Everyone but Sara and Grissom had left the break room five minutes earlier to track down the twins. Sara had long since stopped crying for the day, and now was laying down on the couch watching Grissom look at the pictures of the twins.

"Sara! Sara!" yelled Warrick as he ran into the break room with a huge grin on his face.

"A man by the name of Michael Turft was just picked up in New York City for drunk driving. Officers soon found a little girl about four years old clinging to a little boy about 4 years old in the back of the moving van." Sara burst into tears. After six days, she would finally be able to see her children again.

"When are they coming, Warrick?" asked Grissom as he held Sara close.

"Nick's going to meet them at the airport right now. Then he'll bring them here." Grissom merely nodded and pulled Sara closer. As her teardrops wetted his shirt, it struck Grissom that Sara was crying more in the past six days then she had in all four years he had known her.

"Calm down, Sara-Bear. Everything's going to fine." Sara's head slowly raised to look Grissom in the eye.

"You haven't called me that since San Francisco." She said with wonder in her voice.

"What? Sara-Bear?" at her nod, he smiled.

"Have I ever told you why I call you that?" when she shook her head no, he smiled even bigger.

"Because you may look tough, and you may act and talk tough, but you are nothing but a really beautiful teddy bear." Sara threw her head back and laughed and Grissom did the same. As they laughed off all the stress of the past six days, Grissom reaized that he was in love with Sara Sidle.

Before Sara knew what was happening, Grissom's lips were on hers, and her breath gone. She found herself kissing him back in the same earnst manner and found herself in heaven on earth. The need for oxygen soon became too great and they broke apart.

"I love you, Sara Sidle. I always have."

"I love you too, Gilbert Grissom" Once again, Sara found her breath being stolen from her.