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The Demon Incarnate :

Chapter 7 : Surprise Meetings

Inuyasha grumbled loudly as he tried to stay patient until sun-up. He hated his hanyou curse of becoming a human because when he became human, he became weak, and he hated to be weak. Moaning irritably again, he laid back and stared at the full moon with distaste. Kagome, realizing Inuyasha felt down, decided to cheer him up with some helpful small-talk,

"Cheer up Inuyasha, once a month isn't as bad as you think."

That comment made Inuyasha even angrier as he shouted at the top of his lungs, trying to pull off his black, human hair in the process.

"I hate being human! I'm always weak when I'm human! Once I get the Shikon jewel from Naraku, I'm goin' ta change myself into a full demon!"

Kagome smiled serenely as Inuyasha continued to blabber and jump up and down like a spoiled 5-year old, screaming into the sky that he was one day going to become a full demon. She suddenly realized Miroku and Sango haven't come back yet and got worried that they might've gotten hurt.



Kagome sweatdropped and realized she had judged the situation wrong. Speaking of trouble, she was suddenly reminded of the person who had attacked Inuyasha before, Ranma. She wondered who he was and where he had come from. She also wondered what he was doing right now, most likely something evil considering who his 'father' was.


Ranma rubbed his nose irritably as he figured he was either coming down with a cold or someone was talking about him, and he really didn't like when people talked about him. He turned back to the little girl who had guided him throughout the village and gave her a piece of candy. She squealed happily and ran somewhere into the village.

He continued his little trek past the village folk in search of Ryoga, since it was he who had the Nanban Mirror last. Ignoring the leers and giggles of the local village girls and ignoring the glares and improper chattering of the village men, he searched for a restaurant to ease his incessant hunger.

A woman's shriek shook Ranma out of his hungry daze as he turned towards the cry of horror. Ahead of him was an enormous bear demon, shredding her body into pieces with its ferocious claws.

The village folk panicked and scrambled away from the demon as they ran for their lives, screaming at the top of their lungs. The few who were unfortunate to be caught 'scared-stiff' were mowed down by the demon. The bear demon then set its eyes on Ranma, who was currently standing still. The demon figured that the human was frightened so he decided to eat him along with the others he'd catch up with later.

Ignoring the human's weird glowing purple eyes, it charged at Ranma with all its capable speed, but for some unusual reason, it stopped in its tracks even before it got within ten feet of him. A weird splicing sound was heard as blood erupted from the bear demon's entire being, its limbs sliding off their appropriates.

Ranma sighed as he realized his leather jacket was covered in blood yet again, and since it was hard to find any material that can last during this period, he figured he'd have to make this last for a while. Disregarding his hunger, he went on to try and find a nearby lake to wash out the blood in his jacket.

In the shadows, a dark figure was watching Ranma's every move.

"Damn him."

Naraku winced in pain as his tentacles sought to control Naraku's half demon body.

"What was that all about? Don't tell me you had a sudden change of heart?" Kagura frowned upon saying that. Her frown turned into a vicious scowl the minute she saw the strained yet amused look on Naraku's face. Clenching her fist, she shook her head and continued to ask,

"What are you going to do about that 'so-called' son of yours?"

Naraku smile seem to grow wider as he answered,

"We will use him to our advantage, of course. He could become a very valuable asset against the two inu mutts. He is indeed strong enough to eliminate both if I wanted him to."

Kagura frowned as she contemplated on giving this 'Ranma' the advantage so Naraku would finally get what he deserves, but she didn't need to be reminded that Naraku is who controls her heart, and life. She would play along for now, but when the time comes, she would have her vengeance.

Ranma whistled a cheerful tune as he scrubbed his black leather jacket in the river. To anyone else, the smell of blood in the river and the fact that Ranma was alone 2 miles away from the nearest village would think Ranma would've been killed by a large horde of hungry demons, but Ranma's unholy yet powerful aura would have easily warded off any nearby demons from approaching him.

Ranma cherished the times when he was alone like this. It drove him away from the harsh reality of life he was always pressured in. No nightmares of his dead mother, no life mission to destroy Naraku, just him, nature, and the water streaming in between his finger tips.

He paused when he felt a powerful aura near. Immediately he snapped to his feet and looked-over his surroundings. Catching a glimpse of blonde hair, he was surprised to find the last person he expected to see during his stay in the Feudal Era. With curious eyes, he asked out loud,



Inuyasha constantly dodged left and right as the demon, Gatenmaru, continued to try and kill him. Inuyasha knew he was cut back on time because the cocoons that his friends were encased in were already taking their toll on them.

Desperate to finish this battle quickly, he swiftly blocked the wild swing from Gatenmaru, and retaliated with a fist to his stomach. Jumping backwards, he took advantage of the fact that Gatenmaru was a bit dazed from his fist, he made a slash with his sword while crying out,

"Wind Scar!"

Keeping himself from yelling out triumphantly as he heard Gatenmaru's pained cries, he ran towards the cocoons with haste, but was suddenly stopped when a stream of toxic web stood in his way.

Immediately looking up, he saw Gatenmaru, in his demon form, laughing maniacally over the group of cocoons. Looking at Inuyasha with a critical eye, he roared out,



Inuyasha pulled his eyes away as a large ball of bluish energy came out of nowhere and impacted Gatenmaru's large moth body. Ignoring the need to throw up from the nasty stench of Gatenmaru's scattered body parts and the need to question where the assistance came from, he immediately went to the group of cocoons, and hopelessly tried to pry open each cocoon with his bare hands. He soon resorted to using his Tetsusaiga and his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer to try and pry open the cocoon imprisonments.

He fell to his knees as he whispered their names one more time. As tear threatened to fall from his eyes, he contemplated giving short lectures of confidence to his comatose friends as his own confidence grew with each word.

"You guys are stronger than this! You can beat this, this is nothing compared to what we go through every day against our fight against that bastard, Naraku! I swear if you don't get out of there and come out of your senses, I'll come in there and beat it into you!"

Inuyasha realized his words hadn't gotten through to them and decided to just give up, but was soon surprised when he heard the sound of struggled rustling. He soon gave out a cry of joy when he saw his friends break through their cocoon prisons.

After a quick exchange of words of encouragement and thanks, they turned to the sound of chuckling as they saw a man with a bandana on his head atop of a branch high in a tree. Enjoying his short chuckle, the man flipped aerodynamically in the air with vast martial arts skill and landed on his two feet as if the impact down was nothing to him.

They exchanged no words as Inuyasha realized something important. Snapped his fingers, he pointed at the man and said,

"Hey, you're the guy who helped me aren't you?"

The man gave quick smile before turning his back on them and leaving. Kagome ran in front of him and questioned,

"Don't I know you?"

The man with the bandana shrugged cluelessly before walking past her. He paused in mid-step when Miroku asked,

"At least tell us your name, kind sir?"

The man snapped around and bowed his head politely. Bringing his head back up, he gave a bright smile and said,

"The names Ryoga, Ryoga Hibiki."

"Hey Kyo."

Demon Eyes Kyo turned around to see a deep in thought Benitora who was currently gazing at the setting sun beyond the horizon. Benitora turned back to Kyo and looked at him with concern in his eyes. Still deep in thought, Benitora asked,

"How do you think our frien' Ranma is doin'? You don't think he died on that mission to kill tha' fellow Naraku, do ya?"

Kyo gave his famous evil smile again as he answered,

"That Ranma boy may be an arrogant punk, but he isn't one to die that easily, that I can assure you. He may not be as strong as me or Mibu, but he can definitely pack a punch. Though I really don't care if he rotsin hell or some shit like that, butI really don't think he'll lose."

Another figure came into view behind him as the original Kyoshiro Mibu decided to throw in his two cents.

"Yes, Ranma is indeed a mystery. Kyo may not be as modest as me, but I can assure you Ranma is not one who is likely to fail. I believe in him with true faith, and even though Kyo here may not admit it, he too cares for the well-being for our short timed friend, Ranma."

Kyoshiro walked past Benitora and looked deeply into the setting sun. He breathed in deep as he said,

"Yes, Ranma truly has a greater destiny than all of us combined. But, through thick and thin, he shall overcome his fears and doubt and come out triumphant in the end!"

Kyoshiro made an unnecessary heroic pose as his small audience clapped for his little speech while Kyo just snorted and mumbled coherently,



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