Spared by the Enemy

Most of the marines came willingly, knowing they were dead already as the lower-class blue arrmored Elittes lead them from their taken ship. A girl of twelve was among them, dressed in a slightly-too-big army uniform.

They lead them all to the prison camps without a word. Jeerimass, the red-armored Major elite watched as the Marines let tears flow down their war scarred faces and said their demonic prayers.

Meanwhile, Megan Parker fought her guard of a single Elite in blue armor. They threw all the humans against the wall and, one by one, they were all shot. Megan was the last in the row and, as she watched the Elite talk in their language and shoot the humans as if it was some kind of game, she felt herself become consumed by fear.

When they came to her small, female form she turned in time to see the Elite walk forward and place the gun an inch away from her face, the corners of its mouth turned in an evil smirk.

"DEMONED SON OF A BITCH!" She screamed as she lashed out with a powerful kick, cracking his hand and making him drop the gun in suprise. She then turned and punched him. Making him lash out only to feel a strange sensation...then falling dead.

Megan stood above the dead Elite, breathing hard and holding the plasma rifle an arms length from her body. Not even wincing at the burns that had apeared on her hand from over-heating the gun.

Immediatly two Elites came forward and grabbed the girl, she kicked and did everuything she could but the huge creatures lifted her off the ground with one hand of each lifing her by the shoulders and one holding her arms behind her back.

Another Elite came foward and Jeerimass watched, astounded as the girl fought, seemingly unfrightened as her elders had been.

Killracee, another red-armored Elite stepped forward and placed a Beam Rifle onto the girls forehead, aiming it in the direct center as he gave a smirk.

Megan, however, used her head and brought it back carefully, as to not diturb the weapon before banging her forhead down onto it and making it aim at the ground She then kicked the Killracee hard with a direct hit to his abdomen.

"A fast death," He said in human which suprised the girl greatly, "You have just lost."

He grabbed his energy saber and activated it. She looked at it with wide eyes as he neared her. "Dear God." She whispered. "Save me."

The Elite touched the edge of the saber to her cheek and began carving a symbol into her flesh.

She bit her lip until it bled as a few choice tears ran down her face. But she never cried out.

Jeerimass watched as Kilracee carved the Mark of Shame onto this young human's tan face. Just then she aimed a powerful kick right into the Elites chest (The Elites were hlding her up high enough). Jeerimass had seen nothing like this before."And this Human" he decided. "This human is too young to be a warrior of her own race. She acts out of pure instinct, her own judgment, and will to live." A smile stained ther Elites face as he began a desend down the hill. "This has earned her the right to live...and be cleansed of her human blood."

He reached them to see the Girl held now by four Elittes. Two holding her arms and two holding her legs. "Kilracee!" Jeerimass barked.

"Yes?" Killracee asked, Jeerimas's rank still out doing his own so he was forced to be respectful.

"This human girl is still young. And her will to live is strong. Her courage is that of any Elite, and if all my warriors had as much fighting instinct as this one human the rest of her filthy colony would be gone. Give this human a chance to be cleansed of her human blood and become one of our wwarriors." Jeerimass said and Killracee looked at the girl before the Elites dropped her and he lead them away.

"DEMONED!" She snarled, "Almost Elite-like." He thought as she grooped for a weapon.

"No, no demoneds here. I have sparred your life. I will not hurt you unless you give me a reason to." He said will outstretching one of his alien hands.

Megan looked at his hand before reaching out and touching its scally skin, only to bring her hand back and give a human sound for pain. Her hand was burnt up to the elboow and he clicked his mandibles in amusement as she rolled to her side as though trying to escape the pain.

Jeerimass thought hard, trying to find the thought of an honorable elite worthy of being her care-taker. Not only must he conisder that, but he needed an Elite without a family...and without the aspect of killing this human. He found only one in his mind: Acaadna. He was a strong warrior who was well equipt to take care of a human youth as headstrong and feirce as this one.

"Acaadna!" He called into his radio and the Elite apeared a moments later. "Yes Commander?"

"Take care of this human girl as if she were your own daughter. I believe you have no surviving family?" Jeerimass spoke.

"You are right, I do not." Acaadna said bitterly.

"Not speaking in human this time, must be talking about me." Megan though bitterly as the elites converesed in their native language.

"Then take this as a gift from our gods. A human child worthy of being such a warriors responsability." Jeerimass said, honoring Acaadna with a respectful title.

Acaadna nodded before looking at the girl as she held her am close to her and glared at them. "Whats wrong with it?"

"Plasma burns on her right arm."

Acaadna asked no more as he stopped low and picked the human girl up. "Let go you alien bitch!" She screamed and struggledd.

He walked with her in his arms as she writhed in his gras uusing almost every trick to try to force him to let go of her. He stopped and looked at her after a few minutes of this. "Rest little one," He said clicking his mandibles in amusment at the girls fear of him. "You need it. I will not harm you, and nothing here will, as long as I am here."

Megan looked into his eyes, as though checking for a lie. She found none there and took a deep breath before moving a little more and, as he had wished, fell asleeep curled against the cold metal of his armor.

Acaadna looked at the small human in his arms as he apraoched the gravity lift and stepped in, holding tight to the girl so she didn't fly from his grasp. He half wondered if he was holding her too tight as he apeared in the ship, making his way to the cabin he called home.

He pulled a few of the sheets from his bed and maded a kind of nest on the floor, unsure how humans slept. He placed a pillow by it and laid the girl on it. He grabbed some dressings and wrapped them carfully around the small ar of the human girl. She openned her eyes foer a moment and the elite asked quietly. "What is your name Little one?"

The humsn that was so small compared to him closed her eyes before saying, "Megan...My name is Megan." Acaadna nodded. "My name is Commander Acaadna...Or Just Acaadna." He spoke with a small Elite chuckle in his voice before telling the girl. "Your human name must be discarded in order to be cleansed of your Human heritage. The Prophets will know a name you are worthy of."

And with that the girl slipped into a dream, and the Elite walked off down the corador, locking his door behind him. "Tomorow we will see the Prophets little one." He said, more to himself then to anyone else, "We will stand before the councel, And we will learn who and what you will become."