Pairings: Tommy & Jason Billy & Trini(past) Connor & Trent

Rating: R

Crossovers: MMPR/PR Dino Thunder

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het and Attentive universe, Character death, alcohol abuse Self-harming

Chapters: 2/?

Summery: When all hope is lost who do you call? Tommy must face up to his past in order to save his students.

Chapter Summery: Kim head to Reefside to help but Tommy still need to talk to the other

Authors Note:

Bad case of the Black & Blues

Tommy check his watch for the millionth time in ten minutes, he'd never felt so nervous before in his life. Kim was back at the command centre preparing to leave with Alpha for Reefside, at least if he didn't have a full team Kim could at least yell at Mesogog. It had scared many an alien and man before.

Tommy lent back against the nearby tree as he continued to watch the house in front of him.

'Fuck I feel like a stalker'

Sighed Tommy to himself, he still didn't feel comfortable after all this time just showing up and asking for help when he's failed to be their for his friends.

"You stand there any longer and I'll have to call the cops" came a playful voice that startled Tommy, looking up off the floor where he'd landed Tommy was taken back to see Zack smiling at him.

Offering his hand Zack pulled Tommy off the ground and into a bone breaking hug.

"Good to see ya man, it's been forever" said Zack as Tommy looked confused.

"We stopped hating you a long time ago my friend, can't sat the same for Jase and Kim though"

"She's already slapped me once, twice actually she's slapped me a few times in the last five hours" laughed Tommy.

"Should I ask? Actually I should and also why are you standing outside our place?" asked Zack as Tommy looked shocked.

"I came back to Town after the funeral and helped put Billy back together but Jase was a different story. Billy and me got close after that and we ended up together" said Zack as he dragged Tommy towards the house as Billy came out.

"Hey look what I found sneaking around, Can I keep him please?" Zack begged Billy like a kid would their mum.

Billy laughed as he threw his jacket at Zack and hugged Tommy.

"His sense of humour has become strange in the last few years, so Tommy what brings your ass back here?" asked Billy as Tommy looked at him.

"Yes a swear I live with him" said Billy as Zack pouted. Tommy laughed and followed them into the house. Sitting down on the couch Billy brought drinks in and sat down with Zack and Tommy.

"So spill now" said Zack with a chuckle.

Tommy spent the next two hours trying to explain why he left and why he'd come back, even where he was when Trini died. After he was finished he felt physically and emotionally exhausted. Tommy stretched the kicks out of his back as Billy and Zack sat there quietly watching him.

"So what your saying is you need our help because the world is going to pot again?" laughed Billy and Zack as Tommy blushed.

"basically yeah, these kids aren't like us. They don't always get on, there's been bad blood between them. They need to pull together and now. Other then that their good kids" said Tommy with pride. Zack turned to Billy and they spoke about something about before Tommy approached him and passed him something.

"This is the last address I have for Jase it's your call man, I never gave you that though" said Zack with a smiled

"Thank you Zack, Billy. Kim's at the command centre with Alpha head there and she'll take you back to Reefside" said Tommy with a grin

"Who said we we're going?" asked Zack playfully

"Like you'd turn this down?" laughed Tommy as Zack shrugged and answered with a guess not.

Tommy said his good byes and left Billy and Zack's home and took off to find the last of the team. Tommy wasn't looking forward to seeing Jason but he knew that Jason at least deserved an explanation.