Tales of Symphonia: A New Threat to the New World

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It has been exactly two years after Mithos, the leader of Cruxis, was defeated and Lloyd and the others had gone their separate ways. Genis and Raine traveled the newly intertwined worlds trying to stop the discrimination against half-elves, Presea and Regal returned to Altimira to run the Lerenzo Corp. Sheena had returned to Mihizo to become the village's new leader. Zelos, well Zelos, went back to Meltokio to return to flirting with the glamorous beauties. As for Lloyd and Colette, they went traveling around the world searching for any Ex-Spheres so that no one may use them for evil ever again.

Chapter 1: The Silver-Winged Angel

Lloyd and Colette were riding Noishe, in a nearby forest close to Isellia. It had been two long years since they were last at their hometown. Lloyd and Colette hadn't really changed much except that they were older and little bit taller. Colette was smiling, as the two made their way through the forest.

"I can't wait to see everyone again! Can you Lloyd?" Cheerfully asked Colette.

"It'll be great to see dad again." Replied Lloyd, "Oh, yeah that reminds me, I got a letter while we were in Triet. Genis and Professor Sage would be meeting us in Isellia."

Just as Colette was giggling, Noishe suddenly stopped and took a few steps backwards, as if something horrible was on its way.

"What's wrong Noishe?" Asked Lloyd as he and Colette jumped off the creature.

Just then, in silver blur, a mysterious figure appears in front of Lloyd and Colette. The young figure had spike silver hair with a black headband and was wearing a black and silver over coat that looked to be two sizes longer then that of the mysterious youth's legs. The thing that got Lloyd's and Colette's attention was that the youth had silver wings similar to that of Mithos'.

"I'm afraid that I can let you pass," Said the winged youth.

Lloyd drew his swords from their sheathes.

"Look, he has wings just me." Said Colette as she pointed towards the wings.

"Then he must've been with Cruxis!" Replied Lloyd as he extended his sword.

"Don't associate me with that ancient organization. You wouldn't happen to be Lloyd Irving, would you?" Asked the winged youth.

"Give me your name and I shall give you mine." Said Lloyd as he lowered his swords.

"That brought back some memories." Replied Colette.

"So you must be Lloyd, he's the only one to say that cheesy line." Snickered the winged youth.

"It's not cheesy!" Yelled Lloyd.

"Well, I suppose that giving you my name would seem to please you, then here. My name is Zeek." Said Zeek.

"What do you want with us?" Asked Lloyd.

"I require those Ex-Spheres of yours." Replied Zeek as he started to approach the two, "They are crucial to my master's plan."

"We can't just give you these after all the time it took to gather them." Answered Colette.

"Look, I'd rather not shed any blood when there is a peaceful way to things." Explained Zeek as Lloyd raised his swords, "But, if you don't comply then I will have to resort with force!"

Then Zeek pulled out a strange dagger from the back of his belt and got in a fighting that looked somewhat familiar to Lloyd. Just as Lloyd and Zeek were charging at one another, Lloyd suddenly was lifted into the air by what looked to be a mechanical hand. Zeek stopped as soon as he saw his foe dangling from his leg, and then a second mechanical hand appeared from nowhere and grabbed a medium sized bag that was attached to Lloyd's belt. Just then the hand let go of Lloyd and he fell straight to the ground on his face, as he was dusting himself off and Colette helping him up, a second mysterious person appeared from behind the bushes. In the mysterious man's hand was the stolen bag; he tossed it up and down as he grinned a very peculiar smile. He wore a coat that was like Zeek's, except that it was all black, he had gray hair with brown highlights and wore something that looked to be part of a pair of sunglasses only it was on his right side of his face and covered his right eye.

"Tech!" Yelled Zeek, "What are you doing here?"

"You were taking too long to retrieve the Ex-Spheres, so the master sent me to do it." Replied Tech. "Thanks for locating them for me."

"Give those back this instant!" Yelled Lloyd as he got to his feet.

"Wait a minute! These two have Ex-Spheres on them. Processing." Said Tech as his right eye began to glow red, "The Ex-Spheres are evolved versions! The master will be so pleased with me!"

"I think you're forgetting something here." Said Zeek as he was approaching Tech, "This is my mission and I'll take the ex-spheres."

Just then Zeek sudden disappears and everyone including Tech was looking to see where he was. Then suddenly Zeek reappears behind Tech and grabs the sack of ex-spheres.

" Show some respect to your elders!" Said Tech as he braced him self.

"You're old news, you geezer!" Yelled Zeek.

Zeek then grabs Tech's left arm and throws him into a tree. The tree then is split in two as soon as Tech hits the tree.

"It was a pleasure meeting you all but I must be going now." Said Zeek as his wings appeared.

As Zeek started to rise in the air, Lloyd starts to charge at him. But it was too late, Zeek saw what Lloyd was doing and suddenly, a silver light sparked from his right hand.

"Spirit Cannon!" Yelled Zeek as the sparks formed light.

The silver light blasted Lloyd back to the ground, Zeek took the opportunity to get away. But as fate would have it, many fireballs came from nowhere and blasted Zeek in the back sending him as well to hit the ground and drop the ex-spheres.

"Look Lloyd! It's Genis and Professor Sage." Said Colette.

As Lloyd got up from the ground, the two silver haired half-elves walked from behind Colette.

"Gee, Lloyd. You still make rash decisions." Said Genis.

"Good to see you too." Sarcastically replied Lloyd.

Suddenly a mechanical hand grabs the bag with the ex-spheres in it. Everyone looks to see where the hand is going, the hand reconnects with the it's owner, Tech.

"I can't believe you people left me out." Said Tech as he pretended to cry, "Oh well I suppose these ex-spheres will count to your apology. Goodbye."

"You're not going anywhere." Yelled Lloyd as he was charging at Tech.

As Lloyd began to run towards Tech with his swords out, Tech just smiles. Just as Lloyd is about to stab Tech, Tech raises the arm that didn't hold the ex-spheres and allows that arm to be pierced by Lloyd's sword. Lloyd looked shocked to see that Tech just smiled that his arm was just stabbed.

"You're out of your league," Said Tech as he kicked Lloyd in the stomach flying back towards the ground. "Well I must be going."

Tech suddenly disappeared in black smoke when the smoke clears, there is nothing there. Genis and Colette were keeping Lloyd to the ground while Raine was healing Lloyd.

"Well, this isn't how I planned on seeing you again," Said Raine as she finished her healing technique.

"What about him," Asked Colette as she pointed to Zeek.

"We should probably take him with us," Suggested Genis as Lloyd stood up, "He might be able to tell us about this new enemy."

"Alright, let's head to Isellia," Said Lloyd. Noishe had returned and Lloyd threw Zeek on the creature's back.

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