Pairings: Xander/Spike Eric/Ash

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy or crow cast but I intend to use them to their full potential but the rest is from my warped mind.

Summery: After 19 years Xander's past is about to be revealed.

Chapter Summery:

Authors Note:

A family that dies together, flies together

Xander was soaked through as the entered the Magic Box, once again Buffy tried to ball Xander out for neglecting his duties when the storm took out the lights.

"Great that's all we need, a black out Giles?" wined Buffy as the others had started to light candles.

"The breakers in the back room but I've not had chance to fix the generator..."

"There's no need the lights will be returned to you soon, well once we've said what is to be said" came another eerie voice one that was familiar to Xander but it wasn't Alex's.

"Who's there?" asked Giles as they were taken by surprise.

A flash of lighting lit the room for a second and the thunder added to the affect as the brief light reviled the source of the voice. Stood at the Magic Box entrance was five strangers four men one woman all dressed similar, black clothing and clown like make up.

"Buffy Summer, called upon by the Powers that Be to protect the mouth of Hell from ever being fully opened and the world destroyed. You have had a great many near misses and have given your life too, but for all the good you do one thing over shadows it all. You are a Slayer like no other your friends work along side you, and as much as you wish not to admit it they have kept you alive longer then any other Slayer.

However, even with this knowledge you use and abuse your friends, treat them with disrespect and leave them to clean up after you. Your friends have proven thier worth more times then you Summer, as a Slayer you are matched by none but as a mortal, there is much to be desired.

For this the Power that Be believe you a threat, to this town, the Hellmouth, your friends and to yourself. Therefore with the Power invested in me by the Powers that Be I relive you of your Slayer powers, your duties here on the Hellmouth and your birthright. You will find a week from now you are a normal woman of your age and with a normal life, the Hellmouth is no longer your worry it is ours.

Though if you must you and your friends are welcome to help us, but from your mistreatment of my son I can say that I don't know if I want it?" said the leader of the Crow's as he looked at Xander while Buffy and others just stared at them.

"Normal?" asked Buffy

"Powers that Be?" asked Giles

"Xander's your son?" Willow asked as the lights came back on and the strangers walked over and sat down.

"Sit and I will explain, we are Crow's nether dead or alive. We were both once, now we are Avenging Angels so to speak, brought to life to serve a purpose before being retuned to the ground once again. Xander was born as my fiancé and I exited this world many years ago. I retuned to take my revenge but I could never take Xander with me, the Crow's have existed since time began so have the Power That Be, they who control the balance of power in the universe.

It's them who call when your numbers up so to speak, my name once was Eric Draven, my companions are Ash, Alex, Sarah, and Jimmy. Each of us died a horrible death, each other us brought back to take our revenge and each of us are doomed to be cursed to do their dirty work until our debt is paid" said Eric with a sigh.

"Don't take this as us taking over child see it as your debt is paid, you now have your life back" said Alex with a freaky smile on his face.

"Ok he's scary" shreeked Willow as she hid behind Giles and Buffy, streching out Alexx gave a manic smile as Jimmy and Sarah stood ether side of him.