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Title : The Demon Incarnate

Chapter 1 : Who Are you?





Naraku coughs out blood. He falls to the floor, his deadly tentacles disintegrating, not regenerating like they always have. He shudders a bit and watches as the half-demon, Inuyasha, walk toward him with an enraged look on his face, the red-tinted tetsusaiga firmly in his grip. Naraku grimaced.

'So this is how it ends huh? Killed by the half-breed himself. How pathetic' Naraku thought as he prepared to face his fate, Unable to escape as Miroku cast a demon barrier, Naraku himself too weak to break it.

'One backlash wave oughta do him in. He's finally getting what he deserves.' Inuyasha thought angrily as he prepared to use his most effective sword slash.

'HERE GOES!' "BACKLASH WAVE!" Inuyasha shouted out as he slashed downwards towards Naraku, causing a yellowish-white beam of energy from the tip of the tetsusaiga, to soar its way to where Naraku was currently laying, while Naraku himself was having trouble breathing, coughing out large amounts of blood. Naraku smiled weakly, a thin trail of blood falling towards his chin. He then closed his eyes.




Naraku opened his eyes. He found someone's back towards him, the current person was facing Inuyasha, who's jaw was hanging.

Kagome, Sango, and Shippo came running towards Inuyasha after incapacitating Kagura, who surprisingly didn't put up much of a fight. Miroku, who saw the whole thing from a distance, realized this man was helping Naraku. He jumped high in the air and came sky-diving towards the newcomer. He then extended his right hand, removing the beads covering his it, and shouted in a loud voice, "WIND TUNNEL!"

The man looked up with emotionless eyes and then fired a large ball of blackish ki, towards Miroku. Miroku, thinking that the ball of ki was going to be absorbed into the wind tunnel, continued to fall towards the stranger. The blackish ki then somehow become four times in size, and Miroku, not realizing what had happened in time, was engulfed in the ball of ki. Everyone else only heard the sounds of Miroku's cries of pain, before a blackened figure fell from the sky, creating a 3 foot crater in the ground.




The gang ran up to Miroku, all checking if he was ok, except Inuyasha, who was still staring at the stranger, wondering how this man had stopped his backlash wave with ease.

The man was currently wearing what appeared to be Chinese clothes. A black Chinese shirt, baggy, black kung-fu pants, wore simple, flat-heeled black shoes, and a mysterious, black coat, which looked really good on him. He looked to be 5'9. His face was well angled, not an ounce of baby fat, thick, luscious hair, tied in a ponytail. He had bulging muscles all over his body, not like that of a body builder, but more of a really, really, well trained Olympic gymnast. The most noticeable thing on him were his gorgeous blueish-grey eyes, deep like an ocean, yet fierce like a storm. Basically, he was every woman's wet dream.

"Who, Who are you?" Inuyasha asked, wondering where this person had come from.

The man, who was currently gazing at Naraku, tilted his head back towards Inuyasha and answered coldly, "My name is Ranma, and I'm here for my father."


Author's Note : Sorry, I'm not really back from the exams. I just needed to take out some stress and I really didn't feel like doing Mahoro right now. I was inspired one night when I saw Naraku and Ranma pose in one of the coolest images I have ever seen, and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if Naraku was Ranma's father? Yep, you better believe it, Ranma's father is Naraku in the fanfic. Anyways, if you want me to continue this story, then review plz. Thanks for your support, Daniel Shinigami.