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I blinked. Did someone just say something? Half of my consciousness was still in deep thought, not really alert at this point.

The voice struggled, trying to find the last word. After a few minutes, he said,



That slapped my consciousness right out of the thinking room in my brain to my senses.

A few minutes later...


Yes, shocking messages take a while to register in this slow head of mine.

Three consecutive thumps echoed around the room.

"Itai..." the deep voice grumbled.


I whacked my head. Having loud, obnoxious alarm bells going off in this overreacting brain of mine was the last thing I needed. The only thing is this time, there was nothing to do but overreact.


Obviously, my mind was intending to have me become hysterical, something that I have never been in my entire life.

"Kanojo yoi?" (She ok?) Admist my distress and half-maddened state, I heard my captor ask the question. And like any distressed and half-maddened person would do, I responded while wailing at the same time.


Oh yeah. I was hysterical.

"Meguriau. Kure-ji." (Okaaayyyyy. Crazy.) My captor said.

"Kakashi, deshou otaku beki teiku kono otome." (Kakashi, I think you should take this girl.) The female voice rung over my rather loud sobs, wails, cries and whatnot.

I stopped in the middle of a shrill scream.


"Kakashi?" I voiced my thought.

The room became unnaturally still.

The feminine voice rang out again, but with a hint of annoyance.

"Otaku nou kono kata Kakashi?"(You know this person Kakashi?)


I hadn't misheard.

"Ina, Hokage-sama." (No, Hokage-sama.)My captor responded, his voice firm and sure.


!HOLY #&!

The members were back to being silent. They must have noticed my sudden mood swing, or at least the sudden lack of wails, cries, sobs, etc. As for me, my mind was even more jumbled than before, if that was possible.

So lets go over what I have learned today.

I'm blind

I don't know where I am.
-I don't know how I got here.
-The people here are calling eachother names from the Naruto manga.
-The people here speak only Japanese.

And lastly,

I'm crazy.

What a nice "What I learned today" list.

Someone yanked me up by the arm and out of my thoughts. I must've collapsed at some point, not that I remembered. My memory wasn't exactly in tip-top shape at the moment.

"Sewa sono otome taishite mohaya." (Look after the girl for now.) I heard the feminine voice say. It sounded tired.

I cocked my head. My state of hysteria now being officially over, I was glad to say that I was sensible and normal. For now. Someone grunted. Then another person began dragging me. Probably out of the room. By letting this person lead to wherever he/she wanted to go, I was allowed some time to think. Or at least, that was what I thought.

Unfortunately, as soon as I felt sunshine one my skin, I felt myself being hauled up again.

Oh no.

Clamping my eyelids shut, I waited for the jumping and bouncing to begin like the last incident. The muscles of the arms that were carrying me tensed as I felt him (120lbs. remember? Gotta be a "he", right?) crouching down. Then with a whoosh of air, he flew up. My stomach lurched as the altitude increased rapidly.My grip on his shirt or whatever tightened. Falling down while being blind wasn't going to feel pretty.

He landed with a thump somewhere. After releasing a breath that I was holding, I sucked in another lungful before he jumped again. Much to my surprise, he didn't jump, not as high as before anyway. He seemed to be hopping gently and going in a specific direction. I sighed, relieved. At least the dizziness from before won't come back to haunt me.

Some time later, he set me down. I wobbled, not being used to walking without a guide. A rather rough hand settled on my shoulder, holding me in place. Pushing me gently, he directed me to...somewhere. I heard a door close behind me. Where was I?

I hated being blind.

The hand on my shoulder disappeared as I heard a "Poof!" Seconds later, another "Poof!" sounded and someone grabbed my hand. I was throughly confused. What was going on? Stopping eventually, there was a swish of cloth. A few creaks reached my ears and then endless splattering.


Someone patted my by the arm.

I cocked my head again. What was he doing? The person sighed audibly. Must be pretty annoying to tell an illerate (in Japanese) and blind person to do something. I felt him pass by me. A bang told me that he had closed the door.

I crossed my arms. What was I supposed to do?

I pondered.

And pondered.

And pondered.

After several minutes, I noticed that it was getting harder to breathe. The splatter of water seemed to surrounding me from all sides. The room felt stuffy and steamy. My mind started panicking again. I wanted to get out of here. My breathing was becoming increasingly labored by the second. Were they keeping me captive in a torture chamber? The idea of people here being kidnappers was still considered as a possibility in my brain. I panted. I breathed deeply, trying to inhale more oxygen.

My head began to spin from the lack of air. I knelt onto the floor on all fours, trying to block out the waves of nausea.

This was the second time I'm feeling nauseous today.

I shook my head but stopped immediately. Shaking it just made me feel worse.

If they were going to do this, why don't they just kill me?

I started to choke. My whole body felt heavy, as if I was being squeezed by enormous amounts of pressure.

Was this the end?

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