Father's Blood, Mother's Love

Father's Blood

Author's Notes: This story is based upon the fan fiction story "Robin, My Houkounin" by Shinigami-Virus from the Fan Fiction website, taking place before his story. I have permission from him to write this story. The plot and story belong partly to him, though the flashbacks of his story, though most of the ideas within this story are my own. I don't own any of these characters. I urge you to read the story "Robin, My Houkounin" to fully grasp the concept of this story, even though this takes place before those events.

I used references from two flash backs within his story. Though their obviously not 'word for word,' I did my best to make the two as similar as possible, and still keep the story unique in it's own way. The first flash back will basically be the end of this chapter, and the second flash back… well, you don't have to worry about that for some time.

With all that put aside, I hope you enjoy the story, and my thanks to Mike for allowing me the permission to write the prelude to his own Fan Fiction story. The story takes place about a year before Mike's story, dealing with the events of Raven learning of her vampire heritage, and will continue with Kali training Raven. Without further author ramblings, here's my prelude…


Jump City. The city was known for its constant robberies, bad neighborhoods, and home of the supernatural. Meta-humans were scattered about the city, some hiding themselves within the normal human population, simply trying to live an every day life, while others used their powers to their own gain. Alley ways were given no light, while street lights flickered on and off, the darkness surrounding gathering and dispersing with every flash. A light weighted boot splashed against the puddles of the streets, as a car alarm went off in the distance. The drops of water made contact with the strange materialized boots, splashing against the dark blue cloak wrapped around the small figure that walked along the dangerous streets during the long hours of the night.

The dark purple haired girl made her way down the streets, with a cape draped over her shoulders, hovering mere inches from the ground. Slender digits would brush the few strands from her field of view, as her dark violet eyes gazed up to the city before her. Letting out a lonely-filled sigh, she pushed forward, as very few cars passed her by. A cool wind picked up, while clouds prevented the stars from shinning. With senses normal humans lacked, the girl felt the temperature drop, with a slight moisture starting to develop within the wind current.

"Rain…" the girl murmured to herself, pulling the hood to her cloak over her head. With a sudden thought, the shadows at her feet rose from the ground, lifting to its own form, surrounding the small childish girl. Just as a crackle sounded from the sky, countless beads of water poured from the heavens, slamming into the city streets. The shadow surrounding the girl lifted up and over her head, preventing the rain from touching her. With another unique ability, the girl then levitated herself from the ground, as a small river started to form where the decline of the pavement met the drains to the sewers.

Hidden within the cloak, the girl wore a black skin tight leotard, leaving little to the imagination. A gold-linked belt wrapped loosely around her waist, resting upon her hips, and a knapsack was thrown over the girl's shoulder, with that same arm clenching it tightly, floating into an alley way. Another thunderous crack would send shivers down the girl's spine, her eyes searching about for a safe haven. Abandon buildings reached as far as the eye could see in this particular part of the city. Her violet hues greeted her with an image of a large two story factory. Large windows on the second floor were boarded up, and a fire escape wrapped itself all around that floor, with ladders reaching to the pavement on all four sides. Abandoned cars were left along side the building, a dumpster, and other various objects found amongst an abandoned warehouse.

"That will have to do for tonight," the girl muttered to herself, as her floating form lifted high to the sky, easily escalating to the fire escape toward an window not nailed with plywood. With a simple thought, the glass shattered to pieces, allowing the girl access to the dark insides. The black energy barrier surrounding the girl dissolved, as she entered the shadows of the ware house, her violet orbs easily adjusting to the darkness. Her soft boots made contact with the creaking wood panels that made up the second floor, reaching her vision to view the factory before her.

She assumed the factory had been abandoned for years, as spider webs filled the second floor completely, moving her hands to brush past them. The warehouse was empty, void of all machinery that used to be attached to the floors. The girl guessed the building was used to make some type of machines, quite possibly an old car factory. Though the business was lost, and the machines within the building all gone, the strong winds bounced off the building, along with the rain, giving the girl the haven she had been searching for.

With a clear mind, the girl took comfort upon the second floor, with a small view of the city through a half boarded window, and shattered glass. The rain bounced off the opposite wall of the building, making viewing through the window rather easy, and rain-free. The business district is what was viewable through the window, the night owls of the city quickly running for cover from the rain, running through the streets while cars screeched to a stop and horns sounded in the distance. The girl found humor in the situation, with the minimal amount of chaos resulting from a simple act of Mother Nature.

The girl forced her cloak open, and pulled the hood open, as she took a seat upon a wooden crate next to the window, letting the knapsack fall upon her lap. Unhooking the strap, the contents of the bag would be emptied. A heavy old fashioned book would be placed upon the empty spot next to her on the crate. The next artifact to be pulled out was a simple mirror. With the glass facing away from her, she placed it next to the book. The next object was a small pouch, holding a rather small amount of coins, enough to send the girl into a disapproving frown. The last thing the girl carried with her was another pouch, slightly larger, holding a small amount of food she carried along with her travels. Loosening the string of the pouch, the girl pulled out a small piece of fruit, her stomach eagerly letting her know just how desperate it was with a small growl. The girl bit eagerly into the fruit, with a small dribble of juice sliding from her lips, but nothing a quick wipe of her wrist wouldn't fix.

Taking a final look around the warehouse, the girl crossed one leg over the other, while munching on her dinner for the night. With a swallow, and another bite, she nodded in approval.

"This place will do for now," she said while chewing, quickly devouring the red apple, and tossing the core out the window. It hit with a clank, landing nearly perfectly into the dumpster. Her eyes reached out the window once again, watching the rain continue to pour down, wondering just what this city had in store for her.


The city smelt of life and blood, the sensitive nose of a certain dark haired female noticed, as she hovered just over the outskirts of Jump City. Her heart ached for memories long past, her hands gripping the edges of her cape, and tugging tightly upon them, forming her own circle of protection against the hard beating rain that drenched her current attire. With soaking wet clothes and hair, the girl floated her form toward a large hotel complex, taking cover over the over kill sign brightly lit, signaling its own advertising. Her tongue ran along her extending canines, as her stomach urged for a food substance mortal humans would never endure.

With a hunger for blood, the girl's eyes narrows, her vision nearly doubling without effort. Life was quickly leaving the city as the rain picked up, leaving her nearly foodless. A soft groan escaped her soft pink lips, brushing the strands of hair that stuck to her forehead from her eyes, tucking them behind her ear. With her eyebrows narrowing, she let out a groan, while her stomach growled in protest to her lack of food. Sighing, she removed herself from the edge of the roof, away from the lifeless streets, moving herself toward the doorway entrance to the very building she stood upon. A hotel would be filled with people, so why not start her search there?

Brushing her hands across the knob, a forceful twist would completely shatter the door's lock, and a push would open the door, freeing herself from the downpour. Quickly running her hands through her hair, she gave it a twist, letting the water fall freely to the stairwell floor.

"I hate the rain," the girl mumbled with a frown, shaking her head slightly in attempts to dry her hair. Her tongue continued to run along her fangs, a bad habit she did whenever they itched for food. As they tugged upon her bottom lip, she realized she should have gotten a 'snack' earlier in the day, rather than putting it off. "I also hate procrastination."

As she made her way down the stair well, she pushed opened the first door that greeted her, her nose picking up a heavy scent peaches and cream, her eyes narrowing to a slim girl barely over twenty just down the hall. Dressed in a maid-like out fit, it appeared the girl was a room service worker, pulling out a rack that held a full set of sheets and pillows from a vacant room, and neatly folding a final sheet, placing it upon the wheeled stand. Grinning, the girl faded within the shadows, becoming nearly transparent to the background around her.

The blonde worker hummed a soft tune, as she pushed the cart further down the hallway, passing by the rooms that held the small 'Do Not Disturb' signs upon the door knobs. A slight wind fell upon her neck, sending a shiver down her spine, quickly turning around in surprise. Her breath caught, but she found nothing out of the ordinary, staring to the closed door that lead to the roof, and the twin elevator doors halfway down that same hallway. After a moment of staring, the girl pushed her thoughts aside, and continued down the hall, the happy tune she had been humming all but forgotten, the worried feeling never leaving her.

Another chill ran down her spine, as a bad feeling filled within the pit of her stomach, forcing herself to turn again. She felt eyes upon her, somewhere, but no matter how much she looked, she found no one. A shaking hand reached her forehead, rubbing the moisture free.

"Get a hold of yourself, Kerry," the girl spoke aloud to herself, as she reached for another door, inserting her card as the light lit green. "There's no one there."

She opened the door, and leaned her back against it, shifting her foot to hold the door open, while reaching for a fresh sheet and pillow cases. The tune suddenly returned to her mind, and she hummed it, in an attempt to calm her suddenly shaken nerves. It worked to some extend, as she removed herself from the hallway, slowly picking up the mess a few teenagers had left within the room. Alcoholic beverages still in plastic cups, and cans scattered across the room. The girl let out a sigh, as she placed the sheets and cases aside, bending over to pick up the trash on the floor.

"Just gotta wait until the test scores come back, then it's off to Metropolis," the blonde haired girl said to herself with a half smile. Pushing the contents upon one of the beds onto the floor, she found it rather easier just to push all the trash into one pile. A sudden pain developed in her neck, as darkness gathered around her vision. Face first, she fell onto the bed, her eyes slowly closing, falling unconscious before she even hit the soft mattress.

The dark haired vampire figure phased back in, pulling her arms back from the sudden strike to the girl's neck. While her head turned to the door, a simple raise of her hand, and motion of it would shut it easily. She turned back to the girl, rolling her onto her back. She straddled the girl's waist, slowly bringing her head down. The girl's scent filled the sharp teethed girl's nose, her mouth parting as her fangs grazed against the girl's neck. With an itch to satisfy, the girl clamped down quickly, the teeth not tearing through the flesh, but merely nipping cleanly through it.

The warm thick liquid filled the girl's mouth quickly, as her throat welcomed happily, filling her stomach. Her hunger had been so great, she felt embarrassed when she let out a moan of satisfaction halfway through her feeding frenzy. When she felt herself fully satisfied, her fangs were removed from the girl's neck, the sudden twin puncture wounds quickly healing themselves to the point where they were impossible to detect. The vampire removed herself from the girl's hips, and back onto the messy floor.

Though many were believed to be evil, if they had even existed, most vampires lived by a code. One of these 'rules to live by' happened to be that they would not kill in order to feed, thus the reasoning for the girl knocking the blonde unconscious. With a satisfied, and full stomach, the cape wearing girl patted her stomach pleasingly, with a smile upon her face. So satisfied, she felt as if she wanted to do the girl a favor, since she would most likely sleep through the rest of her shift. With her memory failing her, the blonde would awaken hours later to a spotless room, with some of the small shower bottles and tooth paste they left out for their customers missing, and the door slightly open, with a rather confusing note attached that read:

Thanks for 'good time'. You were so tired afterward, I cleaned the mess for you.



The purple haired sorceress floated a good two feet from the wooden panels that made up the second flooring, the cape of her cloak hovering mere inches from it. Floating in a cross legged position, and her arms outstretched across her legs with her thumb and middle fingers touching, the girl's eyes were closed as she cleared all thoughts from her mind. The rain had continued into the early morning, though not as strong, while the sun found its way through the cracks of the boarded windows.

As the light reached the girl's legs, she with drew the cloak that was wrapped around her, while her feet touched the floor. Her eyes opened, as she removed the hood to her cloak, examining the building more thoroughly now that day light had hit. It seemed exactly the same, with the minor difference of rays of light shinning through the boards, and a few windows on the eastern side of the warehouse. With a satisfied nod, the girl walked toward the stairwell that would take her to the first floor that opened up with free space to the other side of the building.

The sounds of tiny feet pattering along floor would catch the sorceress' ears, turning face to face with a small white colored rat, screeching its voice at her. The girl glared at the rodent, but it didn't back down. With a firm glare, she crouched down and found it still not showing fear. Finally, she placed a smirk upon her face, crossing her arms as she rose.

"I like you," she said, bringing a hand to her chin. "Hope you don't mind a roommate, Whitie."

The rat screeched back at her and she smiled.

"Name's Raven," the girl said, introducing herself. Throwing her hood over her head, she headed toward the main entrance of the ware house, looking over her shoulder back at the rat. "Take care of the place while I'm gone."


Kali walked out of the bathroom of an empty hotel room with a towel over her shoulders, a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth, and another towel wrapped around her body. One hand continued to brush her teeth, while the other dried her hair, her eyes checking the door to make sure no room service would enter. With the keycard she 'borrowed' from the lady last night, she had stayed in the last room down the hall, finding it void of humans. After a nice sleep, and a quick shower, the vampire was now ready to greet the day, throwing the two towels to the bed and reaching for her normal attire.

A dark 'Old English Times' - style shirt, a light colored pair of sleeves that stretched out to her mid arms, with a diamond-shape cut out in the front, showing her cleavage worn over her top. Her dark black cape wrapped around her neck and fell over her shoulders, hovering just above the ground. A dark skirt wrapped around her slim waist, resting upon her hips, reaching just to her knees with spikes that went to her mid shins. Black pantyhose ran down her legs, to a pair of black leather boots with multiple leather straps wrapping around each one. After strapping the final belt loop to her left boot, she stood up from the bed, patting down her attire.

Stretching her limbs to their limits, she let out a yawn, just as the sun hit the window, its shine hitting her cape and warming her back. Pulling the card from the dresser next to the bed, she would drop it at the front desk announcing someone had dropped it, and felt the need to return it. Not sticking around for further questions, the girl left the large hotel via the lobby revolving doors, and entered into the busy street life.


Raven weaved her way in and out of the groups of people, making her way toward the business district, to a bright sign lifting up the word Market just above the building. In front of the market place sat a few stands that held fresh fruit delivered daily. Moving her way past the stands, she turned down the alley way to the side of the market, leaning her back against the brick wall. Looking down the alley, and placing herself behind a trash barrel at the end, making sure no one could see her. After a clearing, Raven forced herself through the bring wall via a black mist portal, sticking half her form through the brick stone.


Kali walked along the business district, whistling a rather annoying tune that happened to get stuck in her head while she had ridden the elevator down to the lobby floor back at the hotel. With an overly dramatic sigh, and the inability to remove the song from her mind, her hands were placed behind her head in a way that would she had no other care in the world, continuing to whistle the nameless song. Stopping at a traffic light, she awaited along with the other pedestrians, some giving her rather strange looks or simply staring at her old style clothing.

Either completely ignoring, or so used to it she hadn't even noticed, Kali crossed the moment the walk sign lit, her tune easily muffled by the sounds of the city life, traffic coming to a stop, horns blowing aloud from blocks away, and people chattering over the drama of their lives. Coming up to the market place, her eyes passed by the stands of fruit, stopping in front of a stand filled half with apples, and the other half oranges. A hand upon her chin, she knew this type of substance would never satisfy her stomach, though the flavor seemed long forgotten. It was then that her nose picked up a rather peculiar scent, her head twitching left and right, as the man next to the stand looked at her curiously.

"The best fruit around these parts," he said in confidence, whipping his hands upon the apron worn around his large belly. "Delivered fresh daily," he added. Kali ignored the man, as she attempted to pick up the nearly lost scent, searching frantically around.

"Too many mortals," she complained with a sigh, as the scent was completely over powered by the human population currently surrounding her. With a frustrated sigh, she turned back to the now confused man, not quite catching what the girl mumbled.

"What was that honey?" the man asked, raising a hand to his ear. Kali shook her head, as she went back to observing the fruit stand. Within a blink of her eye, she had barely caught a black mist surrounding the brick wall behind the stand, and could have sworn a few pieces of fruit was missing from the stand. With such a questioning gaze to the fruit stand, the man followed her view, and scratched his own head in curiosity. "What the…? I thought I just finished filling this stand."

With a careless shrug, the man lifted himself from his seat, and went back to work, filling in the five pieces of fruit that seemed to simply vanish from existence. Kali dropped some coins into the man's hand, grabbing an apple and moving on her way. As she passed by the alleyway that was next to the market, the scent was once again barely noticeable, as her head turned to view a shadowy figure rounding a corner. Taking a bite of the apple, and with her curiosity getting the best of her, she decided to investigate, her heavy boots taking her down that very same alleyway.


With a full pouch, Raven made her way through the inner alleyways of the block, avoiding the puddles made by the rainfall the night before. With clear skies finally, Raven breathed a sigh of relief with her frown slowly rising, taking a bite out of the apple she had 'borrowed,' as she would put it. She was relatively familiar with the city already, and with the feeling of dirt upon her, she felt the need for a swim. And she knew exactly where she could do such an activity without interruption.

The sorceress' travels took her to the city's dam, set up at a high altitude with rushing waters falling well over a hundred yards. A sudden disturbing feeling would appear within the pit of her stomach, quickly turning her head around. Minor pedestrians, and a few cars passing by, but nothing more out of the ordinary. The dam was built between the forest and Jump City's boarder. Walking up to the middle of the dam, she moved to the edge, taking a peak over at the rather long drop.

At the very bottom was the river that moved its way to the large reservoir of the city. Moving her feet to the very edge, Raven looked over with a neutral expression upon her face. Without another thought, the girl simply fell face first off the edge, dropping at a rather fast pace down the dam.


Kali nearly felt her heart skip a beat when the mysterious young girl fell off the edge. With her image suddenly appearing thirty yards away from the dam, she felt a sick feeling enter her stomach, as she looked over the edge. Her extensive sight captured the girl stop herself at the bottom of the lake, making Kali breathe a sigh of sudden relief, along with feeling slightly stupid for doubting the girl's ability. Who would throw themselves from the edge of a dam so recklessly? Well, aside from the suicidal… which is precisely why Kali had felt the need to run. Feeling suddenly stupid, she started to move away, though the sudden removal of clothing would catch the peeping tom's attention.


Raven reached for the jewel emblem that held her cloak upon her shoulders, unhooking it and neatly folding it aside. A quick stretch of her limbs would crack certain tendons and bones, shaking loose her muscles and awakening them for the activity they would be mustering. Taking a seat upon a near by rock, she shoved off her boots and socks, standing upon the grass bare foot. Next would be her gold linked belt, and hand-to-wrist accessories. The black skin tight leotard she felt would not be needing to get wet, but the sudden feeling of eyes upon her once again would have her searching frantically about.

The violet orbs of the telepath would be brought up to the very dam she had jumped off of, remembering the same feeling just before she leaped.

"There's no way they can see me from up there," Raven mumbled, her eyes focusing slightly, staring to the spot where she had leaped from.


"Better let the girl have her privacy," Kali said to no one, as she threw her hand dismissively in front of her, removing herself from the dam. Taking the same path she had taken to follow the girl, she headed back toward the city, but once again, the girl spoke her mind aloud. "What the hell was I doing following this girl in the first place?"


Days later, Raven walked through the city. Making her way through the streets, it took her half the day to get back to the warehouse from her current trip through the park, though she cared very little. Her pouch held only an orange left, pulling it out. She peeled away its skin, and ate it piece by piece, dropping the skin into a trash can she happened to pass by. Making her way down the familiar alleyway, her eyes caught sight of her new home, smiling as she walked up to the building, levitating herself up to the fire escape.

Mild curses, and teenager voices would catch the girl's ears, peeking her head around the corner of the building. Her eyes narrowed to the hooded-sweatshirt wearing punks, all letting out puffs of smokes from their cigarettes, and smashing forty ounce bottles against her building. It was technically her building now.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she whispered. The car next to the trio of teens surrounded itself with black energy, and slowly lifted from the ground. More expletives were yelled from the teens as the car swirled around in circles. The black energy surrounding the car then vanished, letting gravity take over, as it smashed into the pavement, the tires nearly coming off, and the hubcaps all spiraling off the car. When Raven opened her eyes, the teens were no where in sight, catching the words of the scared teens.

"Haunted," Raven muttered to herself with surprise and pride. "I like that."

She smiled, and headed back inside, removing the hood from her head. She rarely used the front entrance to enter or exit the building, seeing as people found it rather curious that a girl would enter an abandon building. Instead, she would surround herself with shadows when others were about, scaring them to run away, or simply barely even notice her. As she entered, Raven took the pouch that was tied to her belt and placed it upon the crate next to her favorite window. The sun had long set, as she took a seat upon the crate, placing one leg over the other. She sighed, as she breathed heavily upon the apple, before rubbing it against the front part of her cloak, her eyes traveling out to the setting sun.

"Happy fourteenth birthday, Raven," she said to herself with a sadden look out to the sun.


Kali released the man, and slowly placed him on the ground, leaning his back against the brick wall. She wiped her lips of the blood that trickled down her cheeks, and patted her stomach pleasurably. Stretching her limbs, she breathed in the night air to its limit, before exhaling with a satisfying sigh.

"Not as good as other places," she muttered to herself. "But the night life's not half bad."

Her senses suddenly flared down the alleyway she had just started to walk from, turning her head to look over her shoulder. With age, vampires grew certain abilities whether it be taught to them, or simply formed from their own accord. One unique ability this vampire portrayed was the ability to sense a new born; a vampire in the brink of changing. Taking in a quick breath through her nose, she detected no sign of any full blooded vampires in the area, assuming the mortal changing was left alone.

Kali quickly frowned at the irresponsibility of some vampires, deciding to turn someone for fun, then leaving them to fend for themselves. Already taking in many children of her own, and changing none, she felt it her own responsibility to teach the young in order to live for eternity, thus the reasoning for her current path toward the corner of Jump City.


"Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos…" Raven chanted, as she sat cross legged, levitating a few feet from the ground in her meditative stance. Her mind was slightly off… or something seemed to be off. She couldn't concentrate, or focus upon anything since the sun had set. Perhaps it was her feeling of loneliness that set her emotions array. Her meditation mirror had quickly put a stop to that, however, after her visit to the vast reaches of her mind, and assuring her emotions were in check, she still could not meditate at all. Sighing, she uncrossed her legs, dropping them to the floor to stand. "This isn't working."

Her stomach urged for food, as she placed her hand subconsciously over it. Her eyes hovered over to the open window, looking down to the neighbors of the ware house. Food had become lesser of a problem, as her violet hues reached to the neighboring houses, the back yard holding plants of fruits and vegetables. A light amount of concentration would pick off an apple from the tree in their back yard, holding out her hand as it shot straight to it. Various activities such as this resulted in the sudden rumor of the 'haunted' warehouse. She grinned in memory of the teenagers just hours ago, though the sudden feeling of hunger would loose the grin, and force her to bite into the apple.

Her eyes traveled to the pitter patter of a rodent, the small white rat making itself known in the light from the signs across the street, almost yelling at the telepath. Raven smirked, as she took a seat upon the crate, crossing one leg over the other as she always did, taking another bite from the apple. She wouldn't feed this rat, nor take care of it for this rat could take care of itself. Whether crossing over the boundaries of the warehouse to the old woman's house next door, munching on the vegetables in her garden, or stealing from Raven herself, it took care of itself. Raven cared not, however, for this was the only rat within the building she would tolerate. She was sure if she attempted to fight the rat for food, the rat would attempt tear off her finger. She smirked at the thought. Taking another bite from the apple, she looked over to the empty bowl placed next to her, then toward the garden.

"Looks like I'll have to do more shopping, eh Whitie?" The rat didn't respond, as it nibbled off its own food, Raven never really giving thought to just how the rodent survived this long in a trash heap like this. When she finished with the apple, she tossed it out the window, toward the same dumpster she always threw her trash in, a thud echoing through the alleyway. She sighed, as she moved her hand over her stomach, not feeling satisfied in the least. Brushing a few strands of hair aside from her face, her eyes traveled to the book she had since birth, her thin digits running along the rough edges of the old style thick tome. Her eyebrows lowered, as she picked it up, placing it upon her lap. Placing her fingers upon the edge, she tried for the countless time to open it, but to no prevail.

The book seemed to have some sort of spell, or enchantment over it, preventing her from opening it until a certain point in her life, or so she assumed. Her hands brushed across it, having a feeling the book would have the answers for her lack of concentration, and the strange feeling of hunger she was currently having. A dizzy spell started to come over the girl, as she pushed the book aside, bringing a hand to her temple.

"God," she mumbled. "Will it ever stop?"

She stood up, but instantly regretted it, placing a hand upon the wall to support her weight. The room spun around her, as she quickly shut her eyes to prevent the sudden motion to sicken her stomach. It seemed it was all for not, as the feeling came anyhow, a groan escaping her mouth, reaching an arm across her stomach while her back arched forward and hanging her head low.

'Control yourself,' Raven's thoughts screamed through her ears. 'Come on!'

Easier thought than done. Her eyelids became heavy, as she fought to stay awake, her body weaving back and forth. She attempted to walk back to her crate, her hands leaving the wall, but the gravity within the room suddenly increased at least ten fold, quickly bringing her body to the floor. She felt lucky, to some extend, to land just next to her bedding, rolling over to her side onto the soft blanket, and resting her head upon her pillow. She felt her insides were burning, as if she had taken in some type of poison. Was she dying?

Raven's eyes closed tightly at the thought. She didn't want to die. Soon, her chest was on fire, resulting in a coughing fit. As her hand went to cover her mouth, she felt a splatter of blood from each cough. Her half lidded eyes slightly rose in shock, and horror, before her hands quickly gripped the blanket, curling herself into a tight ball.

"I don't want to die," she said to herself, her throat suddenly filled with pain, hurting immensely to even finish her sentence. Her eyes shut tightly again, as tears fell down her cheeks, her sobs echoing through the warehouse.

"I don't," she started to say again, before her lungs forced out another vigorous cough, blood trickling down her lips as she cried more. "I don't want to die."

She tried to open her eyes, but it seemed damn near impossible. With all her might, she caught her white mouse, scattering away from her, most likely afraid to catch whatever it was that was attacking herself from the inside, tearing and shredding her organs apart. She rolled onto her back, while the pain continued to shoot through her body, letting out a light yelp, as he body suddenly jolted. She took in a breath, her arms sprawled outward, staring at the ceiling. Darkness was surrounding her vision quickly, and realization quickly hit her faster than any of her other previous thoughts.

"I'm going to die."


Kali walked up the alleyways, her nose constantly sniffing about. She sensed the change somewhere in the vicinity, though it was rather difficult to pinpoint. She smelt no blood, which she found rather peculiar. There should have been a heavy scent of blood for the transformation to take place, but either it was masked, or it simply wasn't there. She growled in frustration, feeling the change already in progress.

"Baka!" she yelled, slamming her boot to the ground. "Why can't vampires take care of their own?"

She frowned at her own frustration, knowing she shouldn't be upset with taking in the young. It wasn't that she was angry with the ones that were changed, she was more angry at the fact that vampires were reckless when they changed mortals to immortals. She was about to give up, her eyes traveling from an old lady's garden to an abandon warehouse.

"Hello," she said curiously, her nose picking up a unique, and yet, familiar scent. "Ah… it's you."


She was already going through the change when Kali found her, wrapped up in a torn blanket, shivering and trembling all over. Kali felt pity for the poor girl, as she knelt down by her side. She scooped the girl up in her arms, lifting her with much ease. She was cold to the touch, and quickly dying. With her travels bringing her far from her home, another unique ability she had came in much use, as she started to fade from the background, similar to her cloaking technique. Instead of simply fading into the background itself, she vanished from existence, traveling at a speed no mortal, and even some immortals could never even dream.

She appeared within her home, surrounded with a medieval style room. Walking over to her four post bed, she sat upon it, leaning against the bed board, as she cradled the shivering girl within her arms. It wasn't normal for a change to take nearly this long, though the body did have to die in order for it to revive itself. Each individual cell died, then reformed itself into a new one, much stronger and everlasting. The change from a mortal to an immortal does actually end the life of the mortal, and in a way, they become 'the living dead.'

Kali laughed inside at the thought, as she move her free hand to brush a purple lock that fell in front of the girl's face that seemed to bother her. She smiled as she tilted her head, surprised to find the girl leaning into her, resting her head against her chest. Kali found her cheeks flush to the girl's simple antics, though kept her warm loving smile. When she would awaken, she would teach this one, as she taught all her young, how to live an eternity.


Author's Notes: Well, that's it. There's your first chapter. Hope you all like it, and continue to keep up with my story. Again, I hope you also read "Robin, My Houkounin" or "Houkounin Sagas." It was currently removed from the Fanfiction website, though I do not understand why. I believe it to be a very good story.