Author: Sparta666

Title: Dino Vs Dino Thunder

Pairings: Tommy & Jason Billy & Trini(past) Connor & Trent

Rating: R

Crossovers: MMPR/PR Dino Thunder

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het and Attentive universe, Carictor death, acolhol abuse Self-halming

Series: Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger Series

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Timeline: PR Dino Thunder

Summery: When all hope is lost who do you call? Tommy must face up to his past in order to save his students.

Chapter Summery: Tommy need help and there's only a handful of people he can trust.

Authors Note:

Well guys it's been a while but I'm back, thanks for following my story still, right this story is dedicated to the young woman who played Trini so well all those years ago. I only found out after a friend of mines little boy asked who the in loving memory dedication on the end of on of the Time Force Epps that she had died.

Dino Vs Dino Thunder

Fighting a losing battle

Connor, Ethan and Kira soon figure they were fighting a losing battle as they tried to keep their Megazord in the battle. Trent's had long since hit the floor almost squashing Tommy on the way down. Suddenly it was all over, the consoles blew up before them, the Megazord was going down and the world around them went dark.

Tommy paced back and forth as he watched Haley tended to the three injured rangers.

"What are we going to do Tommy?"

"We'll be fine Haley we always are"

"You sure about that?" asked Ethan as he dragged himself up but failed

"Yeah" agreed the other two without getting up.

"Their right Tommy, the Zords are trashed, these guys aren't getting up anytime soon and Mesogog's monster is still rampaging. Trent is the only active ranger and he won't last much longer" said Haley.

Tommy started to pace again arguing with himself under his breath. He wasn't paying much atenction so he ended up sliping on some water, tommy tried to grab anything but inseded he pulled a stack of paper ontop of himself.

"oh great now I've messed up the lab" fumed Tommy at himself

"what mess I thought the lab was always like that" laughed Kira who was now sat up.

Tommy was about to awnser her when he noiced something in the mess, he bent down an picked it up. It was the old photo of him and the other original rangers. Suddenly Tommy had an idea, getting up Tommy turned to Haley.

"I have an idea, how long can Trent hold out?"

"a day at most why?" asked Halyey

"I'm going to get us some help"


"I can't tel you yet, have you seen a small silver and green watch box?"

"am I your mother? it's in your room" said Haly as Tommy as he took off to his room.

Tommy pushed hard on his door till it was open, then he was met by the problem in his plan


His room was unorganised as his lab, office and anywhere else he was. Tommy started to dig around after about five minute he was ready to give up. He knelt down and looked up at the ceiling

"Ok, If you really exist please show me were it is?" said Tommy

Suddenly the once familiar sound of the communicator came from under his bed.

"Ok that's just freaky" laughed Tommy as he grabbed the communicator to answer it.

"Tommy Oliver"

"Tommy it's Andros, I've been monitoring your situation I saw the last battle. Do you need any help?" asked Andros over the communicator

"Andros you're a god send I need some help but not yet, I have to go somewhere for now, can you keep an eye on the town?"

"Ok Andros out"

With that Tommy used his communicator to teleport out of his room.