Target: Destiny

Chapter Thirteen


As the barrier had been broken, Fenyang and Jounouchi along with the legions of Bakurian and Lasyupian soldiers charged into the Ascenian territory, prepared for a gruesome battle. They were met head on with several males and females alike ready to defend their land, bolts of lighting shooting from the finger tips of some while icy winds bombarded the soldiers fighting to rescue the Bakurian queen. The front line had been knocked down quickly while the remaining soldiers in the back let loose parades of laser beams at the magicians, some hitting dead on while some of the beams were reflected due to magical barriers.

Fenyang dodged an attack thrown at him, getting behind a tree as he reached into his pocket and pulled out some daggers. He peered over the tree before releasing the poisoned blades. He grinned maliciously as he heard the piercing screams of men and women alike being taken down by not only his daggers, but also the lasers erupting from the Lasyupian and Bakurian soldiers. Some of his men bearing long swords seemed to fare well in close combat against the magicians. After all, magicians aren't very physical people, and when caught against a wall, a spell doesn't always do the trick--especially if a sword is protruding from the chest.

Jounouchi quickly shot at one Ascenian and dodge-rolled to the right behind a bush before he was set on ice. He let out a sigh of relief before standing and letting out massive gunfire at the Ascenians. He grinned as several were taken down.

"What now, biotches!" he yelled and pointed. "How do you like my little friend here, eh?"

Fenyang eyed the Earthling cautiously before he caught slight movement from behind the man. He quickly unsheathed his sword and ran across the battlefield, dodging streams of lightning and lasers. Jounouchi, still gloating over his "victory," turned around and saw an Ascenian right behind him, prepared to strike him down. As if on cue, the tip of a long sword pushed its way through the magician's chest, the body falling down.

"What the hell are you doing! We're in a war! You don't gloat during attacks! You gloat when we actually win it!" Fenyang yelled angrily, swinging his sword as the blood droplets slid off of the metal blade.

Jounouchi hugged the Bakurian general tightly. "You saved my life! I don't think Mai would ever survive if she knew anything happened to me!"

Fenyang just sighed, pushing him away, thinking to himself how stupid Earthlings really were. "Just concentrate on killing as many as possibly until we get word from General Malik or King Bakura; do you hear me?"

As the war raged on outside the royal Ascenian palace, the battle brought on by fate was still continuing inside the shining walls.


Malik's eyes widened as his child opponent flared his aura. The force of the power almost knocked the Tevinelivian into the wall. Suddenly, there were two of the boy, and Malik wondered if the child had the power to clone himself.

Mokuba's raw power erupted into black flames around him. They licked at him, but he felt nothing. "I will not let you hurt my brother," he declared quietly. "I think it's only fair to tell you I have learned from the best."

Malik smirked and planted his hands on his hips. "Well, I think it's only fair to tell you, I am the best."

Mokuba powered up a ball of pure, black energy in his palm. He levitated it in the air, preparing to throw it at Malik. Drool dribbled out of the side of Malik's mouth. Before the ball could be released at him, he was unconscious on the floor.

Mokuba stared down at him in surprise. I didn't even do anything, he thought in bewilderment. Suspiciously, he bent down and poked at the man. The blond was out cold.


Horror filled Anzu's expression. Bakura called out to her through the wall. The sounds of swords clashing had ceased, and she had heard the hiss of a laser gun being fired. Then, the time-stilling thump of a body hitting the ground had been heard through the wall on her left.

Because she could not keep her big mouth shut, her husband had lost his concentration. He was dead, and it was all her fault! She started to cry hysterically.

"Bakura!" she screamed in anguish.


In disbelief, the ivory-haired king's dark orbs slowly travelled down the length of his body. He dropped his sword to the floor. His gaze moved back up to focus in front of him. Seto Kaiba, whose laser gun was still held out in front of him, slowly dropped to his knees before falling over onto his face. Behind the fallen Prime Minister, Prince Yuugi lowered his own laser gun and scowled.

"Pay attention, dumbass."

Bakura eyed his arch rival momentarily, wondering if he should thank him or wring his neck for interfering. Another scream from behind the wall drew both men's attention to it.

Bakura ran up to it and began pounding on it. He ran his hands all over it, desperately looking for some type of hidden device which would open an invisible door.

"Stand back," Yuugi advised, holding a miniature bomb in his hand. Bakura moved aside. "You know," Yuugi continued as he pulled the activator trigger on the bomb, "you're pretty unprepared."

Bakura glowered as he picked up his guns he had tossed aside before his battle with Seto. "My wife gets kidnapped and I decide to kill someone. That's my prepared-ness."

Yuugi tossed the bomb at the wall, and it exploded on impact. A small hole was created, but it was large enough for each man to fit through.

"Bakura! Yuugi!" Anzu cried in relief, tears streaming down her cheeks. She glanced at her husband's face and gasped. "Your eye!"

Bakura didn't reply. He ran over to her, eyeing her wedding gown in disgust only briefly. He drew the hanging woman into his arms and pressed his lips to hers in a kiss which silently explained how much they had missed each other. He was startled when a scream erupted into his mouth. Anzu threw her head back, screaming again.

"What? What!" he demanded, truly frightened.

"The baby! It's coming!" she yelled back. Bakura's eyes widened and, for the moment, he resembled a child who had been told Christmas wasn't coming that year.

"Hold onto her," Yuugi commanded, seeing Bakura's terrified surprise at his wife's declaration.

"He said hold onto me, damnit!" Anzu yelled angrily. Bakura shook himself out of his stupor and held onto her. Yuugi shot the chain which held her up, and it shattered. Anzu fell down immediately, cradled into Bakura's arms.

He jerked her up when she nearly rolled out of his arms. She flopped to the side when he adjusted her. "What's wrong with you?" he implored, heartstricken. Yuugi joined the king at his side, looking Anzu over for injuries which could explain her immobility.

"The collar! Get the collar off!" she cried. Her face and Bakura's shirt sleeve were soaked with her tears of fear, relief, and, most obvious of all, pain.

Bakura laid Anzu on the small bed in the room and gripped the metal collar around her neck. He pried his hands outward from each other, but the collar would not budge an inch. There was no hole in which a key might fit; it was completely solid.

"It won't come off," Bakura concluded in dismay. "We have to get back to Bakura. Get out your ITD." Yuugi knew the king was talking to him, and he retrieved his instantaneous transportation device from his pocket.

After a minute, Bakura looked up at his rival to see what was taking so long. Yuugi was tapping on the side of it, muttering something in a language he didn't understand. Anzu obviously understood because she screamed, "What!"

"It won't work," Yuugi repeated in Standard Universal. Bakura jumped to his feet and lifted Yuugi by his shirt collar.

"What the hell do you mean?" he demanded viciously.

"I mean it won't work! It must be the magic on this planet," Yuugi clarified. Bakura shook him harshly.

"Well, fix it!"

Yuugi pushed away from the Bakurian king. "I would if I knew how!"

"If you don't fix it, I'll fix you where it counts!" Bakura fired back, glancing down at Yuugi's lower regions meaningfully. The two started to shout and shove each other.

"Hey, hey!" Anzu yelled. "Remember me? The one with something the size of a watermelon coming out of something the size of an orange!"

The men grudgingly released each other and moved to Anzu's side again. Bakura grasped her hand. "I'm going get help," he told her and moved to leave. She growled and her eyes narrowed. He gulped.

"If you leave, I'll leave you permanently! It's your damn fault I'm like this!"

Bakura didn't care to argue with her, so he nodded soothingly. "Of course, it is." He ignored Yuugi's quiet snickering, and ripped the beautiful wedding gown down the middle. He cut the skirt entirely off with his blade in his boot.

Anzu gasped. "Chisara!" Bakura and Yuugi looked in the direction she was staring. The tiny cat was about to exit the hole in the wall they had previously made.

"Woah, that cat got small!" Yuugi exclaimed.

Anzu groaned and squeezed her eyes shut. "Don't let her go," she whispered in agony. The Earthling prince jogged over to the hole in the wall to get the black panther. He glanced back at the Bakurian king and queen.

"There's someone out here," he said. He glanced back into the corridor revealed from the hole. "It's a young boy with long, black hair. He's," Yuugi paused uneasily, "crying over Seto Kaiba's rather scaly body."

"Mokuba," Anzu moaned. "Bring him to me."

Bakura leaned back and looked out into the corridor. His features hardened and he drew his laser gun from its holster. He held it up, pointed through the hole at Mokuba in the corridor.

Anzu gasped at the display. "Bakura! I swear I will kick your ass if you--argh!" she screamed in pain again. She broke into hard panting.

Mokuba heard the woman scream and stood from his place next to his brother. He trudged into the room where Anzu, Bakura, and Yuugi were.

"Where is my cousin?" Bakura ground out, gun still poised at the ready. The boy ignored Bakura and the gun. He dragged himself to Anzu's side and knelt by the bed. Bakura and Yuugi glanced at each other, and the former lowered his gun.

"Anzu, he's dead," the boy wailed, hot tears dripping from his dark purple orbs. He laid his head on the bed next to her, his shoulders shaking with his sobs. Anzu longed to reach out and console him, but she could not move.

"I know, sweetie. I'm so sorry," she whispered. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, but she could not contain herself; the baby was coming any minute, and it obviously did not want to be delayed.

Mokuba fell back, startled. "What's wrong with you?" he implored, taking her hand. She forced a smile on her features.

"My baby is going to be born very soon, but I can't move. It's hard for my baby to be born if I can't push," she told him. He stood up, looking her over. He held out his hand which caused Bakura to move toward him in alarm. However, before Bakura could reach the boy, Mokuba had extracted the collar from around Anzu's neck.

She made a choking noise and jolted up in the bed. Her hand, which still had no feeling due to her being chained for so long, immediately went to her neck. Her relief of being mobile again was short-lived, however, for she was soon groaning in pain again. "It's coming," she breathed.

Bakura ran to her side, kneeling down by the bed. "Okay," he said, holding his hands out in a stopping motion. "You need to breathe. Deep breathing!"

Anzu did as told and started her deep breathing. Soon enough, she was screaming again, and Bakura was the one doing the deep breathing.

"Not you, fool!" Yuugi yelled, aggravated. He shoved the frantic Bakura out of the way. "Let someone who knows what they're doing step in." He gripped Anzu's hand. "Push, Anzu, push!"

"I am pushing, damnit!" she screamed. She squeezed tightly on Yuugi's hand.

"Ahh!" he howled. He yanked his hand out of her death-like grip.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit," Bakura repeated, holding himself in a corner. Yuugi was cradling his injured hand in another corner of the room.

Calmly, Mokuba approached the bed. He held the collar out, and Anzu grabbed at it frantically, squeezing tightly. The boy was still crying himself, but he mumbled soothing words to the laboring queen.

Just when Bakura and Yuugi thought they were going to faint from all of the screaming and blood, a new sound of screaming penetrated the room-an infant's. Bakura was afraid to look, but when he finally did, Mokuba was pinching the umbilical cord of the tiny baby to sever it. The Ascenian pulled off his robe and wrapped it around the baby.

"It's a girl," Mokuba told Anzu. The Bakurian queen panted tiredly, but nonetheless held out her arms to take her third child. Mokuba gently laid the tiny girl in Anzu's arms. He slumped to the floor next to the bed, pulling his knees tightly to him and numbly staring off into space.

Bakura leaned over the bed, running a finger down his daughter's frail arm. He stared down at the infant and his wife in wonder. He had not been anywhere near Anzu during Ryoko's birth, had not even known he had a daughter until Ryoko was almost four years old. He had sat in the waiting room while Baku was being born.

"Her name is Taena," Anzu told him, kissing her baby on the forehead.

"Tay-nuh?" Bakura echoed. "No chance of Bakurina?"

Anzu chuckled tiredly. "Not a chance in hell." Slowly, she closed her eyes, succumbing to slumber.

Yuugi crossed the room and squatted down in front of Mokuba. "Where is Malik?" he asked. The boy readjusted his head which was resting on his knees, so he could look at the Earth prince. His eyes were swolen and red from crying, but he was silent for the time-being.

"The blond? He passed out in the hall before I even touched him."

Yuugi raised an eyebrow at this statement, but Bakura laughed knowingly. At Yuugi and Mokuba's curious stares, he said, "Malik's had a rough day." He turned back to Anzu. "The kid will stay with you since you seem to know him. We're going find Malik. We'll be back really soon."

The drowsy queen merely nodded and mumbled something incoherent. Bakura was not exactly too pleased with leaving Anzu and Mokuba alone, but the queen seemed very fond of the boy. Bakura needed Yuugi with him in case he was ambushed; he hated to admit it, but Yuugi could be of assistance in a battle. After seeing the force field barrier, Bakura had little doubt that Mokuba could thoroughly protect Anzu.

He pushed himself away from the bed and climbed out of the hole in the wall, Yuugi following shortly after. The two re-traced Bakura's steps from earlier to find Malik in the same corridor as before.

"You're under arrest for being the sneakiest asshole I've ever met. You have the right to shut the fuck up. If you choose not to, you have the right to some pansy who'll defend your ass. If you can't bribe the aforementioned pansy into helping you, we'll find you the dumbest fucking attorney in the universe. Understand, bitch?"

Bakura and Yuugi rounded a corner to see Malik crouched over the body of a quivering Ascenian, his blade to the man's throat and his gun to the man's head. His lavender orbs sparkled furiously.

"All right there, Malik?" Bakura asked, slightly amused. His cousin glanced up at him angrily.

"This asshole tried to strangle me in my sleep!"

"Pray tell, why were you sleeping?" Bakura continued sweetly.

"I think that punk kid worked some hocus pocus on me," the blond guessed. The fact that his previous electrocution may have caused him to pass out did not occur to the Tevinelivian man.


The next day found the Bakurians on their way back home. Yuugi and the Earthlings had left shortly after the new baby, Taena, was born as they had not had anything to do with the war itself other than dropping a few bombs on Mokuba's barrier.

The Lasyupians had began their journey back to Lasyupia which was in the opposite direction of Bakura and Aisu.

The Aisulings were, of course, travelling back with the Bakurians as they lived in the same solar system and the three Aisu princesses were residing on Bakura.

Several Bakurian soldiers had been left on Ascenia for an undecided amount of time to keep the citizens under control. After much thinking on Bakura's part and much soothing from Anzu, Bakura and Malik had decided to, in fact, keep planet Ascenia in one piece.

After all that had happened, the king's first incentive was to blow Ascenia to bits as he had originally wanted to; however, Anzu assured him that just because the Prime Minister was an obsessive freak did not mean that all Ascenians were.

As a matter of fact, when Bakura, Malik, Yuugi, Anzu, and Mokuba had exited the palace, they had found the Ascenian civilians who were sheltered in the palace to be quite docile and willing when it came to orders. The Bakurian and Lasyupian soldiers had reported that the only Ascenians who had opposed them had been the soldiers; the regular civilians had complied with every order.

A new Ascenian Prime Minister would have to be elected, but it would be the Bakurian empire who chose the new representative. The Ascenians, as a conquered people, would have no say in the matter. Furthermore, Ascenia was permanently removed from the Bakurian Trading Alliance, and would have to depend entirely on their own products to live as they were not permitted to ally with any other empire.

"Is it a boy or girl?" the young boy, Haraku, asked curiously as he scooted over next to the queen. Bakura had refused to let Anzu out of his sight, so she was sitting in the controls room with him at the moment as he instructed the main ship pilots. Malik had brought the eight-year-old boy to her when she had first boarded the ship, requesting the queen to watch over the child.

"A girl. Her name is Taena," Anzu responded with a smile. The ivory-haired boy smiled and held out a finger for the infant to take. Unsurprisingly for a one-day old baby, little Taena did not respond to the finger.

Mokuba sat on a chair a few feet away, fidgeting nervously. He glanced around the room at the Bakurian soldiers, eyeing them uneasily. Anzu patted the boy's hand. He whipped his head around in her direction, obviously on the defense.

"We won't bite you, dear," the queen said as she held Taena to her chest.

"Are you sure it's okay that I go back with you?" Mokuba asked.

"There is nothing left for you on Ascenia. You will like it on Bakura."

Mokuba nodded, still uncertain as he stared out the window into the black abyss. He patted the small, black cat in his lap as Chisara purred quietly.

"We'll be home before you know it," Bakura said, coming to stand in front of the small group. Anzu sighed in relief. She could not wait to be home with her children.




Baku ran up to his mother in the docking port, latching himself onto her leg. Anzu handed baby Taena to a servant girl, so she could embrace her son. She showered his face with kisses. "My baby boy, I missed you so much!"

Ryoko held tight onto her father's neck from her place in his arms. "Daddy, you have a mark thingie on your face!" She wiggled her nose curiously. Then a smile spread across her face. "I wanna swordplay!" Bakura nodded with a grin, the expression causing his facial scar to scrunch up.

"Sure thing, princess."

Bakura and Anzu switched children, so they could hug the other. Anzu was in tears once again, having been separated from her children for almost two months. She had, of course, talked to them via microphone everyday once she had boarded the ship; however, it had been devastating for the mother to be unable to hold her son and daughter.

"Jounouchi!" Mai squealed, running up to her fellow Earthling. She stopped directly in front of him and punched him in the shoulder. He yelped in pain, grabbing at his shoulder.

"Well, I missed you, too!" he shot back, glaring at her.

"You worried me!" The beautiful woman ruffled his hair, smiling with tears brimming at the corners of her lavender orbs. She jumped out of the way as a young ivory-haired boy ran past her.

"Dad, I was in the war!" Haraku yelled as he ran up to his parents. His mother swung him up into her arms.

"Oh, Haraku, my baby!" she cried, nearly suffocating him as she held his head to her generous bosom.

"You're grounded," his father said sternly, shaking his head.

"Aw, man!" Haraku complained. "For how long?"

"Until I die and can't enforce it anymore."

"Lord Malik!" Careen cried, running up to the man. She threw herself into his arms, toppling them both to the ground. She dug her fingers into his course hair, delving her tongue into his mouth to mesh with his own. They broke away breathlessly.

"Aw, poor little Careen has been sexually neglected while I've been away," Malik teased, tickling her.

"Nah, I don't believe in chastity until marriage; you know that!" she replied lightly, waving a hand at him as she stood up. He pushed himself into a sitting position.

"Oh, just flaunt your sexual trysts right in front of me, why don't you!"

Careen smiled mischievously at his pouting expression. "I'm just playing. I'd only sleep with the man I marry now, but it's not like I'd marry you anyway." With that, she walked away to welcome back Anzu and Bakura. Malik stared after her, mouth agape. Finally, he chuckled and shook his head.

After saying her hello's and "aww"ing over the new baby, Careen spotted a young boy off to the side by himself. She tilted her head, curious, before approaching him.

Mokuba looked up at the blonde woman standing in front of him. She did not appear to be very old. She was staring at him expectantly, so he shifted his weight nervously.

"Hello," he said quietly. Before he knew what was happening, the woman had enveloped him in a hug, running her fingers through his hair.

"Oh! If you aren't just the most adorable boy I've ever seen!" she exclaimed. Mokuba strained his neck to look up at her features in shock.

"I-I beg your pardon?" he stuttered. She pulled away from him, holding him at arms length.

"I'm Careen. What's your name?" she introduced tenderly. After a moment, Mokuba let a small smile grace his features. Seto was gone, but maybe it would not be so lonely on Bakura after all.

Fenyang approached his waiting family, hugging his children and young grandchildren. He led them out of the docking port, already filling their eager ears with tales of his first battle as second-in-command.

"Chisara!" Ryoko screamed, running up to the servant holding the tiny black panther. "You're so cute and tiny!" She plucked the cat out of the woman's arms, cuddling her to her chest.

Anzu looked over at her daughter. "You must be much gentler now, Ryoko! Chisara is a little thing now!"

The brunette princess looked up before kissing their pet on the forehead. "I promise I will be very careful, momma, but Baku better stay away from her! He's too wild!"

Anzu laughed and nodded in agreement. The little bundle of energy would definitely have to stay away from Chisara until she grew bigger again. The queen's attention was drawn to Mokuba who was fidgeting nervously, answering all of Careen's gleeful questions as quietly as possible. Baku was staring at the new baby in awe as she rested in Uncle Malik's arms.

Anzu was not startled when a pair of pale arms encircled her from behind. Tender lips were pressed to her earlobe before travelling down her jaw to her throat. The queen turned in the king's arms, wrapping her own arms around his neck.

"You know what? I love you," she told him with a quirky smile. He nodded seriously.

"Who wouldn't?"

She smacked him on the shoulder, laughing. "And you love me, too," she continued, trailing a finger down his scar. He shrugged, unaffected by the scar as he had been assured by his wife, repeatedly, that it made him look even sexier.


She whacked him again, harder this time. He yelped, playing along. "All right, all right, fine. I do."

"Of course, you do. Who wouldn't?" she mimicked. He grinned wolfishly, yanking her to him. He nipped at her nose before lowering his lips to her own, gently caressing their buds with his tongue. He pulled away a few inches, their noses still touching.

"For all the trouble you cause me," he started, "I still may have to keep you around." She nodded soberly before kissing him passionately again.



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