Back to the past

Captain Logan stood on his balcony at Time force command and stared out over the city. He was so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed the red alert.

"Captain Logan sir, members of H.A.M have escaped and are heading back in time, do you want me to follow?" asked Alex.

"No, go find the others and meet me in the briefing room" said Captain Logan as Alex went to find the other.

Not long later they where all gathered awaiting Capitan Logan.

"Right as you know 4 members of H.A.M (Humans Against Mutants) escaped from the high security prison moments ago. We think they have headed back to the year 2004. We think they are looking for this man" said Capitan Logan as he hand out a file.

"This is Professor Charles Xavier, head teacher of Xavier's school for the gifted. It was a school for mutants, it was the first and last hope for mutant kids of the 21st century. More importantly he paved the way for mutants of our time. We think they've gone back to assonate him. That's why I'm sending you back, when you arrive contact the Quantum ranger and the red time force ranger. Once you have contacted them you will need to get hold of the other red ranger you will need there help. Alex you will need to stay here"

"Why?" asked Jen

"He needed here now come on we must stop them before they change the future" said Captain Logan

Jen, Trip, Katy and Lucas headed to the time ship and back to the year 2004.

Back in 2004 in the silver hills it was deep into the night. Wes lay safely wrapped up in Eric's arms where he belonged. Suddenly the beeping of the morpher woke them.

"Wes, turn it off" moaned Eric as he buried his head under his pillow.

"It's the time force communications kit" said Wes as he grabbed the case from under the bed. Eric was up in a flash and semi-dressed.

"Wes and Eric here" said Wes as the screen came into focus

"Rangers, I'm sending Jen and the others back, Captain Logan has a special mission. He needs for you to assemble the other red rangers and meet the others" said Alex

With that the screen went blank and Wes looked at Eric

"All the red rangers? Haven't we been here before?" asked Eric

"All I want to know is how at 2.00 am in the morning are we supposed to rally all the red rangers, some of whom don't live on earth, find somewhere for us to meet, tell them about Time Force without them freaking when we don't even know what the mission is." sighed Wes as he and Eric relutenly started their task.