S.O.S (Save our son)

Michael, Sam, their mother, Star and Laddie sat out in the sunlight.

It was over,

They where gone,

The nightmare was over.

Or was it?

Meanwhile in Sunnydale something more scary is about to awake.


"Who move the FUCKING COFFIN?"



"SHUT THE FUCK UP" growled Angel as he rolled over, Spike was a bout to get up when suddenly a wave of pain hit him hard causing him to scream.

"Spike" yelled Angel as he leapt naked out of the bed

"Get packing, we're going to Santa Carla" yelled Spike as he rushed to get dressed

"Why what's up?" asked Angel as he panicked

"Something's happed to David" said Spike

With that Angel was up, dressed and out the door. Even in the moonlight and in this emergency Angel and Spike both knew that the hunk of junk that Spike called his car would not make it.

"We're goanna need gas money" said Angel

"That's what the goodie, goodies are for" said Spike as they started the car and took off into the night. It wasn't long till they arrive at Giles's home. The Scooby gang were sat enjoying themselves when suddenly a flustered vampire came bursting in.

"No time to explain,

Me, Angel going to Santa Carla,

Our baby's in trouble,

Need gas money,

Bye" with that spike snagged some cash off the table and took off out the door.

"Spike, Angel?" Buffy said puzzled

"Santa Carla?" said Willow

"Baby?" said Xander

"Trouble?" said Giles

"come on" said Buffy as she stood up and looked at the others. "those two, on their own in a town full of people I don't think so, come on we've got to go after them" said Buffy as the others followed. Xander just got up and followed knowing no one would listen to him anyway.