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Giving In To Desires

Chapter One.

"Ok baby, say hi to your grandma for me. I'll see you when you get back"

Haley stifled a yawn as she said goodbye to her boyfriend Lucas. It had been a long day and she was absolutely exhausted. She stripped off her sensible knee length skirt and blouse revealing her sexy red and black, silk and lace bra with matching thong. Too tired to continue she slid under the covers of her bed clad only in her underwear, falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. Her dreams were filled with images of her sweet, romantic boyfriend.

As she slept she was oblivious to the tall dark figure climbing through her window and coming to stand beside the bed. Watching her sleep a cynical smile crossed his face as he quickly removed all his clothing.

Seeing the gentle smile on her lips his cynicism only increased "she looks so innocent," pulling back the covers his eyes took in her scantily clad form, shivering as the cold air met her bare skin, "if only they knew."

Leaning over her still form on the bed he ran his calloused fingertips slowly down her spine watching her shiver once again although this time he knew with certainty it was not from cold.

"Haley its time to wake up" his voice was only marginally louder than a whisper but it was all it took for her eyes to open.

She turned her head slightly looking for whatever it was that had woken her. A strong hand grasped her jaw turning her face till she met his gaze.

"Hi" she said her voice showing no surprise at seeing him naked in her bedroom "I was starting to think you weren't going to show up."

His eyes left hers travelling slowly, appraisingly over her body before eventually meeting her eyes with his own again, he didn't attempt to disguise the want that was blazing there.

"And miss out on this? You should know by now that I would never willingly miss out on this."

She smiled at him "well then what are you waiting for?"

She rose up from the bed to kneel in front of him.

"I see you dressed for me" he commented with a knowing grin.

"Ummm" she replied not really listening to his words as she trailed her fingers lightly over his chest and lower to his hard muscled stomach.

Her lips followed the path of her fingers, her tongue coming out to flick the silver ring in his nipple. Glancing up to his face she saw immediately that his eyes had darkened and his breathing had become shallower at her simple gesture. She smiled again revelling in her power over him, how such a simple touch from her lips could affect him so strongly.

Seeing the smug look on her face he reached behind her and with a flick of his thumb and index finger undid the clasp of her bra. Removing it quickly he knelt on the bed in front of her bringing his bare chest into contact with hers. He stared into her eyes for a moment before bringing his lips to her neck sucking and biting at the soft skin, always careful not to leave a telltale mark. The truth was that he wanted to leave a mark, wanted to brand her as his but he knew that if he did it would probably be the last time he would ever touch her, she had made that clear to him from the start. She tilted her head slightly to allow him better access and was rewarded by the feel of his tongue tracing over her collarbone. His hands came up to grasp her shoulders pushing her firmly back onto the bed, his own body following her down, pinning her under his weight. His lips crashed down onto hers, his tongue begging entrance, which she readily granted, kissing him back heatedly for a few moments before wrenching away with a laugh.

"Whoa Tiger, slow down. We've got all night. Besides if memory serves me correctly its my turn to be on top" she reminded him her eyes twinkling with amusement.

"You know I think you might be right" he smirked grabbing her hips and rolling so he was beneath her.

She sat up placing her knees either side of his waist straddling him. Resting her elbows on the pillow she allowed her breasts to dangle over his face, her satisfaction obvious when his tongue snaked out to lathe at her nipple before raising his head to catch it between his teeth. The sensation of his teeth on her nipple causing ripples of excitement to flow through her body. She continued to enjoy it for a while longer before gently pulling away. His hands came up to grasp her determined to bring her back within reach of his mouth.

Laughing wickedly she grabbed his hands pinning them above his head "Uh-uh I'm in charge tonight" she purred.

His protest was forgotten as his eyes lit up at her take-charge attitude. She bent her head, her lips at his chest mimicking his earlier actions. She could feel his erection stirring beneath her.

"Ooh someone's enjoying himself," she teased.

Moving backwards she knelt between his legs trailing her tongue over the muscles of his stomach before continuing lower to take his burgeoning erection into her mouth. His fingers bit into her shoulders as he held her in place, rocking his hips, thrusting deeper into the warm cavity of her mouth. Finally knowing that this couldn't continue or he would explode he pulled her face away. Dragging her back up his body so that she lay flush against him he captured her mouth in a harsh kiss.

"My turn." He grated flipping her over so that he was once again on top.

Placing his thumbs under the waistband of her thong he pulled it off in one fluid motion.

Grabbing her knees he pushed her legs apart. He smirked up at her before thrusting his tongue deep up inside of her. He heard her breath coming in short sharp pants and knew that he was succeeding in giving her the pleasure that she had given him. His tongue teased her clit and he felt her muscles clench in anticipation. His name left her lips in a breathless plea.

"Yes Haley" he responded feigning innocence.

"On your back now" she commanded.

He happily complied cupping her ass with his hands as she straddled him once more; ripping the foil package open she rolled it down the length of him.

She sank down onto him sheathing his length inside of her. She set the tempo starting slowly at first, their tempo increasing as their passion escalated.

"That's it" Haley gasped "just a bit more. That's it." she moaned his name as waves of ecstasy gripped her body. He thrust into her one last time before he found his own release, pleasure shuddering through his body.

She collapsed onto him lying content for a moment before rolling off. She trailed her fingers over his chest and smiling said, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

Leaning over he gave her a quick hard kiss "you certainly will" he responded.

Hopping off the bed he dressed and smirking at her one last time climbed back through the window.

Pausing for a moment outside he called "Night Hales",

"Night Nathan" she responded before settling herself down to sleep.

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