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Only you...

By TsunamiSaotome

True to Ranma's thoughts, he started to train Kasumi a lot harder. Kasumi had just restarted her training, so Ranma was training her body to be able to handle more demanding techniques and not teaching her new techniques. In the morning after warming up and breakfast, Ranma would go over the katas they had done in the previous few days. If he judged her to master one of the kata, he would teach the next one described in the scrolls. If not, they would just work on the old katas for the next hours. After that Ranma would put Kasumi through either speed, agility, strength, or stamina training, followed by lunch, a brief rest period, then more speed, agility, strength, or stamina training, then they would rerun through that mornings katas again and finally dinner. That was considered to be a full day, but there were other days that their routine was different. Once in a while both would skip out on either the morning or/and the afternoon training session, and do other things, like spend time with their mother or each other, clean the house, or just relax for the day. In the three months that passed since they started to train there was only one minor event that disrupted their training.

A month and a half ago, while running on a trail around the Inoue home one of the rock on a steep path the two were running on gave way when Kasumi stepped on it. She managed to stay upright even with the weighted clothing Ranma had asked her to wear while training. The problem was that she landed awkwardly and strained a muscle. Ranma had quickly abandoned the exercises for the day. When he examined her he thought that it was only a strain but wasn't sure. He cradled her in his arms while she was protesting and grimacing at the same time. Ranma knew that they were pushing Kasumi's training, but what was the point of training if it was going to do more harm then good? Once he pointed that out, the older girl stopped her protesting and let herself be carried back home. Nodoka had confirmed Ranma's assessment and ordered her daughter to rest for a few days. Kasumi complained about not being able to train, but again Ranma stopped her by saying he'd had something planned for when she got hurt. Both women were stunned that Ranma had thought ahead.

The next morning, when Kasumi hobbled her way into the dojo, Ranma stopped her from doing warm-up exercises and told her to go into the middle of the garden. When Kasumi got there she saw that there was an open grass patch next to the pond. Ranma instructed her to carefully get into a lotus position and began to tell her how to meditate. Like every other exercise she been taught so far, she was able to understand fairly quickly.

Their first session didn't really go as planed, within ten minutes Ranma had fallen asleep and was pushed into Kasumi's lap by a gust of wind. Kasumi didn't have the heart to wake him, so she got out of the lotus position and let Ranma use her lap as a pillow for the rest of the morning. That pretty much stopped any thoughts of training for the rest of the day. When Ranma awoke he apologized, promising her that he would make it up later that night. Kasumi just smiled and nodded, wondering what Ranma was going to do that night. They spent most of the rest of the day with their mother just being together.

Later that night, Ranma told Kasumi to go into his room and wait. By that time Kasumi's curiosity was overflowing. A bit earlier, Ranma had gone into town without letting Kasumi come along, stating it was for a surprise that night.


Kasumi sat nervously on Ranma's bed. She had been waiting for this all day; especially since Ranma went to town and didn't let her go with him. Moments later the door slowly opened and Ranma stepped in holding a paper bag with a store seal she didn't recognize.

"Kasumi lay down on the bed with your back to me." Ranma instructed.

Kasumi quickly complied, resting her head on her forearms. Kasumi laid there with the anticipation inside her growing. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself. In the middle of releasing her second breath she felt Ranma's hands start to massage her back. Within seconds Kasumi was in bliss every time Ranma's fingers worked their way deep into one of her muscles, and she released a deep moan. After a couple of minutes of this, Kasumi regained a semblance of coherent thought.

"Ranmaaaaaaaa...what was -moan- in the bag uuunnnnnnn..."

Ranma didn't even pause in his ministrations as he answered, "Oil and stuff. I didn't want to get them on your clothes, so I didn't use them."

Kasumi rolled what Ranma said around in her pleasure-clouded mind for a second. Then snapped her eyes open and rolled off the bed.

"Kaaaaaaaaaaa..." was the only thing a confused Ranma was able to get out of his mouth.

In the time it took Ranma to speak that one partial phrase, Kasumi's dress had pooled on the floor, and she was in the process of taking off her bra. Ranma spun around so fast that he nearly twisted the top mattress off the bed. Half a second later, he felt something clip the back of his arm; his eyes widened as he watched Kasumi's bra land on the floor in front of him. A few heart beats later he heard sounds of Kasumi getting back on the bed, and on turning around he noticed that Kasumi had made herself comfortable in his bed. He blushed a bit deeper as he realized that he could see the side of her breast. She was in the same position she had originally occupied, only his blanket was also pulled up to her waist, leaving everything above that point exposed.

"Use...It...Want...Now...Badly...Please..." Kasumi's sultry moaning sent shivers through Ranma's entire body.

Ranma's hand was shaking as he turned around to get one of the massaging oils he had bought earlier. When his eyes reached the bag with the oils in it his heart nearly stopped, his breathing became short, quick gasps, and a drop of blood fell from his nose. There, dangling on the bag, a pair of panties that matched the bra on the floor. His hand trembled around the undergarment as he randomly grabbed a container of oil. With the oil ready in his hands and hormones coursing through his veins, Ranma turned around and admired the beauty in his bed; a beauty that he unquestioningly knew was completely naked underneath that blanket. Suddenly, Ranma was no longer nervous; instead he was a bit excited. Letting a few of drops of oil fall on Kasumi's back, he moved his hand to work on her knotted muscles. He had only intended to massage Kasumi for around a half an hour but ended up being at it for well over an hour. It was a few minutes before he stopped that she fell into a contented sleep. Ranma was very tempted to carry Kasumi to her own bed and at the same time very nervous about the prospect of doing so when he considered her state of dress. In the end the cons outweighed the pros, especially if their mother saw them, so he covered Kasumi in his blanket and went off to sleep in one of the unoccupied rooms for the night.

-End Flashback-

Kasumi had been receiving massages regularly ever since, either once every few days or after a particularly tough day. His mother had also recently started to ask for massages of her own, something Ranma happily did for his mother. And though Nodoka was nowhere as enthusiastic about them as Kasumi, she still enjoyed the treatments very much.

Kasumi's training had slowed down a bit, but that wasn't due to her learning curve or the increasing difficulty levels of the techniques. The last of the intermediate scrolls held no techniques; instead they focused on developing the body's speed, strength, stamina and agility, many of the techniques that the two were already using, only on a higher scale. Along with building one's body, there were exercises to deepen ki reserves. Ranma didn't really need to relearn any of the exercises in the last few intermediate scrolls, so he lent his personal experience to Kasumi in order to help her learn them faster. This is where Kasumi believed she had stopped training because she didn't remember doing any of the exercises. Ranma understood why Kimiko had stopped there. At the time, when Kimiko was training her daughter, Kasumi would have only been nine or ten and her young body would not have been able to handle the stresses associated with such a large reserve of ki.

This was also the time when Ranma seriously started to spar with Kasumi. Most people would have been angry with Ranma for waiting this long to spar, but not Kasumi, she knew that Ranma knew that this was the best way to fine tune her skills. Ranma would come to her when he was ready. If not, she could always go to him. Ranma began their sparring sessions like he did with Akane. At first she thought that it was a way to test her control, and in a way it was, but Kasumi quickly found out that there were other benefits. Ranma stayed at a set speed, forcing Kasumi to abandon any thoughts of putting any real power behind any of her strikes. Ranma was a very good judge of how fast Kasumi could be for her skill level and set a limit just outside of what he thought was possible for her. At first their sparring sessions barely lasted half an hour before Kasumi would drop to the floor in exhaustion. As Kasumi began to hold up longer in the matches, Ranma started to throw attacks. Not very strong attacks, but quick and light enough to force Kasumi into tightening her defenses and perfect her technique. Then, when she got good enough to tag him a couple of times, he would congratulate her and increase his speed in the next spar.

Along with sparring, Ranma also started teaching Kasumi about ki, usually doing so on alternating days. To begin, Ranma asked her to meditate and look inside of herself for a surging core of energy, and for days Kasumi danced around her core of ki without being able to fully access it. They quickly found that her ki was very different from his; Ranma's was wild, Kasumi's was calm. Instead of opening the door and letting it rush out like Ranma did, Kasumi had to guide it out. After Kasumi gained access to it, Ranma had her mentally move it repeatedly through various parts of her body to create and strengthen the ki pathways in her body.

Within this last week Ranma judged Kasumi to be at the levels described at the end of the intermediate scroll that were required to begin training in the advance scroll. When the two of them looked at the advanced scroll for the first time, Ranma noticed something and asked Kasumi if they could examine all of the other advanced scrolls as well. Kasumi agreed and soon Ranma's suspicions were confirmed...

The Fallen Angels School of Martial Arts was an... Ariel Based School.

Ranma had recognized some techniques used to stay in the air for an extra split-second. That was why he had originally wanted to review all of the advanced scrolls. Now he knew why all of the ki exercises were emphasized so much for the intermediate students. Not only did they deepen ki reserves, they also allowed students to heal quickly if they got hurt and, finally, they allowed a student to use their ki to cushion their landings.

The first lesson for the advanced class was to learn how to fall again, but this time the student would use their ki to take the brunt of the damage, coupled with using the basic lessons for recovering from a fall. Reading through the text, Ranma realized that the same skill could also be used to soften physical blows as well. Kasumi's retraining on how to take a fall was completed very quickly, mostly due to the fact that Ranma had a lot of experience with falling.

Ranma quickly became much more confident in his teaching abilities once he was in his element: aerial combat. From then on, while he was teaching, he knew why a move was done or why a person's weight was shifted in a certain way. If not, he used his own knowledge of anything-goes and his incredible learning curve to figure it out. Now he could be a real teacher for Kasumi.

Today was supposed to be the day that Ranma helped Kasumi work on her balance using poles as footing, but the training area was unusable. It didn't matter if it was insects, animals, or time; the bamboo poles were either destroyed or just falling apart with age.

When Nodoka asked why Ranma and Kasumi had stopped training so early, Kasumi explained the problems with the training area.

"I see. Could you two finish making breakfast? I think I know of something that might help." Nodoka waited a moment to receive a nod from her son before leaving breakfast and going to her room.

Once in her room, Nodoka started to dig through her closet, through the piles of things she had accumulated in her past. There were certain items that caused Nodoka to pause and reminisce about the past and, frighteningly enough, there were even things that caused her to blush...

Something that could make Nodoka blush is definitely something that should not be unleashed on the general public...

After letting off a disturbing giggle, Nodoka found what she was looking for. It was a picture of her and Kimiko standing in a heavily forested area in front of a lake, or possibly a slow-moving river. Nodoka smiled and tenderly touched the picture for a few moments before getting up and going to her children.

The first to see her was Ranma, who had been kicked out of the kitchen. Why, you might ask? After Nodoka went to her room, Ranma had snuck up behind a busy Kasumi and captured her lips and tongue with a surprise kiss. While Kasumi was distracted, Ranma's free hand stole a fish from breakfast and as soon as he broke the kiss, which lasted many more seconds, he moved to the far end of the kitchen and began to eat his prize. Kasumi looked over at Ranma to ask what the kiss was for, and quickly discovered the answer to her question. Feigning a glare, she pushed Ranma out of the kitchen.

"What's that you got mom?" Ranma asked while trying to get a glimpse of the photograph in Nodoka's hand.

"Just some old memories." Nodoka replied and raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were helping with breakfast?"

"Eh...hehe...Kasumi kinda kicked me out..." Ranma embarrassedly replied with his right arm behind him, holding his pigtail.

Nodoka shook her head at her son's antics, "At least help me set the table for breakfast."


In a few minutes mother and son were sitting at the table waiting for their meal, using the time to talk about little inane things and how Kasumi was progressing in her training. It was a quarter of an hour later when Kasumi emerged from the kitchen carrying the food. She quickly joined the conversation as if she had been part of it from the beginning. From there breakfast proceeded like it had for the previous few months, with a lively, warm, and caring family atmosphere.

There was an unspoken agreement between Ranma and Kasumi that it would be a rest day. After the three of them cleaned up the remnants of their meal, Nodoka gathered her children to speak with them.

"Ranma, Kasumi could you two not train today? I want to show you something."

Kasumi looked at Ranma and the two nodded to each other. "Okay, Ranma and I weren't going to train today, anyway. So what did you want to show us?"

"I want it to be something of a surprise, so could you two go and get dressed for a picnic, and I'll get a basket ready?" Nodoka left them, making her way into the kitchen.

Ranma and Kasumi shared a look tinted with fear. Their mother having a surprise for them was probably not a good thing; surprises usually meant both of them would be horribly embarrassed. Lately, she hadn't been so bad, and Ranma and Kasumi shook their heads and cracked a smile; there was nothing they could do, so they'd deal with it as it came.

Something that neither had yet figured out was that Nodoka was not teasing them any less, but that they had grown used to their mother's quirks and, thanks to her, they had grown to be a bit perverted themselves, especially in their dealings with each other.

Soon after all of their preparations were completed the three of them were walking down another path that Ranma and Kasumi had yet to explore during their time at the Inoue home. The path was a bit rockier then the others and the trail changed from being surrounded by trees to walking above the tops of them. The scenery was much different from all of the other trails that Ranma and Kasumi had walked before, while being no less beautiful. Eventually, the trail started to descend again. The three of them soon found themselves in a small, hidden valley surrounded by walls of rock and earth. There was a slow moving river in the center with many trees in the surrounding area. The most notable land marks, other then the river, were two huge pine trees standing across from each other on opposite banks of the river. Ranma and Kasumi quietly followed Nodoka as she made her way to the huge tree closest to them. The three of then stopped at what looked like a makeshift table. The centerpiece looked like it had been cut from a huge tree, then cut in half vertically and, finally, laid on its side with the flat end facing the sky to serve as a table and smaller logs on each side to serve as benches.

While Ranma and Kasumi were looking at the area, Nodoka spoke, "Ranma, Kasumi you two can use this place for balance training. The bamboo shoots stopped being used because of this place."

"Huh? How?" Ranma looked around and saw nothing that would really help with the training except for the two large trees, but those could really only be used for a beginner as far as he was concerned.

"Ranma look at the other side of the tree." Nodoka told Ranma as she smoothed out the cloth that she used to cover their table.

Ranma looked at his mother for a second longer then went to see what was on the other side of tree. Ranma saw several notches carved into the tree to form a ladder and pegs hammered into the tree with branches beside them to be used by the more experienced martial artists. Ranma quickly hopped up the branches to a platform he hadn't seen from the ground, and noticed something else that he hadn't seen from below. There were four metal wires, most likely steel, embedded in the tree and running above the water into the other tree on the far bank. On closer inspection, Ranma saw that the new set of wires was added above an older set made of rope suggesting that this place had started being used a long time ago. Ranma's eyes followed each of the cables and saw that there were different colored tiles placed on top of them with varying distances between each tile. There were four different colors: white, green, red, and black. Ranma jumped onto a black tile, figuring that it was intended to be used for balance practice... and nearly fell off!

Ranma lashed out with his hand, grabbed one of the wires and flipped onto a white square which felt just as stable as the wire itself. He made his way back to the black tile and poked it with a toe, easily tilting the tile until it was perpendicular to the water below, but it didn't fall off. Ranma thought he would have to fix this before Kasumi could use it, and with that plan in mind Ranma hopped onto another black square and nearly lost his balance again.

'Weird... The white one was okay.' Ranma thought while maintaining his balance on the tile. He then decided to test all of the tiles and after a few jumps he realized that they were made that way on purpose, and were not broken as he had initially thought. He figured that each color represented a different degree of difficulty with white being the most stable, green being more difficult then white, red would be very difficult and black was the most difficult of the lot and only for the advanced, or better, students. Ranma smiled. This place was a very good training ground, and if a person fell they would hit the water. If the student could control their fall there would be no pain, if not it was really going to hurt. Ranma then began an advanced Anything-goes kata, and started bouncing from tile to tile.

Down below the two women sat and took part in one of their favorite hobbies: One watched her son use his art while the other watched the person she loved in the world she hoped would be hers soon. All too soon the show ended and Ranma jumped down towards them.

"Mom, this place is great; it's perfect for training." Ranma exclaimed as soon as he landed in front of them.

"I know, Ranma. You two are going to start training here tomorrow, right?" Ranma mother asked.

Ranma nodded, "Why'd you ask?"

"This place holds a lot of pleasant memories for me, and I'm very happy that you two will start to make your own memories here."

"Really, like what?" Ranma enthusiastically sat down, waiting for his mother to answer his question.

"I spent many, many hours here with Kimiko." Nodoka started.

Although Kasumi didn't outwardly show the same enthusiasm Ranma did, she still liked to hear stories about both of her mothers. As Nodoka continued, Kasumi quickly sat down next to Ranma.

"The one that stands out the most is this one time that she asked me to come here with her. Kimiko had tied two huge vines to a couple of the branches over the water and bound each of my wrists to a vine." Nodoka paused in consideration, "Hmmm...Now that I think about it, it was like one of those hentais that people like to watch these days. Those vines did look long and thick and tentacle-like..."

Kasumi nearly jumped to cover her mother's mouth, but caught Ranma looking at her then turn to look at two branches overhanging the water. Kasumi looked at the spot that held Ranma's attention and her imagination supplied her with a petite red-head dangling over the water, with a chestnut-haired girl walking on a limb parallel to the other helpless girl, slowly working her hands through the clothes of the girl hanging in front of her.

"...then she pulled it out. Kami! I don't know how she got it to move around like that, but it felt so good when she wrapped it around me, it was so hot and it felt like it was pulsing..." A moan then escaped Nodoka's throat as she relived some of the sensations that had long since passed.

Kasumi began to blush and every time Ranma looked at her, then to that spot over the water, she grew redder and redder.

Nodoka never noticed the children's reactions as she was far too lost in retelling her memories.

Kasumi's imagination supplied her with the images of her mother's story as it was being told. While her mind was occupied, her body started to try finding a way to satisfy the needs suddenly rampaging in itself.

"...and that is one of my favorite memories." Nodoka opened her eyes to where her children had been, and were not any longer. Hearing some rustling from behind the table, she got up to investigate. What she found prompted her to open her mouth to speak, but her better judgment kicked in and she found a place to sit and watch, instead.

Soon enough, Ranma's instincts took over and he began to use his hands to manipulate Kasumi body. In a matter of minutes Kasumi was arching her back in relief.

Nodoka was proud of her children and mildly annoyed at them, all at the same time. She was proud that, even under these conditions, both Ranma and Kasumi managed to stand by there convictions. The annoyance came from the fact that she would have to wait just that much longer for grandchildren.

Nodoka chose to speak as soon as Kasumi was comfortably nestled on top of Ranma, "Kasumi, I'm ashamed of you! Leaving Ranma unfulfilled like that." Nodoka crossed her arms in front of her, then shifted to a thoughtful pose, "Although, usually it's the man that leaves the woman needy."

It was at that moment when Kasumi realized that her mother had sat there watching the entire thing. She tried to stand and move away from Ranma, but her body was still suffering from the aftereffects of Ranma's ministrations. All Kasumi could do was tip herself over and fall on one of the makeshift benches next to the table.

"I...ummm...we...were...ahhh..." were Kasumi's words as she tried to fight through the bliss in her mind and body.

After a few moments Ranma stiffly got up and limped to the water, shedding his clothing as he got closer.

"Ranma! You're going the wrong way! Kasumi's over here!" Nodoka shouted the first thing that was on her mind.

Ranma ignored his mother and stubbornly made his way to the water. He hoped it was cold. God, he really hoped that water was cold or else he'd end up running back over there, even with his mother watching, and ravage Kasumi till they were both raw and unable to move for days.

By the time Ranma dove into the water, Kasumi regained enough of her senses to at least be able to think again. She looked around and couldn't find Ranma but she saw her mother setting the table. "Mother?"

Nodoka smiled when she heard her daughter call her "mother". It was something she loved and would always make her smile. Without turning around she answered her eldest daughter, "Hmmmm?"

"Where's Ranma?"

Nodoka's lips curved, and she then pointed to a trail of clothing which led to the water's edge, "He decided to go swimming."

"Swimming? But, we didn't bring anything to swim in..." her eyes widened as she inventoried each piece of clothing...

Ranma, in his struggle to reach the water, didn't care about what he was taking off as he stripped out of everything... including his boxers.

Kasumi couldn't help it as her eyes wandered to the water and found Ranma doing laps. Kasumi's body began to heat up again as she saw multiple red flashes from Ranma's, now female, body.

Nodoka turned to her dryer daughter and waved her off in a care-free manner, "Ranma seems to have found a way around that. You go join her and I'll call you both when lunch is ready."

"I uhhh... think that... I will...mmmmm... stay here and... ohhhhh... myyyyy... help you." Oddly enough, her eyes never left Ranma's lithe body.

For some unknown reason Nodoka didn't keep pestering Kasumi about going swimming and began to give her tasks to keep her busy instead.

Ranma, meanwhile, had cooled her urges sufficiently and realized that she was skinny-dipping and every time she surfaced to take a breath she glanced over to the shore. She wanted to go get dressed, but she couldn't do it with Kasumi staring at her like that. Although, she kind of liked the way the other girl was looking at her, but she really wanted to get dressed.

A couple laps later, Kasumi finally took her eyes off of Ranma, thanks to Nodoka. Ranma quietly snuck back and grabbed her clothes and then, behind another big tree, waited for them to dry sufficiently and re-dressed herself.

When Ranma stepped out from behind the tree, Nodoka called to her without looking up, "Ranma, could you come here for a moment I have something I want to talk to the two of you about."

Ranma quickly moved and took her spot next to Kasumi.

When Nodoka placed the last of the food in the basket on the table, she turned and addressed her children, "You both know that we can't avoid the people in Nerima forever, right?"

Both Ranma and Kasumi nodded.

"I'm sure that I'm not going to get any argument from you about this, but the first person we'll need to deal with is Nabiki." Nodoka stated with a dangerous look.

Kasumi opened her mouth to defend her sister, but hesitated. She knew that with everything Nabiki did to exploit Ranma, Nodoka had every right to be angry. As it turned out she didn't have to say anything because, strangely enough, Ranma was the one to defend Nabiki.

"Mom, I know that you're angry with Nabiki but please, don't be. I know that she used me, but it was so that she could take care of the Tendo dojo." Ranma stopped speaking for a moment, "Well, mostly for the dojo. I didn't like it, but it was the only thing that I could do. Me and… the old man ate a lot, so we used up a lot of money on food. I could have stopped or avoided her, but I didn't want to freeload. If you could, please find a good way to deal with her."

Nodoka closed her eyes and smiled, "Okay, Ranma. I talked with my brother a while back because I had a feeling you would feel that way, and this is what we came up with..."

Nabiki sat in her room; it had been months since Kasumi left with Nodoka and Ranma, right now she was thinking back to the first few hours after they had gone.

At first she was very angry at Nodoka for defending her son against Akane, but after some time she realized that she was being unreasonable and had gone back to apologize. By the time she returned it was too late and the three of them were long gone. When she realized that Kasumi was also missing, her first thought was that Ranma had somehow forced Kasumi to go with him, but half a second later she chided herself for such an absurd thought. The first thing she did was replay the surveillance tapes of the past couple of hours. She watched as Akane lost her temper for apparently no reason and Nodoka defend her son. She continued to watch as the idiot squad start screaming at Nodoka. Nabiki still winced at the memory of what Genma had said at the time; remembering the wave of sadness that had washed over her as she watched a strong woman being broken because of what the fat idiot was saying. Then came the guilt that followed from the way she had initially reacted, a guilt that had been gnawing at her mind and soul ever since she watched the video playback of that day.

Ever since the day her sister left, Nabiki had been scaling back her operations at school more and more with each passing week, only making enough to keep her home out of the red.

Nabiki chuckled at one of the few good memory that came from the whole situation. That night she was invited to a slumber party by some of her closest friends. Originally, she wasn't planning on going, but as soon she saw that Akane had invaded and conquered the kitchen; it wasn't a choice of whether she should go or not, the question became whether she should bring her green Sheer Mesh Chemise or not.

Nabiki cracked a smile at the memory of what she had seen as she walked into the dinning room on her way out the front door. Genma and her father were gagged and chained together and on the floor, and she judged from the amount of sweat and their pale complexions that they had been there for a while. The chains brought up questions of what types of...games her sister liked playing, questions she didn't want answers to at that particular moment...or ever, for that matter.

At that moment, Akane stepped out of the kitchen and asked her where she was going. Nabiki quickly replied that she was going to a sleepover, which caused Akane to remember being told about it earlier. Of course, Akane was a bit saddened that Nabiki wasn't going to be around to eat her cooking, but became happy again as Nabiki left with a parting comment of, "Since father and Genma have always told you about how much your cooking has been improving, the two of them will happily eat what you made."

Nabiki couldn't help but let out a small giggle as she relived the muffled, agonized screams and cries of the two old men. But all of Nabiki's mirth died as she thought of her older sister.

When she went into the kitchen she found that all of Kasumi's favorite things were gone. Kasumi had apparently taken everything that meant something to her, from the apron that belonged to their mother, to the apron that their mother bought for her, her own bowl and the notebook of recipes that their mother started and Kasumi continued. Nabiki thought Kasumi would have taken all of Ranma's things as well, but much to Nabiki's dismay, even after all this time Ranma had still been using the stuff meant for guests. This place was Ranma's home, but at the same time it wasn't.

It was during the sleepover that Nabiki decided to review that entire, fateful day. The touching scene between Ranma and her mother brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the room, even Nabiki's. As the tape continued, everyone was surprised as they watched the three women smiling in the video. Each and every one of them avidly watched a smile on Ranma face that none of them had ever witnessed. Nabiki focused Kasumi's smile; it was the only truly happy smile that Nabiki had seen on her sister's face since their mother had died. When dinner arrived on the screen, and Genma's words and the reactions to them were witnessed, one of Nabiki's friends had the nerve to walk up to her and smack her upside her head. After watching the tape again, Nabiki knew that she deserved her friend's reprimand and a lot more. After that, they watched as Ranma and Kasumi walked out of the Tendo home, hand in hand, never once looking back.

When the video finished, Nabiki started telling them about how guilty she felt. Once she had begun, she found she couldn't stop talking, and sometime during the bearing of her soul the tears started. Every girl in the room went and tried to comfort the distraught girl. Each girl in the room knew, and had the experiences to prove, that even the Ice Queen was human.

Once all of them had calmed down they began to talk, trying to figure out what had set Akane off. At first, they could find no apparent reason, but one soon became obvious.

About a week and a half before Ranma and Kasumi left, there had been two new transfer students. There was nothing special about them except that they had been best friends long before the transfer. On the day that Nodoka broke down, a few people had found out that the two boys were planning to confess their love to a couple of girls.

Nabiki quickly remembered that rumor; she had even helped spread it. After all, it was a rumor that couldn't really make her any money.

The girls that Nabiki had watching over Ranma's class quickly added that Akane had heard the rumors from Sayuri and Yuka, as well as many of the other students, talking about the boys intending their confessions for Akane. It was after lunch that Akane returned to class angry, and became angrier as the day went on.

Nabiki instantly knew what had happened. The boys had made their confessions at lunch, and not to her little sister, but to two of the girls who happened to be at the sleepover. Those two, by the way, were being stared at by the other four girls in the room as the discussion continued.

The two girls began telling the rest that, at the end of that school day, Akane had approached their new boyfriends with her I'm-a-really-sweet-girl act, but the boys had ignored her. They watched as Akane nearly lost her temper, but turned around and stomped away instead. Then they thanked Nabiki.

Nabiki was glad that she had made the rule that Akane was to stay away from her friends and their respective boyfriends. It had taken an extreme amount of effort to convince Akane, but she was glad she did. The reason behind Nabiki had done that to her sister was because at one point Akane had purposely caused a couple of boys to breakup with two of her close friends, who were also in the room, and then nearly crippled them when the boys returned to them.

After that, the group began to act like normal girls at a slumber party, though there was one last thing that bothered Nabiki from the rest of the party. She had talked to the two girls that had been dumped because of her sister's intimidation and one of them said, "Ranma isn't a person to leave situations open, and when he comes back it will be closed, no matter how cruel it is to Akane." Nabiki knew that statement would turn out to be true, and it would likely apply to everyone in Nerima, including her.

Nabiki decided to drop that particular thought for the time being. Whatever Ranma did to her, she deserved, and she would calmly accept it when it came.

Nabiki returned her thoughts to the present. As always, everyone had come to her in order to find out what information she had on the day after Ranma disappeared.

The Amazons:

Cologne had come and paid her quite a bi to search for Ranma. Shampoo came just about every day to see if she'd found anything out. Truth be told, she didn't look very hard the first two weeks, she didn't want to mess up her oldest sisters chances, and she definitely didn't want to send the Amazons after her. She had talked to a couple of people who were the last to see them but then the trail went cold. After the first two weeks she tried to find them to the best of her abilities, but still didn't find anything beyond that point. Whatever Nodoka did or whoever she hired was very good at not being found. After a month of failure, Cologne hired a private investigator from outside Nerima to look for them, and when the guy showed up asking her for information, Nabiki nearly broke a rib laughing after he'd left. If she couldn't find anything, there was no way some two-bit private eye could.

The only thing odd about the amazons was that Mousse had left two weeks ago from today and hasn't been seen since.


Ukyo, too, had come to her for information and paid to be kept in the loop when any information was found. The only recent thing Nabiki had heard about Ukyo was that the quality of her food declined more and more the longer Ranma went missing.


Ryoga hadn't been seen since a week before Ranma left. The only thing Nabiki could come up with was that he had found Ranma and hadn't made it back to Nerima yet. It was only a guess, but that was the most probable possibility she had come across.

The Kunos:

Tatewaki paid her every day since the disappearance, at an inflated rate, for information about his pig-tailed goddess, then proceeded to proclaim that he would set her free and got pummeled by her little sister. Nabiki found out from Sasuke that Kodachi had more or less imprisoned herself in her private wing of the Kuno mansion and had asked for weekly supplies to be delivered to the gates of that wing. Many students told her that they could still hear Kodachi's bone chilling laugh every time they went near the Kuno mansion. One thing that annoyed Nabiki was that Tatewaki made no mention of her older sister, but it could also have been considered a good thing.

The Tendo Dojo:

Nabiki started to smile as she remembered the changes that were brought about thanks to Ranma and Kasumi's leaving. Genma and her father had been chained to the dining room, attached to something that looked like a reel. It gave the two just enough freedom to move anywhere within the house, but it also allowed Akane to pull the two back to the table when her next 'meal' was ready. What had surprised Nabiki the most was that Genma hadn't been able to escape. She had expected her father wouldn't have been able to get free, but the chains were even able to keep Genma from escaping, which she found simply amazing. When her father came up with an idea for escape it nearly gave Nabiki a heart attack. Not because it was his idea, but that it was a good idea, and he'd come up with it on his first try too. He dumped all of the tea that Akane had made that morning all over the chain. The tea dissolved everything including the floor and the foundation underneath. Nabiki had ran out of string when she tried to measure how deep the hole went. Oddly enough, it ate through everything except the teapot, cups and chain.

Nabiki hoped she wouldn't have to deal with removing lava from the dining room any time soon.

Genma had actually called Soun an idiot... that just seemed wrong for Genma to call another person an idiot.

Genma's first idea was to use a jelly bean, something about "it'll get cavities and fall apart"...refer to the above statement. Some of Genma more 'brilliant' ideas had involved nail clippers, scissors, a rock, and trying to chew through it (which had cost Genma a couple of teeth). Genma also had the bright idea of forcing the chain to watch forty-eight hours of the Teletubbies and another twenty-four hours of Barney and friends, in the middle of the telethon Nabiki had to stop her father from committing seppuku, she also took the television away from Genma. Genma's last plan had sent almost all of the students at Furinkan running. The first few times Nabiki thought about it; she lost control of herself and laughed.

Now, wouldn't you be scared if you were walking in school, minding your own business and then all of a sudden the Ice Queen started laughing. Many of the students figured that the world would be ending soon and gathered the courage to do all of the things they never thought they could. So there were soon over a hundred new couples at Furinkan and many more students wound up getting grounded for life. Even Nabiki was confessed to a dozen times, and if that wasn't miraculous enough even Gosunkugi got a few love letter confessions.

It was a month and a half after Ranma and Kasumi vanished that Genma had had an epiphany after hearing some people make fun of marriage and calling it the chain of marriage. He figured all he had to do was cheat on the chain and it would break. For the next few days, Genma scoured the personal ads for a potential pawn. Soon after, Nabiki found both Genma and her father passed out in the living room with an ad in the paper circled:

Looking for a strong martial artist. Must not have any fiancées. I am well off and looking for a man to have a bit of 'fun' with, lots of stamina. Also maybe a possible bodyguard in the future. Long green hair and dark green eyes. Measurements: 32D-28-36.

Nabiki thought that it was too good to be true, but reasoning with the idiot duo was something not even Kami-sama could do, let alone a schoolgirl, even one with her substantial skills.

Genma's thought process went something like this:

'Looking for a strong martial artist.'

Yep, describes me perfectly. Even the master can't stand up to me if I use all of my techniques.

'Must not have any fiancées.'

A wife isn't a fiancée, so I don't have to worry about that.

'I am well off and looking for a man to have a bit of 'fun' with, lots of stamina. '

Money is good, and I can go on for twenty-two and a half seconds. Not many men have my monstrous stamina. (It should be noted that at this point that Genma was puffing his chest out with pride. And how did Genma come up with that kind of a time-frame? Well, the answer to that question was that he had timed all of his own experiences and twenty-two and a half seconds was his best time.)

'Also maybe a possible bodyguard in the future.'

Ahh... That's why she needs a strong martial artist.

'Long green hair and dark green eyes. Measurements: 32D-28-36.'

Decent enough, a man like me could do so much better, but I can't be too picky right now.

Genma had then set up a meeting for the following day. The woman had been very excited that a practitioner of Anything-goes had responded to her ad and, after questioning Genma to make sure that he wasn't Ranma, she happily accepted his invitation.

When the woman showed up, she introduced herself as Miaka. Nabiki was in shock, even though she didn't show it, that the woman was exactly as described in the ad. Miaka quickly discovered that Genma couldn't leave the house at the time, nor could Soun. Miaka stated that she didn't mind, so the three of them went to the guestroom to 'get to know each other better'. Soon enough, the moaning started; it quickly became too much for Nabiki, so she decided to leave the house and go for a walk. She didn't need to worry about Akane because, in a rare moment of intelligence, Genma had set the meeting on a day Akane was on an overnight trip. Nabiki was about to break into a run as soon as the screaming started, but part of her mind caught up to her and told her that the screams weren't of pleasure, but of horror. Nabiki quickly snuck back into the house, hoping that she wouldn't regret what she would see. What she saw made her close the door and begin laughing. She laughed all the way to her room and, after making sure that the recording equipment in the guestroom was working, she lost herself in the laughter. After half an hour of laughing, Nabiki made her way out of the house because she couldn't stay there much longer; her side was really starting to hurt. While Nabiki made her way down the street there was still a lot of screaming coming from her home. The only thing that differentiated it from the earlier screaming was that she could her hear father's voice and wailing intermixed with Genma's.

The middle Tendo daughter showed up at her friend's house, still giggling like a madwoman. This set off a bout of panic in her friend, but after a few minutes and a few phone calls, Nabiki had her inner circle of friends howling in laughter too. The main thing that seriously irked the girls, and would continue to do so for years to come, was the prevalent though of, 'How come all the cross dressers that come to Nerima tend to look so much more beautiful then we do?'

That night, when Nabiki was walking home, she felt that she should be mad at her father for cheating on her mother, but she wasn't. Her father was...moving on, so she was happy for him. She had to admit she also felt a bit vengeful towards her father for not being a parent when his daughters needed him most, so maybe this was some form of divine punishment or something. Whatever it was, she found she didn't mind at all.

That night, Nabiki wasn't sure if she'd be able to get any sleep at home, and almost went back to sleep at her friend's place for the night. In the end, though, she decided against it. If Miaka coming over was going to become a normal occurrence, she would have to get used to it. That night, she had the most restful night of sleep in her entire life to that point. All she could remember of the rest of the night was the men's screaming being drowned out by a musical laughter that seemed so very familiar.

The next morning, Miaka approached Nabiki to work out a deal about hiring the two men as her personal bodyguards. The moment Miaka had walked in, Nabiki had put on her business face. Miaka hadn't wasted any time and made an offer of two hundred thousand yen (around 1,700 US Dollars).

Nabiki's first, and only, thought was, 'Who in their right mind would pay that much for daddy and Genma? Ranma, yes…Most definitely…but, those two?'

Years of controlling her emotions allowed her to give no indication of her thoughts and caused Miaka to think Nabiki was hesitant to agree. This prompted Miaka to raise the pay to three hundred thousand yen (about two thousand five hundred US Dollars) for each man per week. Nabiki resisted doing a happy dance right then and there, instead she let out a sigh, acting like she was reluctant, and agreed, after stipulating that the job would only be taken if housing was provided. When Miaka asked why, Nabiki stated that she wanted to see what living on her own would be like, seeing as she was going to be heading to college soon, and Genma and her father could do a much better job if they were closer. Add to that the fact that Akane could use the opportunity to up her training in taking care of a home. Miaka thought about it for a second and then agreed to the terms, leaving just after stating that the contract would be drawn up and sent to her as soon as possible. Just as Mika was walking out the door, Nabiki suggested that she should take the two men with her in order to get them used to their new second home. With that in mind, Miaka dragged the two unconscious men away.

A week later, when Nabiki saw the two men, Genma looked happy while her father's complexion was a pale white and he was limping. She quickly learned that Genma could order any and all of the food he wanted and lazed around all day unless he needed to accompany Miaka somewhere. Genma was happy and she couldn't have that, so she manipulated Miaka into hiring Akane on as the men's personal chef. Once she did that, she congratulated herself on doing her good deed for the year. She had found her sister, father, and Genma very good paying jobs and the Tendo home and Dojo were finally financially secure.

The only bad thing to come out of all this was that she was forced to cook and clean for herself... that and she had to hire a maid to clean the house twice a week.

"I like that plan." Ranma nodded to herself. After a few moments of silence she started to fidget. Nodoka and Kasumi saw that Ranma was working herself up to say something else, so were patient and waited until Ranma was ready.

"There…there was one more thing I wanted to talk to both of you about." Ranma steadied herself and thought, 'I need to do this! I…I can't avoid it.'

Both women sat there with warm smiles, silently encouraging Ranma to tell them.

"How…how do I…I mean, how can…can I…" Ranma stuttered, "…start school again?"

Both Nodoka and Kasumi sat there and blinked twice, completely and utterly unprepared for Ranma's question.

Nodoka put her hand on Ranma's forehead to check her daughter's health. Kasumi moved her hand to pinch herself, but found Ranma's behind instead, causing Ranma's head to snap up.


Nodoka looked at her older daughter with a raised eyebrow.

Kasumi's only response was, "This feels much better then pinching myself."

Nodoka conceded the point to her daughter. Then spoke to her son-turned-daughter, "Ranma, are you alright? I didn't expect that you wanted to go back to school."

A red-faced Ranma looked at Kasumi, who looked like all was right with the world and had no indication of moving her hand anytime soon. "I'm fine. It's just that…well…"

Sensing that this was difficult for Ranma, the two full-time females took a step away from him and waited.

"I wanted to, you know, make myself better." Ranma held her hand up to stop the other two from speaking. "I know that the two of you think I'm fine the way I am, but I still want to become a better person. I see Kasumi trying to improve herself every day and I feel like I'm cheating someone by not doing anything to improve myself. I know Kasumi loves the art, but I also know there are other things that she wishes she could do, like become a nurse or something. I feel that if I go to school, I can keep those options open for her and me too. The art will always come before our careers, but that doesn't mean we can't do something else at the same time. I also don't want to be seen as just a dumb jock. If Kasumi's husband was seen as nothing more then a brainless muscle-head I'd feel unworthy of her, like I insulted her."

"To be honest Ranma…" Kasumi began in a soft and caring voice, "I hadn't really thought that far into the future. It's true that I may want to have a career in the future, but that won't happen for quite a few years yet. I'm proud of you for thinking about the future and that you've begun to plan for it. I'm amazed that the great Ranma Inoue can admit that he's not perfect." she finished with a wink.

Ranma let off a long sigh and smiled, "Even for someone as great as I am, being compared to you tends shrink their ego."

"Very true." Kasumi then developed a seductive smirk, "You know, Ranma, if you wanted to play 'naughty nurses', we could have gone into town and found a costume or two."

"Oh no, if you two are looking for costumes, I have plenty. You don't have to go into town." Nodoka happily interjected.

"Are they clean, though?" Kasumi asked with an incredulous look.

"Yes!" Nodoka looked insulted.

Ranma shot his own skeptical look at his mother.

Nodoka's expression broke and turned sheepish as she began to blush, "Mostly…"

Ranma rolled his eyes, "The last clothing we borrowed from you were… crusty."

After Ranma said that, both she and Kasumi shuddered.

"Anyway, about going back to school…" Nodoka made a weak attempt to change the subject.

Ranma and Kasumi let their mother off the hook and shifted their thoughts to more serious matters.

Once Nodoka got her blush under control she said, "Although I didn't expect Ranma to broach the subject, I have talked to my brother about getting the both of you into school."

The young couple nodded and waited for her to continue.

"He could easily get the both of you enrolled in the private school near here."

"Uh…no offence, mom, but I'm not sure I'd like going to school with a bunch of rich snobs that act like any of the Kunos." Ranma felt a lot of discomfort just thinking about going to a school like that.

"Ranma, not all wealthy people act like that. I'll admit to there being many that do, but there are just as many who don't." Nodoka could easily understand where Ranma's point of view was coming from.

"Okay." Ranma could feel relief wash over his entire body.

"Mother you said 'both of us'; I've already graduated high school, so why would I need to go as well?" Kasumi had waited until she was sure that Ranma had no more questions before voicing her own.

"Well, Kasumi you have a choice. You see, the school is made of four main sections: grade school, middle school, high school and lastly a college. Students usually work their way through each section until they graduate college. Normally, a transfer student would transfer into their current grade level, but it works a bit differently when entering the college. There are two ways to enter the college: First, is going through the school from within or, second, to take the entrance exams like you would for any other college. You could take the entrance exam to get in or, since you mother was an alumni and you have very high-standing references, you could retake your senior year of high school at the private school and move on that way."

Kasumi sat there, silently absorbing what was just told to her.

"Personally, I would retake the last year of high school. It would give you a chance to get used to school again, and you could also stake your claim on Ranma so that no one will try to form an attraction with him in school. Oh, and of course you can show him off too."

Kasumi couldn't hold back a smile and a giggle, "I'll think about it."

Ranma laughed at his mother's reasoning. Truth be told, he knew that it was a bit selfish but he wanted Kasumi to go with him. He wouldn't tell Kasumi, though, because this was her decision to make.

After giving her children a couple of minutes to think about all that they had talked about, she made an announcement, "Well, now that all the important stuff for today has been taken care of, lets eat."

True to form, Ranma's stomach quickly growled in agreement.

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