Spoilers: None.
Setting: 2005, with Phil of the Future still not back in the future.
Assumptions: Pim can be very sweet when she wants to be. ;)
Shipping: Phil - Keely
Thank-You's: To fellow mates down at POTF Island. Thanks for encouraging me to put it up here!
Summary: Join Pim as she tries to bring two extremely close people together, through all the possible obstacles and hinderances.

Prologue::Pim's Point of View

A quick peek at the clock told me the time. 5 minutes to five o'clock. I could hardly wait until Keely would get here. Man, had we got a surprise for her!!

I glanced at Phil. A surprise for him, as well. He was playing with the GameSphere, something that my dad found in the Time Machine a couple of days ago. He didn't know that Keely was coming, but he soon would.

What is this, you say, another crafty idea of mine?

Yes, it is, but this time, it isn't to take over the world.

I don't show it a lot actually, never but I love Phil, even though, sometimes he can be extremely dense.

Like now.

Idiot, he is.

I was watching him with Keely the other day. I was inside the house they were outside and I don't think they knew I was there. That goofy grin of his was pasted on his face, and Keely was looking back at him with a quirky smile on her lips, as well. They were chatting away, God knows about what I wasn't in earshot distance and at one period of time, he threw an arm around her.

I was surprised, sure, but Keely seemed used to it. In fact, she scooted closer to him and leaned into him, her head on his shoulder.

Phil had a female friend back in the future, too haha, doesn't that sound like that old movie? Back to the Future, wasn't it called? but the closest I had ever seen them was when they'd high-fived after a virtual football match.

Hmmm. I scooted closer to the window and stayed longer to see if anything happened. Any kissing, anything?

Nope. With a frown, I realised that they weren't together.

But they weren't just friends, either.

And since they were already half-way there, I thought I could just push them further.

Turns out, though, that it was easier thought than done.

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