Hi. This is my first attempt at a fanfic of this type, so bear with me. This is based mostly on the Teen titans now airing on Cartoon network, but also has elements and references from the original comics series back in the 80's. Note that this is rated PG-13 due to violence and some situations that involve non-sexual nudity in future chapters. I warned you. So anywho, I don't own Teen titans, etc., and lets get on with it already. Please RR and enjoy

Titans beginning

Aside from a few clouds to obscure the moon, it was a relatively clear night. Had anyone in San Francisco looked up, they would have seen the silhouette of a young girl on top of one of the skyscrapers. From her perch, she looked over the city with mild interest. This was the place her mother had come from, and that being her better half, she felt somewhat of a sense of belonging. Not that she really belonged anywhere. Anyone who saw her would immediately know that something was not normal. For one thing, her skin was a light gray color instead of the normal fleshy pink from this part of the world. That, combined with the purple hair and the chakra gem on her forehead, gave her the image of a Goth who was taking things way too seriously. The girl known as Raven contemplated what she was to do next. Unfortunately, her birth had been a curse on this world, no matter how much she wanted to forget it. However, she felt some sense of responsibility as to what was going to happen. She had decided that there was no way she could face this alone. Even if she did dislike the company of others, she knew there was no way she could face him alone…after what he'd done to Azerath. As a scream echoed from a nearby alleyway, she decided that even if they didn't succeed, this city could use some cleaning up anyway.

In a dark alley in the depths of San Francisco, the woman screamed as the thug advanced on her with a crowbar. "Alrighty, I see you've got a purse, and I also see you've got a pretty hot body. I suggest you hand over the purse, or I'm gonna have to help my self to both your purse and your body!" As the thug advance, the woman noticed the silhouette of a very large human behind the thug. The fact that one of its eyes was glowing red wasn't reassuring, and she assumed that this was yet another mugger and screamed even louder. To her surprise however, the thug dropped the crowbar and let out a strangled gasp as what looked like a very large metal gauntlet clamped around his neck and lifted him up off the ground. "I don't like your suggestions." A low voice with a slightly African-American accent growled. With barely any effort, the thug found himself flying through the air to land in a half full trash dumpster. "Booyah…" the giant figure said to himself, and then looked towards the woman who had been backed against the wall. "You alright miss?"

She was about to nod when the moon came out from behind a cloud. The pale light reflected off of metal plates that seemed to be part of the giant's body, and revealed a hard dark face that was encased part way by metal. The glowing red eye was emotionless, and a slight whirring of servos could be heard as he reached out to help her up. "G…Get away!" she screamed, ignoring the hand and running towards the street at the end of the alley. The cyborg made no move to stop her. He was used to this kind of reaction, and had learned form experience that any additional action would be seen as a threat. He looked down at his mechanical self and shook his head. "Man Victor…you should know by now. No one normal wants to associate with a freak like you." He once again cursed the day of the accident, and cursed twice the day he woke up on the operating table with this…machine implanted into him. They said it had been necessary for him to live. His lip curled. It would have been better to die than have to live in a reality like this. "If no one normal wants to associate with you…" came a low female voice from the shadows, "then maybe you should stick with the freaks"

Victor Stone spun around to the direction the voice had come from. At first he saw no one, but then his robotic eye registered a heat signature in the shadows. His normal eye saw a cloaked figure detach from the shadow. "What…who are you?" he asked. "I suppose you could call me Raven," the figure said. Using his robot eye to amplify the light, Victor saw what looked like a young girl, somewhere in her mid teens, standing with a dark blue cloak around her. If he hadn't known better, he'd have sworn that her skin was actually gray. "Aww hell no" he snapped back "There's no way I'm joining one of you groups of Goths. The gangs already tried to recruit me, and there's no way I'm being used as some body guard so you can hang around the dark section of town without being afraid. Find someone else to be your babysitter. Besides, I thought you Goths weren't afraid of anything." He heard a thump and turned around as the thug was trying to get out of the dumpster. He then saw what appeared to be a shadow wrap itself around the thug, pick him up, slam him into the wall hard enough to crack the bricks, and then drop the unconscious mugger to the ground. "What the…."

He turned in astonishment to the girl, who seemed to be emanating some form of dark matter. "I don't do fear" she said in a low voice. She stepped closer to Victor. "I don't need anyone to take care of me. However, for reasons that I can't say right now, I need help. This whole city needs help, for reasons such as the scene you just participated in, and I think that it's time us freaks did something other than sit around doing nothing. Besides…" she said "If we help the city, maybe they won't see us as freaks anymore" This really wasn't what she was concerned about, but she needed to say something cheesy like that to convince him.

"So…you're saying, we team up, and we kick bad guys butts?" asked Victor. "If that's the way you want to put it, I suppose so." She replied. "Obviously, we're going to need more than just us two, since there's no way we can cover the entire city on our own. You know of anyone else who is…abnormal?" Victor thought for a moment. "I don't really know of anyone off hand…if we got more of us, then we probably could do this. Heck, it'd be better than just hiding in the daytime. I know this part of town pretty well, and well, I do have connections that might be able to help us out." "Alright" Raven replied. "I think it'd be best if we looked around the rest of the night. The sooner we find others, the better. I will meet you right back here at midnight tomorrow." She then turned completely black, shrunk down into the form of a black bird, and flew off into the sky. Victor caught himself staring in the direction she'd flown, and then shook his head. If his robot parts hadn't recorded everything that had just happened, there was no way he'd believe what he had just experienced. But, going back over his memory files, there was no doubt that there really had been a shadow girl. He took a few deep breathes, and then headed off into the night, not really sure where he was going.

In the shadows, a mouse squeaked. This wouldn't have been out of the normal, except that the mouse was a moldy green color, and had pure white eyes. "Dude…" he thought. "There's no way I just saw that!"

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