgun from under the seat. He watched as a Spanish man with a light green Hawaiian shirt jetted out of the parlor and made his way towards a car across the street. Gino didn't hesitate once as he rolled out of his own car and crept up behind the man as he fumbled with his keys. Mierno turned around, and met the barrel. Gino squinted at the man's face and relaxed the shotgun a bit. Mierno sighed and began to explain. The butt of the shotgun met his skull in seconds.

Gino drove on the way back, Sent bragged as usual of his exploits. Dwayne sat in the back next to the unconscious Mierno. He like many of the other Shark's had never regretted his actions. He knew this was his only way out of poverty and he accepted it, now these men wanted to take his away everything he worked for, he wasn't planning on letting that slide. But he could never let the image of Sent stabbing the girl relentlessly out of his mind. He had never meant to harm a girl…but then again he had no part in it, it was Sent. And if Sent hadn't acted as he did, Dwayne's brain would be neatly spread along the front of the couch. Sent's brutality was going to prove helpful in the upcoming war.

That morning, the three sharks were joined by a couple of other soldiers, and watched Mierno wake up, his arms tied down on chair. Dwayne held out his knife to Sent. He walked over slowly, as if to create a dramatic effect. Mierno stared up at Sent, pleading for his life over and over again. The cold blade lay his against eye, as Sent sadistically moved it back and forth. With one quick move the tip of the blade jutted forward into Mierno's eye.

Dwayne let Mierno live and sent the message out to anyone who dared to side with the Mafia. He spent the next weeks hunting down traitors, Big D took back his place and set up Sent, Dwayne, and Gino as the new Captain's and reshaped their territory accordingly. With everything organized he launched an all out attack against the Sindacco's that took territory Downtown. Vercetti called in hits on the top Mafia goons in Vice City, and a large portion of his problems disappeared when he forced Rosenberg into Rehab. The Sindacco's and Leone's began feuding over control, and the Forelli's decided to re-strengthen their ties in Vice. The Cuban's gained new footholds in the power structure while other small time gangs were making it big pulling off jobs for all sides. All the gangs and warriors in Vice City were ready to fight. Unfortunately for many, the battlefield was about to change.

A really gory chapter for me, maybe a first and last, felt almost bad writing it.