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Enjoy the final chapter of Part One! 'Against All Odds'!

It had been two happy months since Erik and Christine wed. As Christmas presents Erik and Christine presented the soon to be newlyweds Rama and Lita. At first Pierre was reluctant, but they soon accepted.

Erik and Christine spent everyday together, in the library, the music room, or in the bedroom. Right now, they were in the living room, curled up together with a book, Erik reading to Christine as she sat in his lap, curling her fingers around his hair.

Christine looked up when she heard the door open and close again.

"Marie? Is that you?" she called out.

"Yes!" A huffed voice called from the foyer.

Christine looked at Erik and smiled, he smiled back and kissed her lightly before letting her go out into the foyer.

"Did you get the paper?" Erik heard Christine say.

"I did. I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet though, perhaps later when you are done with it." Marie said.

"Alright, why don't you go into the kitchen and have a cup of tea? Its dreadfully cold out there."

"That sounds quite lovely. I think I'll do that. If you need anything else, you know where you can reach me."


Erik then heard Marie's footsteps go into the kitchen, he then watched Christine enter the room again, She looked up at Erik and smiled before opening the paper, looking at the front page. Her eyes widened and rolled to the back of her head, falling to the floor in a heap.

"Christine!" Erik cried, running to her side, scooping her up in his arms, cradling her still form. He checked for any damages, there weren't any. Erik then looked at the paper, picking it up and reading the front title;


Vicomte Raoul de Chagny is dead after committing suicide last night after hearing of his ex fiancée Christine Daae's marriage to Co Owner of the Opera Garnier, Erik Destler, two months ago.

De Chagny heard of the marriage a few days after the couple married in the Parisian Mental Institute, he was sent there last year after abducting and sexually abusing Daae. Nurses at the institute say that after hearing of the marriage De Chagny became depressed and angry. Then, last evening he slit his throat with a kitchen knife that he stole from the institute's servery. He bled to death in his cell.

After an examination of the room, police found that this was the reason of his death because he had carved her name into anything he could find, Pictures in his room of deformed, disfigured men dying horrific deaths showed that De Chagny was truly insane, as well as pictures of Daae lifeless, in pools of blood…

That was all Erik could read, he threw down the paper and cried for his poor angel, she was free from him now. Although she thought he didn't know, she still cried over what happened that night. Erik understood why, almost being raped himself. Erik promised himself that he would protect her from now on, which was a vow to himself when they married. He hugged Christine's still unconscious form closer to him, gently stroking her face until she woke up.


"Shhh…Don't try and speak Mon ange. You're safe. Rest now, I'll take you to bed and take care of you."

She nodded and closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"That poor…stupid man." she whispered before falling asleep again.

Erik took her up to their room and did exactly what he said he would, he stayed with her, looked over her, like any angel would. And for once since they got married, as he curled up beside Christine, and before he fell asleep with her in his arms, he felt…safe.

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