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Duo, who was relieved to have finally found the right medicine, and Heero, who had woken back up, had finally made it back to the mansion, where all the two wanted to do was get some sleep.

Unfortunately, when they got there they discovered that there was no way anyone was going to get any sleep.

Opening the door, Duo was greeted by the sounds of squealing ( from the chibis), cursing (from Zechs), and crashing (from both of the aforementioned) The braided pilot sighed and decided to temporarily ignore the chaos, so he could take care of his koi first.

He laid Heero in the queen-sized bed in what was considered "their" room at Quatre's and covered him with a baby blanket he had found in the nursery. Carefully reading the instructions and warnings on the baby medicine , then rereading them to double check that he completely understood them, he measured out the medicine for Hee-chan.

Heero, however, really didn't feel like taking the nasty "cherry" flavored medicine. 1. After begging, pleading, and bribing the toddler for half an hour, Duo managed to convince him to take the medicine. (Only after he had had to take some first to prove to him how "tasty" it was.)2.

Sitting on the bed next to the sick child, he gently stroked the always disarrayed brown bangs back hoping what he was doing was soothing to the younger boy. He knew that when Heero was his normal self, he loved to have Duo pet him.

Duo remembered back to when he and Heero had first admitted their feelings for each other. Shortly after the Mariemaia incident, they had decided to get an apartment together. Neither one of them had anyone that they wanted to live with. (Regardless of what Relena thought) But they both knew they didn't want to live alone any longer. As the weeks passed they got closer and closer until one night, when they were having their usual 'movie night', Duo had finally gotten the courage to kiss the smaller boy. He had been slightly surprised and extremely happy when instead of killing him, Heero had returned the kiss.

From then on they had been a couple. The other pilots and Hilde had been so happy for them. Some even telling them that "it was about time". In fact, the only person who hadn't taken it so well had been Relena, but shortly after she realized that her chance with Heero was gone, she had met Haru, her now fiancé.

As Duo thought through everything that had happened the past year, the medicine began to kick in, and Heero fell asleep. Duo quietly eased out of the room making sure to leave the door open behind him, so he could hear if the younger boy needed him.

Suddenly, a crash sounded from a different room, Duo hurried to see what kind of trouble Zechs had gotten himself into.

When he got to the living room he found that Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre had somehow managed to tie Zechs to a chair and gag him. The crash had been Zechs attempting to escape from the chair only to end up tipping himself over.

"Wow! How did this happen?" Duo asked as he hurried to untie Zechs and try not to burst out laughing at the same time.

Once Zechs was free, the oldest pilot began to chase the chibis around the room.

"I'm going to get you brats! You evil little monsters! I'll teach you to pull that kind of with me and think you can get away with it!"

"Zechs!" Duo shouted in disbelief.

"What?" Zechs looked over to the braided pilot confused.

"Don't use that language around the babies!" Duo admonished.

Seeing that Zechs was getting yelled out, the chibis decided they would get him in even more trouble. The three looked at each other, all grinning evily before they simutaneously began crying as loud as they could.

"Now look what you've done!"Duo scolded. " You've made them cry." He picked up the three ,while glaring at the older pilot, and carried them to the playroom.

Zechs just stood there stunned as the three looked over Duo's shoulders to grin mischieviously at him. That was when Zechs became really worried.

1. It doesn't ever really taste like cherry! Never!

2. I've seen so many parents that had to do that either with medicines or baby food. It's hilarious to see them tell the baby how good it is, then after they taste it have to force themselves not to make a face when they discover just how nasty it is.

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