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I came to slowly, blinking at the stripes of light and dark that covered my body. At least my face wasn't in the full sunlight, I thought groggily. I turned on my side, noting that the ground was quite warm, and realized that I was lying in the sand. Someone was crouched beside me, and I looked up to see a silhouette against the sun.


"Are you awake?" Whoever it was, they seemed puzzled. I held up a hand against the blinding sunlight, trying to see their face. The figure tilted its head, considering, then got to its feet with remarkable swiftness and held out a hand. I took it warily, and was pulled upward and into the shade of a palm tree, stumbling into a body and being steadied by two hands on my upper arms.

My eyes refocused and I found myself staring into the green eyes of an eerily familiar face. The young man's eyebrow went up, and I saw that he was quite good looking, but...who was he? And why wasn't he wearing a shirt—I looked down and was horrified to find myself in my nightgown, sand stuck to the soles of my bare feet, which were nearly touching his...all at once, several sensations hit me, most notably the fact that we were less than a foot apart, his hands still unconsciously holding my arms.

Gasping, I stumbled back into the sunlight. "Who are you?" I stammered. This was most improper. "Where—where am I?"

"Neverland," he said, frowning from where he stood in the shade. "Don't you remember, Wendy-lady?"

Neverland...Suddenly, the events of last night flooded over me. "I..." I turned to be met with a beautiful blue ocean, the likes of which I had never seen. "I'm still dreaming, aren't I?"

"You're not dreaming." The boy...Peter. Peter Pan. He sat down in the shade, and began to unpeel a banana. "I brought you here, remember?"

"But...where is 'here'?"

"Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning," he said matter-of-factly, as if this unbelievable breach in the laws of physics and nature didn't have any significance at all.

"No..." I walked back to the tree and sat down, but not too close to him, rubbing my temples. "We must be somewhere on Earth, this looks a bit like the Caribbean, my parents took me there once..." My parents. Mother and Father must be worried sick. How long had I been gone? At least half a day, from the looks of things. And where were John and Michael?

"My brothers? Where are they?" I demanded.

Peter nearly dropped the banana, startled. "Who?" he asked quizzically.

"John and Michael. My brothers. What have you done with them?"

"I haven't done anything. They're over there, sleeping." He gestured contemptuously to two pairs of feet sticking out from underneath a makeshift shelter of palm fronds and sticks.

"I have to get out of here, I have to go..." My voice was escalating in volume. Peter did drop the banana this time, reaching over and pressing his palm against my mouth to silence me. He jerked his hand away just as quickly, but the shock of his touch had stopped my train of thought.

"You must stay, Wendy," he said, eyes unreadable.

"But I—my parents..."

"Time works differently here," he said, turning to gaze across the sea. "They won't know you're gone."

"How long will I stay here?"

"However long you choose." His eyes looked troubled, though I couldn't fathom why. He opened his mouth as if to say more, but was interrupted by war whoops coming from the jungle. His eyes lit, and he stood, uttering a cry that made the hairs stand on the back of my neck.

"PETER!" A herd of unruly boys, all somewhere between the ages of twelve and fifteen, came tumbling out of the jungle. I stared. They were all dressed similarly to him, in outfits I had seen only in books about "savages", and their faces were painted with stripes and other designs. Some had feathers in their hair. They ran at Peter, dropping bows and other handmade weapons, and he went down in a pile of arms, legs, and laughing boys.

He managed to push them off, and got to his feet with them arrayed in front of him, gazing admiringly at their leader. "Lost Boys," he announced dramatically, "I have brought you a new mother."

A new what! I glanced at Peter, but he ignored me. The Lost Boys turned as one and looked at me silently.

"What is it?" one asked. He was shorter than the rest, and had curly hair. He looked younger as well, and seemed to generally be the runt of the group.

"'It' is a lady, Curly," said another derisively. He was taller and had odd blue eyes. "Hello, Mother. My name is Toodles." Now that I looked at them, they all had blue eyes. How strange. I looked at the boy, flustered. He had his hand out as if to shake.

Peter coughed and shook his head at the boy. Toodles looked at him, then, as if remembering something, took off his cap and held it in one hand as he gravely bowed to me, war paint and all. I would have laughed had I not been so confused. Then, however, a strange feeling came over me—I wanted to be the mother of these boys, who seemed to have a childlike sorrow in their eyes when they looked at me, I wanted to tell them stories, and—the thought came unbidden to me—I wanted to never leave them...

"Hello, Toodles. Hello, Curly. Hello, boys," I said slowly. I didn't frown when they replied in excited unison, "Hello, Mother."

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