Title: To be a Father

Author: LdyKiya

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: SS/JP, RL/SB,

Summary: No this isn't a Mpreg even though both James and Sev are Harry's parents.

Archive: Beyond Canon, FFN & my site

Rating: PG-13

Parts: 9?

Status: WIP

Series/Sequel: Nope

Disclaimer: I don't own anything… Mean that literally, I do.

Authors notes & Warnings: OOC! Dursley's (well maybe not to OoC but you will see what I mean)

Merlyn: I dunno about you but I call my Father 'Daddy'. I call my mother 'Ma' and when I was little I called her Mama. I never grew out of that and never really called her mom or mother. So since the Egg was 2/3's Sev's I assigned him the female roll in Harry's birth and used the masculine version of the name I myself used for my mother. Hope that answers your question.

Chapter 9: Signatures and Shoes

Severus appeared with a snap inside the entry way of #4 Privet drive.

Petunia, who was taking a snack to her son, was startled by the noise but anger at the intrusion into her home quickly took over.

'How dare you just enter my home in such a manner?" She shrieked.

"I could have apparated onto your front porch if you preferred." Severus replied archly

Petunia sputtered for a moment before gathering herself.

"Fine go, get the boy and leave." She sniffed at him before attempting to continue on to the living room.

Severus reached out and caught his son's aunt by her upper arm. "We have business to discuss. I told you I would be bringing you papers to sign." Severus informed her.

"I am not signing anything you have!" Petunia glared at her captor.

Severus released her arm before replying "Very well than I shall simply arrange for Harry's teachers to come here and tutor him."

"Here! In MY house? I don't think so. I will not have such unnaturalness in my home!" Petunia shouted.

"Well then it's rather a simple matter of signing these papers and Harry can attend school with his own kind."

"And just how will he get there? If you think I will drive him you are sorely mistaken."

"There is a young mother who lives three blocks over. Her son, Mark, is a year older than Harry and will be attending the same school. Mrs. Evans has kindly agreed to pick up and drop off Harry. I will of course pick him up on the Fridays that proceed my weekends."

"And when the boy causes trouble exactly how are we to handle that if we can not punish him and you do not come to get him?" Petunia questioned.

"I will be bringing Harry back on Sundays around eight o'clock in the evening. If you need to discus something concerning my son you can do so at that time."

Severus responded calmly as he held out the papers that would allow Harry to attend school at Merlin's Institute. Lucius had managed to not only get his son into the prestigious school but also into Draco's class. Severus hoped that the boys would hit it off and become best friends as he and Lucius had.


Harry sat as patiently as possible on his bed, an open but as of yet unread book in his lap while he waiting for his Papa to come and get him. Mipsy had told him that today was Friday and that his Papa would come for him this afternoon when she had delivered the wonderful breakfast.

The last two days had been a wonder to Harry as Mipsy came several times a day with meals. Breakfast today was bangers and mash and a large glass of milk and he could have two if he wanted! The best part was that there was enough to fill him to full. Not like when he ate his meals with his Aunt and Uncle. Then it was only one slice of toast and any of the scraps that his family might have left on their plates.

Mipsy also brought things for him to do when she brought his meals. This morning it was a wonderful book with moving pictures. Harry just knew that it would be like the one he had been given the day before if he could just concentrate on the book the words would read themselves out loud as he traced his finger under them. The only thing he'd gotten that he liked more than the reading books were the letter books and crayons. As he colored in the pictures and letter on a page everything with come alive with movement and the Letter would announce itself and what sounds it made in different words. Harry practiced very carefully to recite each letter just as it instructed him.

Harry sighed and fidgeted slightly, while he enjoyed the books and the breakfast that Mipsy brought him, Harry was too excited to read and wanted only for his Papa to come and see him. Harry placed his book onto the bed beside him and stood. Surly it wouldn't hurt to peak and see if his Papa were here yet.

Harry made his way over to the door and opened it, peaking out. A delighted grin crossed his face as he saw his Papa coming up the stairs. Harry threw the door open and called out to his Papa. When he reached the tall man he threw himself into his papa's arms with a delighted giggle as the older man swung him up into his arms.

"Well I do believe I've found myself a giggling Harry-Bean." Severus teased his son as he flipped him upside down.

Harry giggled all the more and grabbed at the knees of his fathers pants to steady himself as his shirt slid exposing his belly to cool hallway air.

"Up Papa, up!" Harry squealed with laughter.

Severus chuckled lightly as he tipped his son upwards and shifted Harry to his hip as he walked into his son's room.

"Did you like the books and activities I sent with Mipsy?" Severus asked his son as he set the boy on the bed and glanced around the room for his son's new sneakers.

"Yes Papa. I really like the letters book." Harry bit his lip as he watched his Papa pick up his new shoes.

"What is it Harry?" Severus asked slightly taken back by the nervous look on his sons face.

"Papa?" Harry looked down at the pattern his little hand was making on the duvet of his bed.

"Yes Harry?" Severus knelt in front of his son attempting to get his son to look at him.

"Papa can I go to school and learn my letters like Dudley does?"

"Oh Harry, of course you can. As a matter of fact you'll be going to school just this coming Monday. Mrs. Evans from the street over will pick you up and take you. But it won't be at all like Dudley's school." Severus told his son as he began placing the small shoes on his son's feet.

"It won't?" Harry questioned as he wiggled his toes to help get the shoes on.

"Not at all; you, my young man, will be going to a magical school called Merlin's Institute for magical youngsters" Severus said as he tied the last tennis shoe and then looked up at his son.

Harry mouth had shaped it into a perfect little 'O' of awe. The potion master gave a smile as he swung his son back into his arms and disappeared from the smallest bedroom of No. 4 Privet Drive only minutes before Sherman and his team popped into the room to change the closet into Harry's new bathroom.