An Angel's Tear
Chapter 1
An angelic family

Did you ever believe in a God. Some sort of almighty that created the ground we walk on.

The water we drink.

The food we eat.

And especially the guardians that hover over us, in order to protect us from the evils that are scattered through out the world we live in.

That's the job of angels. Well that's what I believe at least. I believe that there are angels among us. Some of them may know they are angels. Some of them may not have a clue. But they do roam around us, looking like normal human beings, breathing like normal people, even eating as them.

Their only purpose is to guard and protect the people around them. To help out with their many inner demons and keep them away from demons leeching everywhere in the world. Of course the typical stereotypes for angels exist in many people's head. A pair white gorgeous wings, a single bright halo hovering over his or her head. A bright aura always behind them, giving out a warm sensation in every one's heart.

All of these may be true.

But I can tell you, not all angels look like that. A simple business man, walking back home from the subway saw a poor homeless man out in the street. He decided to be a good Samaritan and gave the poor man he just passed by some money to buy himself a meal and shelter. So he could get away from the harsh winter conditions that plagued that area for days.

Can he be called an angel for his deed. He could be, but no one can be certain.

Now you must be wondering why I know this stuff or why I'm rambling about this at all. Well, I'm in a family that believes all of this with all of their hearts, and with good reason…

The Urashima family may look like a normal, Japanese family but when you go in deeper into the scrolls of our history, you will find stories full of mysterious heroes, mystical battles and saviors.

All of these based around two thing…The Hinata-sou and the mythical angels.

Every once in a while a child is born into the Urashima Family. Born inside the legendary Hinata-sou. A child that has one feature that is in every stereotypical angel. Something that can make the jaws drop out of any doctor that is delivering the baby.

A pair of gorgeous white, angelic wings.

As these different children develop during their live, they form a couple of abilities. Abilities that are not typical of a human, and can only be condemned as the power of angels.

But no one knows for certain. No higher being ever said they were angels. No God informed that these kids were the saviors of the world, that their only purpose is to assume the role of angels and nothing more.

So these heavenly children weren't human.

Nor were they angels.

But our family still raised them as normal kids. Their own normal, cute little kids. Leting them be happy as they were. Leading a normal childhood and going through what other kids their age go through. However when the day comes. When they turn thirteen. That is when they realize what or who they are, and It would be their decision on what to make of it. Do they ignore the whole angel situation and lead a normal, "human" life?

Or do they use the powers that he or she gained, to help people with their problems and protect the love ones that are close to their hearts? Being closer to that of angels.

My name is Keitaro Urashima. The fourth child in the Urashima line to be born with wings.

But the only one in my family that chose not to use the powers that were granted to me.

The power of Angels…

"Keitaro! Get up! Its time for dinner!" Yelled an annoyed voice from outside my room.

I moaned with displeasure as I slowly woke up from my slumber.

I laid sprawled all over my futon and completely worn out. I rubbed my half-closed eyes with my own hands and my vision started to come back.

I could see the faint color of the ceiling above my sleeping form.

I could also see the blurred shape of a card board box filling up a big gap in the ceiling.

The hole itself lead to a room above my own. A room that is belonged to a teenage girl named Naru. A cute smart girl that lives in a girl's dorm. The same girl's dorm that I surprisingly own starting yesterday.

Yes I started to own a girls dorm as of yesterday. It happened all in a blur. I just came here to find a place to stay for my exams and I was then mistaken for a pervert by most of the girls that lived here. Thankfully Haruka, my strong willed and caring …wait… just my strong willed Aunt, was there to save my rear end.

But yesterday's events spiraled even faster for me. I lied that I was a university student in Toudai, but I was soon discovered. I got kicked out, and before I knew it Granny Hina sent a fax that said I would be the landlord of the Hinata-sou. A landlord of a girl's dorm. Crazy isn't it? But its true, the only reason why I'm staying in this dorm is because I'm the landlord. Not all the girls like it, but they will just have to deal with it.

"Keitaro! It's time for dinner so get down here before I yank you out of your own room."

I sighed, got to my feet and shook my head. Dispelling my sudden dizzy spell.

"Coming!" I shouted from my standing position.

"You better be!"

"Yea yea..jeez…."

I smirked and shuffled over to my desk. There on the desolate piece of wood were two things.

The first item was my black pendant necklace. It was a pendant that my mother gave me before her death. It was something that I held dear to my heart because of it. But it was also something I despised with every fiber of my being within me. Despite of that, I always carried it with me where ever I go.

I have too…

I stared at it and sighed.

I forced my eyes to gaze at the second item.

It was the Landlord log book. It was a collection information around the current tenants that are living under this house.

Curiously I opened the red book and found myself on the page concerning a very cute girl.


I sweat dropped.

That cute and loud girl…

Naru Narusegawa
Age: 17
Blood type: A
Height: 163cm
Birth date: March 28, 1981
Room: 304

She was the one girl that was the most offended on me staying here, me being the landlord and all. I could clearly see the hate she has for the opposite sex. I could also feel it, especially in her punches.

I winced painfully as I remembered a fierce punch hitting me square at the face. However regardless of that tiny fact. She was extremely beautiful in my eyes, and I couldn't help but feel I met her before…

Without thinking I flipped to the next page.

There a picture of a familiar small and shy blue haired girl came into view.

Shinobu Maehara
Age: 13
Blood type: O
Height: 147cm
Birth date: November 15, 1985
Room: 201

Out of the girls she might have been the person I hurt the most when I lied about me being in Toudai. The look of happiness and hope when she learned I was a Toudai student was priceless. However the look of disbelief that was etched on her face, is the kind of thing that I would sell with any price to get out of my head.

I'm going to have to apologize to her personally later on…

A flipping of a page.

Kaolla Su
Age: 14
Blood type: O
Height: 151 cm
Birth date: March 25, 1985
Room: 301

Shinobu may be a bit shy and timid, but her counter part is of course nothing like that. Su is a very outgoing and hyperactive kind of girl. Well at least that is what I concluded during the time I have been around her. The first time we met was when I was running away from Naru. She was playing with tanks and commanded them to fire on my half naked position when I ran into her.

Meaning two things. One she doesn't hesitate to blow my sorry hide up, and second she is good with technology.

A very bad combinations.

I once again turned the page.

A familiar seductress's picture popped up into view.

Mitsune Konno
Age: 19
Blood type: B
Height: 164cm
Birth date: August 31, 1979
Room: 205

Kitsune is her nickname around these parts. Which perfectly suits her persona because Kitsune means fox. Her sneaky and manipulative ways is what got me caught and titled "PERVERT!" in this house. She seduced me into touching a certain perky part of a women's body and got caught during the act. Causing Naru and Motoko to be greatly enraged. I'll have to watch out for her…. Speaking of Motoko…

A turning of a page.

Motoko Aoyama
Age: 16
Blood type: A
Height: 173cm
Birth date: December 1, 1982
Room: 302

As I clearly learned yesterday, Motoko is a samurai. A samurai that dislikes men. While me being a man, and owning the dorm she lives in with other girls, it is reasonable to think she is angry and suspicious about the whole situation. And she totally is pissed off about the whole thing. Striking me down with her sword whenever I make any suspicious moves. So I should be careful around her. Being sliced in half doesn't feel good at all…

I sighed as I reached the end of the red nook. Closing it and turning around till-


There stood Naru, her arms to her hips, completely furious and holding an instant ramen container.

"You took to long so we ate without you, Baka!"

"You did!"

"Yea! We started like five minutes ago. What were you doing? You know what never mind! There's no more food for you so we got you this instant ramen cup instead! Here catch."

She weakly threw it to me and I leaned forward to catch it.

"Next time, come to the dinner table on TIME! Shinobu's cooking should be appreciated by everyone together!"


I bit my lip and looked down at the cup of ramen. Defeated.

Naru let out an angry grunt before leaving with heavy feet.

Now I was alone, staring at my dinner. But a I noticed a petite presence enter my room depressing room.


I looked up to see Shinobu, still in her cute cooking apron, standing with a tray full of food. The delicious smell coming from the tray made my mouth water just a bit.

"Oh, Hi Shinobu-chan!"

"Um…I saved some dinner for you, just in case.."

Her innocent personality made my inner child smile.

"Thank you Shinobu-chan. I appreciate it."

"Do-don't mention it, Sempai?"

Shinobu blushed, but I didn't take note of it as I was too preoccupied staring at the food she was holding unto.

She walked up, gave me the tray full of food and bowed.

I bowed back and shuffled over to my desk to eat my dinner. While Shinobu left with quick and nervous feet. The blush still all over her face.

She is a nice child. I would love a little sister like her…

I chuckled at what I just thought up and sat down to eat.


This is soooooooooo good

As I enjoyed my food the black pendant on my desk glowed.

Glowed a dark, mysterious aura…

It was night time as I was walking down the stairs of the Hinata-sou with a smile on my face and a full stomach. My destination was my aunt's Hinata Tea shop. Her name's Haruka Urashima. She owned the tea shop that is located right next to the Hinata-sou. Midway up the magnificent stair case that the dorm is known for.

I reached her teashop and it was pitch black inside.

I squinted my eyes to help them to see in this darkness.

"Hello!" I shouted into the dark shack.

No response.

I fumbled in the dark. Avoiding the many chairs scattered in the main area of the Tea shack.

I realized then I had arrived in the kitchen. But I also took notice of a faint light coming from a crack in the door across from the kitchen.

"Haruka obaa-san!"

I reached the slightly opened door. I reached out a gentle palm towards the door.

With a gentle push I nudged it open.

The light from inside the room made my eyes sting, as I adjusted to the sudden change of scenery.

I could see every thing now inside Haruka's bedroom. And in doing so I blushed.

There facing away from me, was a very familiar half naked angelic Haruka. No shirt, no bra, only thing she was wearing was her usual denim pants and…her single awe dropping white angel wing.

Engraved on her crystal white back and extending proudly out to her side was a single right angel wing.

I could see every white feather.

I could feel the aura of hope and security emitting from that single wing.

I saw every beautiful detail that made every fiber of my being scream angel. But the left wing was another story. I painful one.

There was no left wing.

Instead there was a huge scar. An ugly black gash that signified where a wing used to stretch out proudly…and where the wing was destroyed. Cut down in it's prime. Something I hated to see ever since I was a kid.

I winced as I remembered that faithful day in the rain…but shook it off.

I found my self staring. My mouth a gaped. I would always look forward to seeing Haruka because of the single wing when I was a kid. But when I would see that black scar. I would always feel sad. I hated it.


A bright light flashed at my eyes and like that, the lone wing disappeared into thin air. Leaving me to stare at her now fully exposed back.

I blushed and instantly gazed away from her half naked body.

Haruka strapped a bra on, wore a t-shirt and with out turning around-

"So how have you been Keitaro." She said with a plain voice.

-End of Chapter 1-


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