An Angel's Tear
Chapter 3
Sky Fever



A classroom full of college students were littered across the lecture hall. All of them listening to the woman they call their teacher.

Haruna stood strongly and proudly behind her desk at the bottom tier of the lecture hall. Her angelic hair running down her back. Her two cute and small circular glasses perched on her nose as she looked through to view the entire class that was currently under her wing.

She looked at the chair besides her and smiled.

There a small cute Keitaro laid snuggly on her chair and a coat wrapped lovingly around his petite body.

She refocused back on the class.

"Now our topic this year is just one book."

The class moaned sarcastically.

"Haha, now now, don't give me those attitudes people. This book will be quite interesting in our little history class of ours. it's the last book of the new testament. The book of Revelation."

The young adults stared at the teacher, amazed.

Some girls gazed happily at Keitaro.

"This book is basically about the apocalypse. Or the foretelling of one. It is comprised of visions of good being the victors over evil and of the triumph of God and the martyrs…It was written by an exile named John, and during the time it was written, many people have tried to translate what he is trying to say. "

Little Keitaro stirred in his sleep.

Random girls in the class coed at his sleeping form.

"This book has quite a unique structure. It relies significantly on a pattern of sevens. Lots of sevens. Guess the author loved to gamble." The students giggled. "Hahaha enough of that now. Back to the book. For example the letters he talks about are warnings for the seven churches in Asia Minor. Another would be the opening of the seven seals on the scroll in the hand of God, also the blowing of seven trumpets by angels before God's throne, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Even though it isn't seven it is still very significant. During the course of our lessons, I will teach you all you need to know about these visions and stories and their significance."

The clock struck Five o'clock PM.

"Well that's all for class today, please get out of my room right now. Scoot. Go away."

Everyone giggled as they all filed out of the class.

And soon there was no one besides Haruna and Keitaro.

Haruna crept up to Keitaro and gently placed her hand above his brown head.

She smiled, and looked out the window.

It was the middle of winter and snow continued to fall down from the skies behind the pane of glass.

A chill…

Her smile turned into a frown as she sensed something. Her face changed from its usual angelic look to a more serious one.

She reached into her file cabinet with both hands and waited.

She could hear the howling winds from across the window and into the cold, windy wonderland that is outside.



"And they come…"

A shadow.


Three shadows.

She blinked.

A rush of cold, frigid air splashed her face.


Three men wearing the typical ninja clad outfits came busting through the window shattering it to small reflecting pieces.

Their whole entire face covered with a black cloth except for their eyes.

Their glowing red eyes...

...that glared right at her very soul.

Haruna swiftly pulled out her hands from inside the cabinet.


Tightly gripped in her two hands were duel white and black handguns that contained ancient scriptures and writings all over their metal casing.

Runes of some sort.

Haruna grinned, twirled her guns expertly, and unleashed round after round after round of bullets at the three intruders…


Haruna's twin guns screamed, and laughed into the snowy white sky.

Keitaro kept sleeping.


I woke up.

The sun shone from the open window as a gentle breeze swept into the room. My hair danced with the wind as I started to sit up. Rubbing my eyes softly, clearing my blurred world.

I yawned

"Wh-where am I?"

"Your in your room Keitaro."


I fell down the bed surprised, covers and all.

I looked up to see Haruka sitting on a small chair besides my bed.

"What are you doing?"

I groaned as I stood up. "Nothing. Just don't scare me like that."

"Well I suggest you keep laying down."


"Because your body is in the middle of a transformation."

I blinked. "Tr-transformation?"

"You don't remember do you..."

"Remember what...?"

And like that, last night flashed before my eyes.


I saw the frozen clouds looming above me. The clouds then parted away in a halo fashion.

And revealed a beam of blue light surge from the exposed heavens just to-


Explode unto my body like a ray beam.


I smiled, stood up and turned around.

My proud white wing to my left and my mysterious black wing to my right. Smoke billowing from both wings and all around the rest of my body. The hotness still present the most up and down my back. Where the wings met my skin.


I gritted my teeth, flapped a pair of wings, and ran.

I streaked across the slippery roof as fast as my new found wings and powers could take me.

I dove from the edge and grabbed unto Shinobu's now fainted form.


I saw mother in front of me.

Smiling a holy smile.


I came back to my senses.

My head suddenly got dizzy, as if it just threw up.

My legs failed on me in an instant, forcing me to fall towards the ground.


But luckily for me Haruka was there to catch my fall.

"See, what did I tell you." She helped me lay back on the bed then proceeded to place her gentle hand on top of my forehead. "You have a slight fever and it seems that fatigue swept through your body."

"I'm fine really."

I was about to sit back up again.

But Haruka forced me, or to be more precise, pushed me down with a single motherly finger on the forehead.

"No. Your not fine. Your in the middle of your transformation."


"You do remember that you accepted your angel powers last night right?"

"Y-yes. Mother came and told me that it would be alright to release my powers without worrying about my demonic side."

"Now that you accepted you angel powers, your body is trying to get used to those powers. Which explains the fever and fatigue that you are having right now. Your body is under a lot of stress as your newfound powers are being released all in the while trying to conceal it to people who might be able to detect your 'reincarnation'."

"Like Motoko?"

"Correct. Now this should stop in a couple of minutes so just rest up. No getting up of bed."

Haruka stood up and went to leave.

"Haruka." I weakly said.

She stopped before the door.

"What is it Keitaro?"


Haruka shrugged. "Don't thank me." She opened the door and there stood Shinobu, holding a damp paper towel. "Thank this little girl. She was the one that took care of you while you were asleep sweating and moaning like a baby."

Shinobu jumped back startled. She was about to enter the door but Haruka beat her to it.

I blinked "Sh-Shinobu-chan?"

Haruka waved. "Well I'll let you two be alone for a while." The door closed shut.

Shinobu nervously scurried besides my bed. She knelt down and placed the damp towel over my head.

"How are you feeling Senpai?"

"Please, call me Keitaro." I reached out a hand an patted her soft blue head. "And thanks to you I feel much better."

Shinobu became flustered in front of me. "It-it was no problem Sen—er I mean Keitaro. You did rescue me last night. I didn't remember much but before I fainted I knew I was falling down the roof. And here I am, with no injuries, not even a scratch. So I figured that you might have rescued me. So in return I thought I should at least t-tend to you."

I retracted my hand and smiled.

"Thanks again Shinobu-chan."

"Yo-your welcome."


Motoko walked out of her room.

Her normal training Gi on with her sword sheathed by her side.

"Today...feels kinda weird." She said as she continued her walk down the hallway. Since last night the atmosphere in general felt awkward to her. Years of training allowed her to master her senses and gave her a more then normal perception then that of other humans. And right now things felt awkward...Very awkward

She shrugged and turned a corner.

She stopped. "N-Naru?"

"Ssshh!" Naru hushed as she sat right next to the dorm manager's door, peeking through a small opening.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"I'm observing Keitaro."


"To protect Shinobu-chan of course."

Motoko shook her head. "But I heard Urashima has a fever and Shinobu volunteered to help take care of him. She wouldn't go to a male's room if she didn't want to or if she was too shy. So trust her."

"B-but still—"

"And anyways, Urashima has a fever Naru. I don't think he's going to do anything stupid nor perverted even if he is a male."

"Well, you may be right bu—Hey, aren't you being a little bit to lenient towards Keitaro!"

"No, I'm just using my common sense. He has a fever, I just had one and you should have had one during you life and we both know how exhausted we were. And now Urashima is in the same situation. Even after he saved Shinobu."

"He saved Shinobu!"

"Yea, Shinobu told me he rescued her from falling down the roof. She didn't know how but he did save her she said."

"Oh..." Naru pouted and then went back to 'observing'. "Well, better safe then sorry..."

Motoko sighed and went back to walking.


I looked over at Shinobu.

"So, how are your studies going?"

"Th-they're going great like usual Keitaro."

I smiled: "Hey. Shinobu."

"What is it?"

"I'm sorry about posing as a Toudai student..."

"No-no Keitaro, you already apologized about that last night so—"

"No, I need to say it again. Because you admired me when you believed I was a Toudai student. You always wanted to have a good education and you looked up to me like as if I was a role model and it gave you motivation. But now that you found out about the truth I didn't want it to effect your dream of getting a good education."



"I must admit I did get kinda depressed after finding out you lied and that I admired you for nothing. But I found something else to admire about you Keitaro..."

My face shifted to an expression of confusion.

"What is that?"

"Even though you failed going to Toudai two times. Your still trying to get in. With all the failures and rejection letters aside, you still kept going...and I think thats...something to admire about you see, your still kinda a role model to me..."

"Heh, thanks."

I shivered as a tingly sensation crept up my spine as if something wanted to escape.

A sensation of ice and fire.


"Sorry. Everything just felt a bit cold all of a sudden."

"Your sweating even more. Here let me help you..." Shinobu adjusted my blanket as I stirred around in it a bit. "Do you feel comfortable now Keitaro?" She squeaked in a caring cute voice.

I chuckled.

"What is it now Keitaro?"

"You sounded all motherly right there all of a sudden. Heh. Heh. And your only thirteen."

"Kei-Keitaro!.!.!" She stood up but her quickness led to her downfall.


She slipped on nothing and instantly fell right on top of me.


I winced and closed my eyes. "Ooooff!"

I reopened my eyes to see her right on top of my chest, face first.

Her hand in a not so very comfortable position between my legs.

We locked eyes.

We both instantly blushed.


"No th-thats okay."


The frame of my room shook.


My door opened up to make way for an enraged Naru. Who headed right at our way.


"Na-Naru! Its not Keitaro's fault!"

Although Shinobu tried to calm Naru down, I saw that it was no use so I did the only thing I could do.

I pushed Shinobu aside and closed my eyes.


With a leg like pro soccer player, she completely kicked my side and sent me flying out my bedside window and into the stratosphere.

Naru panted...and panted...and panted...

She looked over at Shinobu who just stared at her, Amazed.


Shinobu only sighed.


Haruka stood outside her Tea house.

Her broom in front of her.

A cigarette plopped in her mouth.

She looked up and stared at the cloudy blue sky.

"Seems like a nice day today..." She said, admiring the clouds that floated above everyone's head.

But a scream interrupted her admiration.

She looked over to see my figure soar into the sky, about to zoom above her head—"wwwaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahhh—" And like that I zoomed past her head and out into the high depths of the sky.

"...It seemed like a nice day..."


I soared into the sky.

Piercing though layers upon layers of white clouds.

My body getting more and more moist.

But my head and body became more and more dry.

I was burning, or rather, it felt as if I was burning.

The same sensation I felt yesterday crept back into my spine.

A divine like fury of flame and ice paralyzed my back as I continued my flight up.

I couldn't do anything but close my eyes and let the mix of ice and fire overcome my body.

Letting the angelic feeling envelop me in a motherly hug.

That was until...

I gasped, my eyes wide open.

For white divine flame licked out from them.

My head cleared like never before as the flames died down.

My eyes back to their normal selves.

And my body stopped burning.

The ice and fire gone all the same.

Soon I found that I too stopped.

Stopped in mid air, my divine black and white wings extended out to my side.

I was neither flying nor standing. It felt like as if my wings gave me the ability to resist gravity.

To defy natural law.

It felt great.

I felt...


I looked down to see clouds and land. I could barely see the Hinata-sou for I was way to high.

I looked up to only be greeted by the dark abyss of space.

I could see the endless array of scattered stars and planets.

All of them ever so glittering.

And out of everything right now. I found peace. Serenity almost.

I spread both my wings and arms as far a I can to my side.

I took a breath.

And I plummeted back down to earth.


My body fell.

My wings and arms stood firm besides me.

And I exhaled.

My wings tilted and flapped to level my self out and there I was.

I was flying...actually flying.

I chuckled to myself and started to fly. I felt like a little boy again as I weaved in and out of white moist clouds. I hadn't done this in a while, and I intended to never fly again since that...fateful day. But looking down at the distant ground I knew now that it was impossible. My name's Keitaro, I was born with wings on my back and come from a special family known for some angelic figures. No matter how much I run. No matter how much I hide. These wings of mine will come up and attached themselves onto my back. And right now.

I accepted that.

I flew in a zigzag pattern.

Stretching out my stiff wings.

My stiff black and white wings.

I stopped flying and looked at them. I frowned at the sight of my black wing, but admired the sight of my white wing. Last time I flew it didn't feel very...right. I flew on demonic powers and the sins of mankind was my fuel. It really didn't feel right. But now it was different. Totally different in a very good way.

"Heh heh heh. I can get used to this..."

Something caught my eye in the distant.

I looked over and squinted my eyes.

It was a passenger airplane, I white Learjet to be more precise.

Only one window was open and it was the one just above the wings.

I smiled and flew towards its direction.



On board the Learjet everyone slept. A long days flight would do that to anybody. Men and woman of all ages formed the inside of the dark plane. All of them wearing formal attire. Out of the many slept a little seven year old girl along side her mother. She slept right under the only open window in the airplane with a teddy bear her petite arms.

She stirred in her bed until hey eyes slowly opened.

She cutely rubbed her eyes and yawned a very big yawn.

She hugged the teddy bear closer to her chest.

She then looked out the window and there she gasped.

At the edge of the plane's wing sat an angel. Wings spread out as his feet dangling out from the wing.

She traced the angel's wings with her eyes. Admiring each and every black and white feather.

The angel turned to look at her.

She quickly lifted her stuffed animal in front of her face hid behind it.

A few seconds past.

She peaked out from behind the teddy bear.

There the angel not sat right behind the pane of glass. Smiling at her.

The girl nervously waved at it.

The angel waved back.

"Teehee." The girl cooed. Now getting more used to the fairy tale like creature.

She placed her hand on the glass.

So did the angel.

The girl chuckled some more.

The angel did the same.

"El-Eliza?" the mother said as she started to wake up. "Wh-what are you chuckling about?"

The girl looked back at her mother and nudged her.

"Mommy Mommy! Look its a cute angel. There's a cute angel outside!"

"Huh? Eliza what are you talking about."

The two looked outside.

No one...

"There's no angel out there Eliza. Now go back to sleep."

The girl pouted.

"Yes Mommy."

The mom went back to sleep.

The girl took one final look outside and gasped a final time.

The angel now stood once again on the wing of the plane.

He smiled, waved, and flew up high into the sky.

The girl could only wave back before she went to sleep alongside her mother.

As if nothing happened...


I waved at the girl right when the mom went back to sleep and with a flap of my wings I soared into the sky.

I was now a safe distance away from the Learjet.

It sped off into the sunny horizon and I only looked on.

I flew in place.

I sighed.

My wings were getting tired, my head started to swirl again.

Usually when your standing and your head swirls, your legs fail.

But I was resisting gravity and flying.

So my wings failed on me.

I closed my eyes

And I fell...


I suddenly landed on a puffy white cloud in the sky.

It felt so comfortable, as If I was already in heaven sleeping for all eternity.

A voice next to me.

"I told you not to overexert your self Keitaro."


My eyes popped back open to see a one winged Haruka standing besides me on the cloud.

I quickly sat up.

"What are you doing here?"

"Saving you from a very hard fall."

"B-but you can't fly!.?.!"

"And who's fault is that?"

I winced: "Sorry..."

"I said its Okay. But just because I can't fly doesn't mean I can't fly with the help of clouds."

I laid back on the cloud once again.

Enjoying its soft pillow like surface.

"Heh. Thanks. Now let me get some rest on this thing."

"That's why I'm here..."

She took out a cigarette, lit it and inhaled it.

I weakly looked up at her.

"You know. Angel's don't smoke."

"And Angel's aren't stupid, dim-witted, ronins who can't get into the college either."

I chuckled breathlessly: "Got me there."

--------------End of chapter 3---------------------