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"You try my patience, make your choice…" the Phantom said, venom in his voice.

Christine looked at both of the men that stood before her. Raoul, dear sweet Raoul, the man whole stole her heart all those years ago, and her protector, and for some time now, her lover, then there was The Phantom, the man who inspired her voice, the man she knew as her angel, and the man she loved for it…

"MAKE YOUR CHOICE!" The Phantom roared at her, she jumped at his anger. A tear fell down her cheek, as she looked between him and Raoul again. She swallowed and began to walk towards him, not caring that she was getting her clothes wet.

"Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone!" she said to him as she got closer and closer to him. She finally caressed his flawed skin with her hand and put her lips to his.

Raoul stood there, shock at what Christine was doing. He could feel his heart rip into two. Why was she doing this? Does she mean it? Why hasn't she stopped kissing him yet?

Christine pulled away from the kiss and looked at the Phantom once more. She softly sang into his ear.

"I will share with you one love, one lifetime, I will lead you from your solitude, please say you still want me with you, here, beside you, anywhere you go let me come too, love me…That's all I ask of…you. "

She kissed him again; tears streaked her face, as well as his. They looked at each other again and gave each other a warm embrace before looking towards their next problem to solve.


The Phantom looked at Christine and motioned to Raoul, who still had a shocked look on his face.

"Vicomte…your free to go, do NOT tell anyone about my home, you, Madame Giry, Christine and I are the only ones who know where this is…" The Phantom warned Raoul as he untied him and took the Punjab lasso off of his head.

Christine opened the gate and stood next to the Phantom, Raoul could hear the mob above them. He looked at the Phantom and nodded, he quickly reached out his hand and grabbed Christine's arm.

"Come Christine! Before they come!" Raoul said as he pulled her towards the boat. Christine yanked her arm away and backed up again, standing next to the Phantom again. Raoul looked at Christine.

"C. Christine? Your coming with me…right?" he asked.

Christine shook her head.

"No, I'm not…"

Raoul stood there, shocked at what he had just heard.

"But Christine! He set us free! Please come along!" He tried to reach for her hand again, but she stepped away.

"No Raoul, he set you free, not I… I choose to stay here…with the man I love "


Raoul felt the last words burn into his broken heart, leaving an imprint there, that he would probably never get over. He staggered backwards. He felt his eyes burning, tears speckled down his face.

"Is this what you really desire?" he asked her. She stepped closer to the Phantom and looked at him, he looked at her, they both smiled. Christine looked at Raoul again.

"It is..."

Raoul turned and began to walk out of the Phantom's Lair, he stopped and turned around. He looked at Christine again.

"So be it…I will never love another like you Christine…goodbye my love, we shall see each other again…"

And with that he left, the gate shutting behind him.

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