Sara skidded into the break room. She was late, and she knew it. She was shocked to find only Grissom in the breakroom. He turned around, and seeing her, walked out; brushing past her.

"You're with me today. Mother called in. Reported her four year old daughter missing." He uttered not another word, and climbed into the Tahoe. Sara got in beside him, and took his silence to mean that he really didn't want to be with her. Tears sprang into her eyes when she realized that not too long ago, he wouldn't have been like this. She quickly brushed them away before he could realize that she was getting ready to cry.

The house soon came into focus and Sara's heart was gripped with fear. Maybe it's the house next door. It can't be that house! But it was. Before Grissom had parked the car, Sara threw open the door and ran out. Brass was already there, and he was as shocked as Grissom to see Sara run into the house.

"No! Ana! Ana!" She ran through the house and then ran out. She soon spotted Melissa and John Walters and ran to them.

"You promised me, Melissa! You promised he wouldn't get her! Where is she! Where's Ana!" Melissa tried to calm Sara down but Sara just grew more and more upset. Brass stood by in shock. Grissom soon came up beside Sara and put his hand on her shoulder. The small action got her attention and she turned around.

"Don't you DARE tell me to calm down or take me off this! I don't care that I'm emotionally involved! I will find the guy who did this and I will kill him! You hear me? Kill him!" Grissom was shocked even more. He had never seen Sara so upset.


"Sara, I think you should come with me." Said Brass as he led her to his car. Melissa joined Sara, and John followed with Grissom.

"Sara, I think you should tell him." Said Melissa as they rode to the police station in the back of the police car.

"I know, Mel. And I will. In the interrogation room." That was all Sara would say on the subject, so Melissa shut up.


Back in the lab, Warrick and Nick were walking down the hallway when Greg came running up to them.

"Hey guys, did you hear? Sara blew up at Grissom at a case saying that she didn't care that she was emotionally involved. Guess she knew the kid. Brass has her in questioning now." Warrick and Nick looked at each other before running off after Greg for the watching-part of the interrogation room.

Ok, Sara. Let's start at the beginning. How do you know Anastasia Rae?"

"She's…she's my daughter." Silence filled the room. Even the team on the other side was shocked.


"Brass, do you mind if I do this myself? Rather than you asking questions?" Brass nodded in the negative so Sara began her story.

"I found out I was pregnant on November 5th. Do you remember what happened on September 2nd, 2000?"


"Let me refresh your memory. You were in San Francisco for a conference. You had a hotel room at the Hampton Inn. I came by at about…11:00 that night. Remember now?" Recognition shot across Grissom's face.

"Now you remember. When I found out, I was happy. I thought that now you would surely tell my how much you liked me at least. Then you stopped talking to me, and I

realized that You didn't. So I decided that I wouldn't tell you about the baby. I had her on May 2nd and named her Anastasia. She is my world. I would die for her. And I

almost did. I was alone at the lab one day with Ana and a bomb went off. I was thrown against a wall and my body protected Ana from any harm. Just before I passed out,

I remember thinking that I couldn't die; I had to stay alive because Ana had lost her dad before she was even born and I couldn't leave her too. The next thing I remember

I was laying in the hospital with two broken ribs, a concussion, and I was blind in one eye. I thought I had lost Ana because no one would tell me what happened to her.

Until one day when John and Melissa came to see me. I worked with John at the time, and he had Melissa had been taking care of Ana for me. I was so grateful to them.

The guy was put behind bars but not before promising me that when he got out, he would kill my daughter. I had to get her out of San Francisco. So John and Melissa

moved up here and took Ana with them. When you asked me to live here, I did it partly because I wanted to be with my daughter but also because I wanted to be near

you. Ana stayed with Melissa and John at night while I was working, but when I wasn't she was at home with me." Nick felt bad now. He had always harped Sara for

being a little centered on her job, and now he realized that she was doing it to put away guys like the one that tried to kill her and her innocent daughter.

"Sara, do you remember the name of the guy?" asked Brass.

"Yes. His name is Michael Turft."

"Michael Turft!" asked Grissom

"Yeah. Why?" asked Sara

"I went to school with him. He was my best friend."

"I know."

"You know?" he asked with surprise

"Yes. That's why he wanted to kill Ana. Because he hated you and somehow he found out that Ana is your daughter. I don't know how, but he did. He said that to me just as he was being handcuffed."

"Don't worry, Sara. We'll get her back." Sara mearly nodded; her emotions too much on overboard to say a word. Once Grissom and Brass had left, Melissa spoke up.

"You only told him half of it, Sara. When are you gonna tell him the rest?"

"He'll figure it out in about two months. By then, it will be VERY noticeable."

What could Sara possibly mean? Hmmmm…….