Chapter Twelve

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"Haley," Nathan's voice startles Haley out of her thoughts, she'd been sitting in Nathan's hospital room silently while he slept just hours after coming out of the coma.

"Nathan," Haley stands and moves toward his bed, "it's one in the morning you should be asleep. Doctors orders."

"The doctor told me to rest," Nathan responds, "I'm laying here. I'm resting, but I'm not tired. But you've got to be, Peyton told me you've been here for the last two days. You should go home and get some rest."

Haley shakes her heard, "I know I should but I just can't bring myself to go."

Nathan gently touches Haley's face and for the first time in months she doesn't flinch away, "if I'd know that getting in an accident would result in you letting me touch you I would have let myself get hit by a drunk driver weeks ago."

"Nathan," Haley's voice cracks as she leans closer to him her head resting gently against his, their lips only inches apart, the closest they have been in longer then either of them can remember.

Nathan takes this as a sign of encouragement, before if they'd gotten this close she would have pushed away to put distance between them. He's glad for the morphine they have pumped him with so that the movement it takes to pull Haley closer to him doesn't hurt and slowly, gently, he kisses Haley. His fingers tangle lightly in her hair as he gives into the side of him that's been yearning for this kiss since she'd come back from New York, everything is so clear in that moment as they both give into the kiss. It's all so familiar that when Haley pulls away shaking it throws Nathan having almost forgotten their lost weeks.

"I'm sorry Nathan," Haley's crying again and she's put the distance between them that Nathan has come to hate. "I...I wanted it to be better. But no matter what I do I can't get himout of my head, I want to be with you but it makes me physically sick to even go there..."

Nathan has his own tears now, "Haley I love you and if you aren't ready for this then I can wait. I told you already if I have to wait for you I will, if you want it to really be over them you need to tell me now."

"I..." Haley's voice quivers as she sinks into the chair that's just behind her, "I love you Nathan. But I can't be your wife."

"Okay," it's hard but Nathan nods.

"But I don't want to go through with the divorce either," Haley bites her lip.

"Then I need you to tell me what you want to do," Nathan responds gently.

"I'm going to start going to a councilor, I was stupid to not start going before, I need to get my head screwed back on in the right way. Get my heart in the right place."

"Okay," Nathan nods, "what about us."

"Lucas what the hell are you doing here?" Nathan demands from his hospital bed a week later, Lucas who hadn't suffered the internal damages that Nathan had suffered through had been released from the hospital the day after the accident, leaving Nathan alone in the hospital for another week but with a constant stream of visitors.

"What, not happy to see me?" Luke asks stopping in the doorway.

"You promised me that you would pick Haley up from her first counseling appointment, she needs you to be there," Nathan snaps furiously.

"No," Lucas shakes his head, "she needs you to be there."

"Newsflash, I've been condemned to this damn bed," Nathan retorts.

"Wrong little brother," Lucas shakes his head, "the doctor is drawing up your release forms. He says you can be out of here within the hour, which is nice since Haley's appointment is over in an hour and it just so happens to be in the buildings across the street."

"You're serious?" Nathan asks.

Lucas nods, "I even come bringing clothes for the previously condemned. Because dude there's no way you're going to win your wife back in those sweats."

"She told you what's going on?" Nathan questions.

Lucas nods again, "I think it's a good idea."

"It was her idea," Nathan responds, "and it's a hell of a lot better then a divorce. We're taking things back to the beginning of our relationship. Which is kind of cool I guess, we get to have a second first date and everything else when she's ready."

"You think it'll work?" Lucas asks as he deposits the bag on Nathan's bed.

Nathan nods, "it'll work because we want it to work. There's not much more it is there?"

Nathan settles himself onto a bench surrounding a fountain, Lucas has just dropped him off after having been released from the hospital with orders from the doctor to take it easy. He scans the crowd of people, the councilors office was in a building with other businesses and there were many people hurrying to and fro but it doesn't take him long to find Haley in the crowd. She wears a simple pair of jeans a pink t-shirt and it's obvious to Nathan that she'd been crying. Carefully standing he makes his way over to her before she even notices him and he can't help but smile as she jumps and then smiles at him.

"Nathan, wh-what are you doing here? You didn't escape from the hospital did you?"

Nathan shakes his head, "I'm here, the doctor signed my release papers. I was looking to celebrate and was wondering if you'd have lunch with me?"

"Like a date?" Haley asks smiling.

Nathan nods, "yeah, like a date."

Haley's smile grows, "I'd love to."

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"What's she look like?" Nathan Scott demands from his brother, "I hate blind dates dude you know I do, I can't believe you got me to agree to do this."

"She's beautiful, she used to be a model," Lucas responds as he navigates the streets of the development he was unfamiliar with.

"Used to be?" Nathan asks skeptically, "so she got ugly? Or fat? Cause we all know that I don't do ugly or fat."

"No, she had a baby," Lucas shakes his head and can almost see the look if disgust cross his twin brother's face.

"I definitely don't do kids," Nathan retorts almost immediately from the backseat of Lucas Mercedes.

"You sound like such an idiot Nathan," Brooke Davis, Lucas' fiancé and long time girlfriend, turns around in her seat to glare at him. "Haley's super nice if you'd just give her a chance."

"I don't know why you even had to drag me into all of this anyway," Nathan rolls his eyes, "she's your friend."

"That's right," Brooke arches an eyebrow, "she is my friend and you better be nice or I swear to God I'll...oh, Luke it's the blue house on the right here."

Nathan sighs and leans back as Brooke quickly glances in her mirror and fixes her already perfect hair and make-up, he was more then a little used to Brooke's bossy nature and threats. They known each other for almost ten years, since Brooke had been a cheerleader for the Tar Heels when he and Lucas had played college ball together. Lucas and Brooke had broken up and gotten back together more times then anyone could care to count, mostly due to the stress of Lucas' constant traveling when he and Nathan started playing for the New York Knicks and Brooke's own world travel schedule due to her model career. But Brooke had quit modeling to open her own design company and during a fight with Lucas had told him that they were either breaking up for good or getting married, and Lucas had proposed two days later.

Nathan looks around the neighborhood, it wasn't a place he'd ever consider settling down in. It was to suburban. Too white picket fence and 2.5 kids for his liking. He preferred his penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. The quiet life was so not for him, that's what his brother wanted. To eventually retire early and settle down and have a family with Brooke, hell they would probably buy a house that looked almost identical to the other houses in this neighborhood. They'd have their boring life while Nathan was out living the life of a star.

"Haley!" Brooke bounds out of the car almost as soon as it rolls to a stop in front of a pale blue house with white wicker furniture scattered in the front yard, his eyes land first on a small blonde girl playing in a bucket of water. But it doesn't take his gaze long to seek out the woman who's standing awkwardly in front of Brooke and he can't help but stare openly at her, as a pro-basketball player he'd seen a lot of beautiful women but none of them compared to the woman standing there. She had a light auburn hair that had, Nathan assumed, been arranged in a pony at the top of her head but most of it had tumbled to her shoulders, she wore jeans that hung extra low on her hips that Nathan had to attribute to the fact that the bottom half was practically soaking and an old NYU t-shirt that was faded and bleached in certain sports. the one thing that Nathan really can't help but notice is the gorgeous, yet embarrassed, smile she wears across her face.