Okay, been reading a lot of fanfics that have the gundam characters getting turned into babies or little kids. Well, I thought it would be funny if for once Duo had to be the responsible one. Hence, the story.

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"Duo!" came the shout of four angry gundam pilots. "What have you done?" Quatre asked the American pilot as he looked around the vacation house the five boys were currently sharing. It was a mess. There were plates that still have some food on them all around the room,magazines, comic books, and everything else Duo had entertained himself with were scattered over the remainder of the room. "Sorry, guys, I got a little bored while you were out," apologized the now sleepy Duo, " Don't worry. I'll clean it up soon," he said then passed out on the couch.
"Baka! Clean it up now!" Wufei screamed trying to shake him awake.
"Don't bother. There is nothing that can wake him up now," Heero remarked from the corner of the room.He knew from experience. His lover was definitely one heavy sleeper.
"But we have to get this cleaned up before tonight. Trina's coming any day now, and she always arrives early in the morning. I can't have her see the place like this!" exclaimed a shocked Quatre.
"Looks like we'll have to clean it up for him," Trowa said.
"Augh! I hate cleaning! That's what an onna is for." ( if you don't know who said that you are crazy)
The four pilots managed to put everything back to the way it was after five hours of cleaning. They were then exhausted and all went to bed leaving Duo asleep on the couch. Little did they know Duo would be getting paid back the next day.

While Duo was sleeping he began to have a dream, but this time it was about neither Heero, his gundam, or a bunch of food. This is his dream.

Duo looked around the room he was in. "Hey this is my old room in the Maxwell church." he thought to himself then sat on the bed. "How did I get here?"
"Well, I needed to talk to you, so I brought you here," a voice remarked answering his question. Duo looked up.
"Sister Helen? Is that really you?"
"Yes, Duo it is. I have something really important I need to discuss with you."
"What?" "I've noticed that you've become one of the most irresponsible people on the planet or in the colonies," she started,
" Because of this I have decided to teach you responsibility. When you wake up in the morning, you will see that I have done something to your friends. Nothing dangerous," she assured him when she saw his worried expression. " But you will have to take care of them. They will remain that way until I think you have learned to be more responsible. Is that a deal?"

" I guess so. " ." "Hm. For your friends' sakes I hope you learn quickly."

to be continued.
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