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Brooke: Tonight on a special returning episode of "Dog Eat Dog", we're welcoming back these 6 teens from Beverly Hills.

("Dog Eat Dog" theme plays, then applause.)

Brooke: Hello, I'm Brooke Burns and welcome to a special Beverly Hills Teen edition of "Dog Eat Dog". Remember those 6 teens we had on the show some time ago? Well, we were so impressed with them, we decided to bring them back. Any of our 6 returnees can leave the studio tonight, with 25,000 dollars. But to do that, they have to exploit everything they know about their opponents. So, we sent them away to a training camp to give our 6 returnees the chance to size each other up. Think of it as getting to know your enemies, or at least what they've chosen to reveal.

(Video plays of the girls, me, Mandy and Arnold at the camp.)

(during camp for me.) That's really gonna get close. (eyes Sam doing the climbing wall carefully)

(To the studio audience - and you readers as well.) Since my last appearance, back in August, I have changed considerably. My confidence is up, I fear nothing, and I'm ready to go. Hopefully I can become top dog again like last time.

Sam: (during camp.) Please give me time. (trying to catch her breath after retrieving rings from down below in the pool.)

Sam: (to the studio audience - and you readers as well.) Last time I was just probably a little too nervous, and maybe a little too sure of myself. Today, I want to get past cleanly, and hopefully I can dethrone Mathew. Like him, my confidence has rose since my last appearance, and hopefully I can get it higher. If someone chooses me for a trivial challenge, they better watch out because they can say "bye bye" for their shot at the money.

Clover: (during camp.) Geez, Sam watch your focus! (eyes Sam doing the swimming for the rings down below in the pool.)

Clover: (to the studio audience - and you readers as well.) I feel like I can go all the way, and possibly become top dog. Watch me for any kind of challenge because I know what I have to do and I will do it with ease. If I don't oh well, if I do, that's great because then I would still be alive and in the run for the 25 Gs.

Alex: (during camp.) Hey, I'm a sports junkie you guys. (swims with lots of ease getting the rings in the pool.)

Alex: (to the studio audience - and you readers as well.) Many of the others, including Mathew are surprised at how quick I can be sometimes. I was quick in climbing and swimming. Hopefully that will be enough for me to rise to the top. If that isn't enough, then I just don't know what is.

Mandy: (during camp.) Don't rush me now. (tries to balance her way across a couple of tree branches at camp.)

Mandy: (to the studio audience - and you readers as well.) I want to get up there hands down, by not doing anything. If I get voted to do a challenge, I will win it, and I will send everyone else, one by one to that dog pound. I would love to take Clover out first.

Arnold: (during camp.) You make me nervous when you do that, Alex. (eyes Alex balancing across on the tree branches.)

Arnold: (to the studio audience - and you readers out there.) First time I came on, I was just too unsure of myself. Now, I'm even more serious than ever, and I want to have a portion of that 25,000 dollar pot. Didn't get any last time, hopefully tonight will be different.

(Video of us at camp finishes up.)

Brooke: First of all, welcome back, you guys. Here's how the game works: in each round, I'll show you a challenge, and you guys vote for the person who is most likely to fail. Whoever gets the most votes, has to take on that challenge. If you fail, you're off to the dog pound and have just thrown away your shot at 25,000. If you succeed, you get to taste revenge by sending one of the people who voted for you to the dog pound in your place. Let's play "Dog Eat Dog". Tonight's first challenge is called "The Hurricane", and it is located in our tank. One of you will have to weather a storm while climbing up that palm tree and grabbing coconuts and swimming down to the box located in the bottom of our tank. One of you returnees will be blown away. It's time to choose the loser.

(We all begin to start writing while suspenseful rock music plays.)

(Sam wears her light green shirt and beige pants. I sport my green Monster Energy motocross t-shirt with Matt Walker's last name on the back and underneath it was a 122. Clover sports a blue formal, and a black mini-skirt. Alex wears her blue button shirt and long blue jeans. Mandy wears her purple formal and a short purple skirt. Arnold wears his yellow shirt and yellow pants.)

(Suspenseful rock music ends.)

Brooke: Mathew, who did you vote for?

I chose Clover. (my handwriting of Clover's name appears on the small screen below my name.)

Brooke: All right. Sam, who did you vote for?

Sam: I chose Arnold. (her handwriting of Arnold's name appears on the small screen below her name.)

Brooke: Okay, Clover, who did you vote for?

Clover: I voted for Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her name.)

Brooke: Hmmm. Alex who did you vote for?

Alex: I voted for Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her name.)

Brooke: 2 votes, Mandy. Who did you vote for?

Mandy: Clover. (her handwriting of Clover's name appears on the small screen below her name.)

Brooke: For the deciding vote, Arnold, who did you vote for?

Arnold: I voted for Sam. (his handwriting of Sam's name appears on the small screen below his name.)

Brooke: Ohhhhhhh. We have a tie between Clover and Mandy - 2 votes each. Let's find out why. Mathew, why Clover?

Well, it's not a bathing suit thing, Brooke. We were discussing some possible things that could happen on the show today, and when the topic of raining came up, that was when Clover and actually me got a little cold feet, but Clover was more nervous than me. I'm thinking that the rain might throw a monkey wrench into this challenge for her to complete.

Brooke: So you think the rain will provide a problem to Clover?

Yes for sure.

Brooke: Alright, let's find out about Mandy. Alex, tell me why you voted for Mandy.

Alex: Because she was a real pain to us at camp, especially in the pool. She kept giving us terrible comments and too much overconfidence in herself. I want her to just blow her puny self to that dog pound.

Brooke: Okay. Well, in the event of a tie on "Dog Eat Dog" in round 1, the deciding vote, goes to a player who was randomly selected before the start of the show. In this case, tonight's player is... Sam. You voted for Arnold, but he is not in the running. So, who's going to be up first? Clover, or Mandy?

Sam: I'm picking Mandy.

Brooke: Why Mandy?

Sam: Because of the same reason as Alex. Mandy even gave me and Mathew terrible comments while in the pool at camp.

Brooke: Okay. Mandy, you're up first. Are you ready to take on "The Hurricane"?

Mandy: For sure. I can do it, despite the rain.

Brooke: Let's see if you will. Come take a walk with me to the tank.

(Mandy takes a walk to the tank with Brooke.)

Brooke: Okay, Mandy. Here we are in front of tonight's first challenge, "The Hurricane". Why don't you go ahead and get into your bathing suit.

(Mandy takes off her clothes until she's reduced to her purple one piece bathing suit.)

Brooke: Okay. Now that you're set, here's what you have to do to keep yourself out of the dog pound. I'm gonna start up a storm and you'll have to balance your way up that palm tree located above the tank. Climb up to the top and detach the 3 coconuts tied onto it. You can only get one at a time. When you untie it, get down to the water as fast as you can, and place it in the box below in our tank. You'll have 3 minutes to do it. If you fail, you're taking a walk to the dog pound. If you succeed, you get to send either Clover or Alex to the dog pound in your place. Got it?

Mandy: I got it. I'm gonna do it. (first puts her hair in a ponytail for her hair to stay out of her eyes while she does the challenge.)

Brooke: That's what I like to hear. Audience, how about a little love for Mandy since she's first up tonight.

(The audience cheers as loud as they can to give Mandy as much love as they can as she walks over to the right end of the tank.)

Brooke: Let's put 3 minutes on the NetZero Countdown clock. Now, one more thing. Let's start the rain!

(Thunder plays and rain falls onto Mandy's body, but she remains focused.)

Brooke: Mandy, give me a thumbs up if you're ready.

(Mandy gives Brooke the thumbs up to show her she was ready.)

Brooke: 3, 2, 1, GO!

(Mandy starts climbing up the palm tree as fast and as careful as she possibly can. It takes her a minute for her to climb up to the end of the tree. She detaches the coconut and it falls into the water. Mandy plunges down into the tank, grabs the coconut that was right beside her right hip, and takes it down to the basket underneath the tank. She climbs out of the water and goes for coconut #2.)

Brooke: You have 1:35 left, Mandy.

(Mandy gingerly climbs up the palm tree as careful as possible again. Taking her yet another minute, Mandy detaches coconut #2, and drops it in the tank again. She jumps down to the tank with a splash and grabs the coconut.)

Brooke: You have 30 seconds, Mandy. Come on, you can do it. You almost have it.

(Mandy takes a deep breath and swims down to the bottom with the coconut in her hand and places it in the basket below. She comes back to the surface and begins climbing the tree one last time for the final coconut, but she starts running out of strength and ability.)

Brooke: You have 10 seconds, Mandy. Don't give up. You're almost there. Just one last coconut.

(Mandy tries to continue, but she's so bushed, she cannot move anymore. The audience does the countdown to zero. Mandy comes up short to beating the challenge.)

Brooke: Oh my god. That was so close. Mandy time is up. Come on over here.

(The rain stops and Mandy takes one last plunge in the pool, then climbs out and stands next to Brooke.)

Brooke: Walk me through it, Mandy. You got that first coconut, then you started slowing down a little.

Mandy: Yeah, well. I was trying so hard to focus, I couldn't get my mind off the rain because it was just like freshly melted ice cubes. After I got that second coconut down there, that was all I had.

Brooke: You did get 2, but you needed 3 to keep yourself alive. You're off to the dog pound, Mandy, but don't worry. As you know, you get one last chance to steal the money away at the end of the show. We'll get you dried off, and send you to the dog pound. Give her a big round of applause for her effort.

(Mandy walks over to the dog pound.)

Brooke: Well, you guys voted wisely. Mandy couldn't manage the first challenge, despite her valiant effort. Very impressive once again. Our second challenge is called "Celebrity Three-Way". We're going to show you a series of puzzles containing 2 celebrities, and you have to tell me the 2nd celebrity's last name that has the same last name as the first celebrity. Get 15 right, and you win. One of you doesn't know his or her celebrities. It's time to choose the loser.

(Suspenseful rock music plays as we start writing again.)

Brooke: One of you 5 will face life in the stars when we return.

(Audience applauds as the show goes to commercial.)

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