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Ulrich glanced at Odd who was sound asleep, a bit of drool dripping onto the desk. Gross... he thought as he reached over, shaking Odd. "Wake up Odd, the bell's going to ring. Odd wake up. Odd!" Odd jerked awake, his chair tipping back into the desk behind it.

"Wha?" Odd asked groggily as he sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"The bell is going to-" Ulrich broke off as the bell rang, signaling the end of the class. "Ring," he finished after the bell stopped.

"Oh, why didn't you say so?" Odd asked. He grabbed his books, and ran out of the class, Ulrich following after him. They met at then bench, Jeremie and Yumi were already there, Jeremie typing and Yumi pacing. "Hey-lo everybody! How's it going?" Odd asked as he hopped onto the bench.

"Yumi...Jeremie, Aelita," Ulrich greeted them. He glanced at Yumi. "What's up?"

"Didn't you guys hear?" she asked.

"Hear what?" Odd, Jeremie, and Ulrich asked, looking at her.

"The principle has arranged for a field trip to-"

"To the Louvre?" Odd guessed.

"No, to a real, Renaissance Faire. It's open to the whole school, especially those that are taking history this semester. 'A more original way for the students to learn of our heritage' is what he told my class." Yumi paused, a small grin breaking out on her face.

"Last I checked, we all have history..." Ulrich stated. Jeremie and Odd exchanged high-fives.

"So where is this Faire?" Jeremie asked curiously.

"At one of the castles in the south. So it'll be authentic and everything. We're going to have an assembly tomorrow to discuss it, sign-up, and they'll hand out catalogs in which we pick the outfits we want to wear there. Cool, or what?" Yumi asked.

"Sounds perfect...how long are we away from here?"

"Two-and-a-half weeks," Yumi answered smugly.

"Wa-hoooooooooo!" Odd yelled, punching the air with his fist. "We have to be able to go...Maybe even Aelita. She's still technically enrolled here. She was just sick the last couple of days..."

"Yeah, that could work," Jeremie replied. "How does that sound Aelita?"

"It sounds wonderful Jeremie. But what is a Renaissance Faire?" Aelita asked. The face on the computer frowned in concentration.

"It's where people dress in mediaeval outfits, walk around, and pretend to be from the Renaissance time era. Which is roughly 1200 to 1600 B.C.," Jeremie answered.

"Basically, it's when there were kings and queens and men rescued damsels in distress," Odd added.

"So we're all in for this trip?" Ulrich asked. The group quickly nodded yes and Ulrich grinned. "Great, well, we know our jobs tonight. Convincing our parents. Yumi, did the principle happen to mention how much this trip will cost and when it is?"

"The cost is only for food there and whatever we want to buy. When...I think it's the end of this month..." she replied.

Jeremie nodded as Odd frolicked around the bench, randomly punching the air in his happiness. "Okay then. I think I better start begging now. You too Ulrich, with your grades, you'll definitely need to use persuasion," Jeremie said as he stood, slipping the ear piece on and closing the laptop. "I'll get over to the factory right now and materialize Aelita so she can stay with you tonight Yumi?"

"Yeah, I think I'll hang out with Odd and Ulrich till you get back though. Maybe help Ulrich come up with good arguments for his case. If that's alright with you two," she added.

"It's fine," Ulrich said quickly, before quickly glancing at Odd who was now dancing on the bench singing. "I don't want to be stuck alone with him..."

"Okay then, see you guys in about an hour," Jeremie called, walking away and automatically beginning a conversation with Aelita. Yumi and Ulrich grabbed Odd and began to drag him towards the boy's dorm.

Author's Note: So...What do you all think? Should I continue or scrap it? I won't update until I get three reviews though! And just to let you know...mediaeval is an alternate spelling to the word medieval.