What was once lost is now found

As David and the others had suspected Marko had arisen and was quite confused. He remembered the cave, the Frog brothers, the stake, the pain, David running off and then David telling him the Frogs fucked up and that he loved him before he fished the job.

So I'm dead? Again? Or would this be for real? If I'm dead then why am I still in Santa Carla? Fuck yeah I forgot, Murder capital of the world of course hell would look like this, well to me hell is life with out David. Ok, Ok am I dead? If so whys it look like Santa Carla? If not then the boardwalk will still be there, which means the Video store will be there, which means Max will be there. Bad Idea, lets see what else, the comic store if I know David and I do he will want revenge, since the comic shop is basically the Frog brothers then David will be there. Ok that's we're I'm heading thought Marko.

Little did Marko realise that he had automatically walked down to the boardwalk and to Max's while he thought.

Oh fuck I'm here, Max's closed? Ok Marko calm down that's not usual, if David's done something wrong Max's always shows up.

BUT it's closed.

Ok Marko get a grip, the comic shop is open and that's we're I was going. Ok I'm dead the frog boys aren't here and their parents aren't stoned. Wait a minute the guy in the corner reading the horror comics, he's an innocent I'm saved I'm not dead. Hell is for the dammed and he defiantly isn't. Though I'm not sure if looking that hot isn't illegal. Fuck where did that come from? Ok I love David but this guy is hot and he looks lost. Wonder if David wants to threesome? Mused Marko in his head unaware that the young man was watching him.

Once Marko had finished mentally reprimanding himself he noticed he was being watched, Marko smiled at the young man.

"Hi, I'm Marko"

"Xander" said the young man

"Sorry just being friendly" said Marko as he went to walk away.

"Hey wait, sorry. I'm just not used to people talking to me, at or over me but never to me. It used to piss me off so they stopped listing to me too" said Xander

"Family and friends?"

"Family…lets see, drunken alcoholic, child abuser for a father as for my mother she doesn't care. As For my friends their the worst culprits" said Xander sadly

"You know, my lover David once said family isn't who you are born to, it's who you feel safe and accepted by" said Marko as he put his arm round Xander's shoulders.

Xander looked shocked and surprised.

"You ok?" asked Marko

"Yeah I don't know why I didn't think you'd have a boyfriend. Look at you, your every gay guys wet dream, young, hot, cute and cool, of course some guy would have picked you up by now" said Xander sadly as he went to leave.

"Hey, don't be sorry, I take that as a complement and for the record David and I have an open relationship. We mess around with the other two boys in the group sometimes. Anyway Davis would love you or more to the point love to watch you with me. What do you say? Do you want to become a part of a family that cares about you?" asked Marko.

"Yeah" said Xander before Marko kissed him.

"Whoa look like our little brothers been busy right David" said Paul

Suddenly there was a gust of wind, and then Marko ended up on his back, on the floor with a very happy David on top of him with his tongue down Marko's throat.

"Wow what a show, Hi I'm Paul and this is my partner Dwayne and that is David" said Paul with a smile

"I'm Xander" said Xander as David looked up

"Nice to meet you brother" said David with a grin before getting up, putting his arm round Xander and them all leaving