Something in the sky

The sun was setting and the sky was calm, that was till three thundering machines tore up the sky in a game of high speed tag.

"Ghost writer this is voodoo one we're at target sight commencing exercise. Hey Mav catch us if you can?" laughed Slider

"Yeah yeah laugh it up, Hollywood, Wolfman follow our lead"

"Roger that Mav, Hollywood out"

The three machines tore the sky up as they clamed it as their own. This was their home, their freedom away from the world. Their sanctuary were they where king that was till a blinding flash of light tore through the sky blinding the pilots. As they struggled to control their crafts a large pyramid shaped object fell out of the sky.

"Christ is that me or was that a pyramid?" screamed Slider over the radio

"No, it was a pyramid" yelled Wolfman

"What the fuck is it doing there? This might be crazy but was that a UFO?"

"Yeah Slider I think it was"

"Sorry Wolfman, wood but you two are crazy Mav what do you think?"

"I'm taking Woods side"

"Ghost writer this is voodoo one, fuck knows what we've just seen but we're heading home" yelled Iceman as they all flew back to base. Three days later the five men were sat in the cafeteria when Jester and Viper entered the room with four others.

"Maverick, Iceman, Slider, Wolfman, Hollywood my office now" yelled Viper

Dragging themselves up they headed to Vipers office. Iceman knocked on the door before they entered the office. Sat at the front of the room was a grey haired man beside him was a blonde haired man and woman and on his other side was a coloured man.

"Maverick, Iceman, Slider, Wolfman, Hollywood this is Colonel O'Neil, Dr Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Murray of the US Air force. They would like to talk to you" said Viper.

"Thank you Commander Metcalf, could you please leave us. I'd like to talk to them alone?" said Jack as he saluted and got off the desk. Viper and Jester saluted and left the room.

"Right, I won't lie to you three days ago you saw something you can't explain. Yes there will be a cover up and no you won't be told what it was unless…." said Jack

"Unless what?" asked Slider

"Unless you are willing to come with us and keep an open mind"

"What about Merlin? He was there too?" asked Maverick

"He's already admitted that nothing happened. So are you willing to come with us and change your lives or wait till the sea sickness kills you first?"

Maverick, Iceman, Slider, Wolfman, and Hollywood looked at each other before agreeing. The next thing they knew they were on a helicopter unaware of where they were going.