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Chapter 47: Final Paradise Part 3


Raising the statue's face to his own, the man's grip tightened causing cracks to appear in the stone. "That was also thanks to you my brother, Exodus. When those fools face off against Chaos and Mithos…both whom have been embed with negative energy…a.k.a. Dark Spirits, it'll be enough to fuel the machine…no matter what the outcome."

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"I-hate-stairs!" Zelos groaned.

"Knock it off Zelos," Sheena warned. "Or I'll knock your block off!"

"That's it! I'm going back!" Zelos shouted as he began to turn the other way.

"If you do, you'll be going down all the stairs you came up on," Colette pointed out as Zelos turned around once more and climbed the stairs grumbling curse words.

After a few more minutes of silent walking up the stairs, a large door appeared before them. The door had dark angel statues around it, the door itself was decorated with black paint and blood red jewels.

No one knew it at the time, but they were all thinking the same thing. "Wonder who's behind door number three?"

The entire group began to push the doors to the next room, and as the doors began to slide open… creaking slightly before the group and the light that had temporarily blinded them disappeared into nothing by tiny specs of light.

"Freaky…" Genis commented as the group slowly walked into the room, each of them with their weapons ready for combat.

The room they entered resembled ancient ruins that were coated with black jewels and exotic cloths among the multiple pillars. The entire floor was coated with a lovely crimson carpet with multiple designs resembling dark demonic wings. At the sight of room's furnishings, Lloyd only had one thing to say. "…Someone has unique taste…"


The entire group froze in their steps at the weird voice, and then they all had their backs to each other forming a small circle.

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" Sheena growled as a mass of dark energy began to form in front of the group.

"Darkness…the beginning of everything…

"Planets…stars…even life comes from darkness…

"Darkness is absolute, to have the power of darkness…is to have the power of absolute!"

The dark energy swelled in front of the group before a familiar dark form appeared from it, his face showing a toothy grin. "Darkness goes together hand to hand with me…Chaos… as a man of action and power, I'll do anything for power!"

"For a man of action…" Zelos stated as Chaos raised an eyebrow. "You sure do like to talk a lot."

At the sound of the comment, Chaos just snickered to himself silently. "True…I have indulged you all with my strong words…however, I shall postpone your demise for too much longer…"

"Why? Are you going to bore us to death with your life story?" Regal asked as Chaos's eyes widened.

Rubbing his chin thoroughly, Chaos just smirked. "Actually its not that interesting…I was born in darkness and raised in darkness. That's that in a nutshell."

Everyone was a little quiet about the fact that this was a villain that didn't want to gloat about his past. Somewhat of a relief.

Chaos's hands began to glow a dark light as a dark look appeared on his face. "And since I just spared the readers and you that long explanation…I can get right down to destroying you all! Oscuro Rapid Fire!"

The group jumped out of the way at the last second before multiple orbs of darkness flew out of Chaos's hands towards them. Through out the room, the group scattered as to avoid Chaos's attacks.

Powering down his hands, Chaos sighed loudly into the air as he walked forward a few steps. "Oh come on people! Do we really have to go to the trouble of me looking for you fools?"

After a few minutes of silence, dark energy began to flow back into Chaos's hands. "I guess we'll have to do this old thing once more!"

Two tentacles of darkness emerged from the darkness on Chaos's hands. Then laughing like a madman, Chaos whipped the tentacles into the multiple pillars, smashing as if they were nothing big. "So it's fine by me! More destruction for me!"

-Thirty Minutes Later-

"O-okay…getting tired now," Chaos gasped as the last of the pillars fell to the ground causing a large amount of debris and dirt to fly into the air.

Sweat poured down Chaos's face and onto the shoulder's of his clothes. "Well…at least I've taken out those nuisances."

Looking at all of the destruction that surrounded him, Chaos sweat dropped at the sight of his room. "Damn it…and I got the room looking like the way I wanted it to look right. Oh well, I'll just bill Exodus to get it repaired."

That's when multiple footsteps echoed through out the room, and Chaos turned his head just in time to receive a powerful kick to his jaw. 'What the hell?'

As Chaos flew backwards, he moved his head slightly to see Regal landing on the ground where Chaos once stood. But Chaos's pain wasn't over yet…

From behind Chaos appeared Lloyd who immediately used both of his swords to slash Chaos higher into the air.

Then Chaos opened his eyes just in time to see Sheena, Zelos and Presea falling towards him with all three of their weapons ready.

The hard slap of cards and the powerful slam of metal into Chaos's stomach sent him immediately into the ground with a large cloud of smoke forming around him. When the smoke began to clear, Chaos stood up holding onto his head.




The two light attacks and the multiple orbs of fire crashed directly into Chaos sending him skidding backwards into the remains of the pillars causing even more debris flying into the air.

When the debris fell to the ground, Chaos looked up to see the eight people who had just given him a royal schooling in pain. His right eye was swollen up while his dark blood flowed from his back, coughing up some black blood from his mouth; Chaos managed to sputter a single question. "H-ho-how?"

Raine stepped forward a foot and poked her staff into the ground. "Simple, while you were busy destroying those pillars, we managed to sneak out the doors and wait till the time was right."

"D-damn it all," Chaos groaned lowering his head.

"Are you going to stop?" Colette asked as Chaos stumbled to his feet.

"H-hell no!" Chaos coughed barely able to keep a steady footing.

Before Chaos could take another step, a large orb of light engulfed his entire body causing him to scream loudly into the air. The group covered their eyes due to the illumination, however, when they lowered their arms, all that was in Chaos's place was a small crater.

"Chaos…was fool hardy…"

The entire group turned their heads to see the partially crystallized Mithos floating above them with his hand faintly glowing with a white light.

"Mithos…" Lloyd growled as Mithos began to float to the ground.

"Now that Exodus is no more…" Mithos chuckled to himself landing onto the ground. "I need not follow his foolish rules of honor."

"Wait a minute… Exodus is no more?" Presea quoted as Mithos smirked. "What in the world do you mean by that?"

"Allow me to rephrase," Mithos offered as he charged up a few small lights in his fingertips. "I don't follow the orders of a dead man!"

"How the hell could that Exodus jerk die?" Genis asked as Mithos raised his hands towards his opponents.

"He didn't really have the right to order a more superior being like me around," Mithos commented closing his eyes. "I am perfect after all."

"If you were so perfect then how come we kicked your ass?" Zelos asked as steam shot out of Mithos's head.

The rest of the group sighed and slapped their foreheads in disgust. "Zelos!"

"You doubt my power?" Mithos asked narrowing his eyes. "Sure…my old body was imperfect…

"However with this new power I'll be able to defeat anyone who gets in my way…I will never age, never get sick, never hunger, and never sleep any more…anyone who gets in my way will be crushed!

"And guess who I'm starting with?"

The group just glared at Mithos, before Genis stepped forward. "Do you really think without Exodus, your new body will last long?"

"Why don't you ask him when I send you all straight to death's judgement!" Mithos shouted before firing the multiple lights on his fingers towards the group.

The large explosions rocked the entire room and Mithos smiled a wicked smile. "That was easy…"

/-/-/ -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

"Foolish Mithos…"

From the glowing screen that appeared in Exodus's room, the daunting person scowled at the scene of Mithos launching the attack. As the daunting person shook his head, his wavy purple hair flew in front of his eyes. "You don't seem to realize that you're just my pawn…"

Adjusting his ragged red clothes, the daunting man turned towards the powered up machine and smiled at it. "However…as a pawn, you're the ideal of pawns."

"Just keep doing what you think is revenge…"

/--/-/ -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

"You've all grown soft in the past two years," Mithos scoffed as the smoke began to rise up.

All of a sudden, a red blur flew from the smoke and crashed directly into Mithos sending him flying into air along with the red blur. "WHAT!"

The red blur was actually Lloyd with his large glowing green eagle wings out, his swords crossed on Mithos's chest glowing with a bright light. "Mithos! We're ending this right here right now!"

With a powerful energy, Mithos pushed Lloyd back into the air and forced his wings to appear. "Very well, you human scum…I'll show you how the ultimate life form cannot lose to a pathetic human!"

From the smoke the rest of the group watched as the two mighty warriors charged towards each other preparing their attacks.

"Come on Lloyd! Make this guy stay dead!" Zelos cheered as everyone looked at him. "Come on…you're all thinking it!"

/--/-/ -/-/--/-/-/-/-/-

The daunting man just snickered to himself as he sat down in Exodus's throne and opened the secret drink container. "Nice one…I know I am…

"Once that foolish Mithos is dead…then the plan will finally be unleashed!"

The man's laughter echoed through the entire room, quieting for a few seconds before a loud sigh filled the room. "Man! That is good Orange Soda!"