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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
" 'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door;
Only this, and nothing more."

-The Raven, By Edgar Allan Poe

The thunder felt like a huge drum-hand upon her head while the rain lashed against the window, as if trying with all its might to break it down. The usually pleasant night air had become malevolent and dangerous with one of Jump City's many annual storms roaring with all its fury. Unfortunately, this storm had not been predicted to begin until the next night, so Raven hadn't had the time she needed to get a spell ready to guard the tower against all the noise and movement.

The thin girl turned over in her bed, trying to adjust her braid so that it wasn't pulling on one section of her head so much. She still wasn't use to it being this long, and would have cut it back to its original length a long time ago if not everyone in the Teen Tower dog-pilled on her until she swore to keep it. What was the point though? It was just going to get in her way, like it was now. Well, she had to admit, she liked the way it looked, and it was probably the fact that two certain someones liked it that had saved it from the dreaded scissors more than anything else.

Raven laid there, heaving a sigh. It was no good, there was no way she'd be able to get any sleep until the storm had passed. Which probably wouldn't be for another few hours, and it was likely that Robin would want to go out on a patrol afterwards to help with damages and such in the morning. Thereby insuring she was going to be a little grumpy in the morning, seeing as how sleep is required prior to most daily activities.

Raven frowned at her curtains, which weren't doing very well in keeping the flashes of lightening from illuminating her room in annoying blinks. She made a mental note to do something about the light seepage before the next storm at least. She turned around so she would at least not have to watch them, and suddenly discovered that she was not the sole occupant of the bed.

Before she could react, a pair of inhumanly powerful arms had her in their caressing embrace and soft yet passionate lips were being pressed to hers.

After getting over the initial shock, Raven slipped her arms around the owner's neck and hugged him closer, kissing him back. Though she wasn't exactly in the right mood for another of Malchior's nighttime visits, maybe just a few minutes wouldn't hurt.

After a little while, though, the two broke apart. Raven sighed as the dark dragon nuzzled her neck affectionately. "Malchior, this isn't exactly the time…" She began after a moment.

"Of course it isn't. It's too late, you're too tired, the storm is destroying the mood, and I have, once again, invaded your privacy without permission, for which I shall be punished accordingly." He said while planting soft kisses along her jawbone. "Come now, Love. You need to learn how to relax a little." He said, massaging her shoulders

"And you need to learn what the word 'stop' means." She said, now pushing against his chest to keep him from going any farther.

"Oh, I know what it means, I just ignore it." He said. He then rolled them over so that he was now on top of her.

"Malchior." She grumbled as he started kissing her collar, pulling her sleeves down a little so he could expose her shoulders better.

"Yes?" He asked in a seductive tone of voice.

"Stop." She told him flatly.

"Hnhnhn, as you wish, Love." He said, letting her sleeves slide back over her shoulders. He then sat up on her bed and helped her get up as well. "So, anything been bothering you lately?" He asked.

Raven raised an eyebrow at him, "What?"

"Well, the storm might be helping a little more tonight, but lately you haven't been getting much sleep." He said.

"Hmm, wonder why." She replied.

"Yes, very funny, but I'm being serious. If anything these little visits should be helping you get to sleep, or they would be if you would just relax and enjoy it." He informed. He then slipped around behind her so that he could start massaging her shoulders.

She tried to shrug him off, "Will you stop it?" She asked.

"Will you relax? You're far too tense, it isn't healthy." He said, pulling her back into a more convenient position so that he could continue. "I'm only trying to help." He whispered in her ear.

Raven sighed in defeat and just let him. It really didn't feel all that bad, and maybe he was right, she just needed to relax.

"So, mind telling me what's been troubling you?" He asked, kissing her cheek from behind.

Again she heaved a sigh, but this one was deep and thoughtful. "I've been…having dreams…" She confessed finally.

"What sort of dreams? Nightmares?" He questioned.

"Yes, and no. Some are nightmares, others…I don't know. I don't remember them very much, just a few bits and pieces. I've actually started having them a lot earlier I think, but it's only been recent that I've remembered more about them than just a white shirt." She said.

"A white shirt?" Malchior asked in confusion.

"Actually, I think it's a dress." She answered, trying to remember.

"Don't think too hard about it, things come easier when you let them flow into your mind. Relax. You haven't been meditating much lately, maybe that's one of your problems. You're still not use to this change. But can you remember anything else from these dreams?" He asked, saying this while planting kisses on her neck.


"Just relax," He whispered, pulling her onto his lap and holding her closely from behind.

What can it hurt? She thought. She gave a reluctant sigh, but let her body melt into his embrace. She closed her eyes and let her mind empty out. Malchior held her securely to his form with one arm while the other explored and caressed her body, though, thankfully, avoiding her breasts. He continued to kiss her neck tenderly and lovingly while waiting for her answer, "A woman," She said finally, "a woman in dark emerald clothing, for some reason I hate her." She told him.

"See? Anything else?" He asked.

"Um…yes…something…anger, I think, a lot of anger. But I can't remember why or whose it was." She answered.

"Mmm, so, these dreams, do they feel real in some way?" He asked.

"No, they feel…like dreams, only…different somehow. It's like they all have a common thread." She answered, trying to think.

"Have they been leaving you feeling tired, or are you just reluctant to sleep so you can avoid them?" He asked.

"I'd rather not have them at all." She answered.

"You should try analyzing them, they could be important, especially now that you are more powerful than you were, such dreams are sometimes prophetic, or are telling you something very important. Try to figure out their meaning before it's too late." He suggested.

She sighed, "But…I just don't…I don't really like them."

"I can certainly understand that, but take it from someone whose had experience, ignoring them is not a good idea. Dreams are sometimes the mind's way of releasing a buildup of information, but other times when you dream you can be taken to a plain outside of time and space. What you see could be the future, the past, or a warning. You're at the level now where your mind is most likely to reach this plain by itself. Ignoring these dreams, or trying to avoid them, you will in turn continue upon a treacherous path that could be avoided. This woman you hate in your dreams, is there anything else you can remember about her?" He asked.

"Only that an extreme loathing is always associated with her appearance. I think she has very long dark hair, though, but that's about all I can remember." She sighed.

"Hm, I see. Next time when you wake up from these dreams, take some paper and write down anything you remember from them before it fades away." He said. Malchior gave her a tight squeeze and then set her back down on her bed. He laid her down and then pulled the covers up over her as if she were a child. "But try to sleep, these dreams could be very important." He told her. He bent down and gave her one last passionate kiss, and then bid her goodnight.

Raven sighed (again) after he left and turned over on her side. Malchior was right, this woman might be their next enemy. As much as she didn't want to, she should probably get some sleep.

The storm outside had subsided, no more lightning flashed, nor did it thunder against her window. Soft, consistent pitter-pattering of the rain whispered through the walls, singing a lullaby like that of a babbling brook. Raven fingered her black dyed lock, unable to help but think about Malchior, not what he said, him. She shifted into a more comfortable position.

I couldn't have fallen in love with a normal boy, oh noooooo, I have to be different, I have to chose a dragon that's been split into two people! She thought to herself, slightly irritated.

"Alright, I think that's the last of them." Robin called.

Raven allowed the roof to fall back to the ground now that the young woman was safely out from under it. A familiar siren approached them, the fire truck, police, and ambulance, late as always.

"Not yet." Cyborg said. He pointed to a building where Zacroma was currently bringing down a bunch of little kids that had been trapped in the second story by the collapse. Starfire and Raven soon joined her.

"It's alright." Raven soothed as the scared little girl shied away from her. "Don't be afraid." She said kindly.

"I want my mommy!" The little girl cried, launching into her arms.

"We'll find your mommy." Raven assured as Zacroma picked up a bawling toddler. It looked like one of the girls had been having a sleepover. Starfire picked up the last two at the same time and they carried the children on down to join the others.

Raven tried putting the girl down so she could join her friends, but she seemed to be rather strong for a little girl, and she refused to let go of Raven's neck. She suppressed a sigh and held on to the girl while she looked around for a potential 'mommy'.

Though it seemed Starfire was filling in that position quite efficiently. She was supporting a kid in each arm, two riding piggyback, and one on each leg. The only kid she didn't have was the one currently trying to become Raven's next limb. "My! What loving little children! I wonder to whom they belong." She said, absolutely thrilled at having the attention.

Zacroma giggled, "You're going to make a good mother someday, Starfire." She observed.

"Oh I certainly do hope so! I just love children!" Starfire exclaimed.

Raven couldn't help but notice that Robin's ears had turned red. She let herself smirk.

"Raven, if you do not get this…thing, off of me right now, there will be at least one casualty, and not because of the storm." Malchior hissed.

Raven looked over, her eyes went wide, and then she bit down hard on her lip, trying with all her might to keep herself from laughing.

Malchior glared at her, and then at the 'thing'. "Madam, do the words 'I have a lover' mean anything to you?" He asked the teenage girl who had decided to attach herself to his arm.

"Hmph! What could she possibly have that I don't?" The girl demanded. Raven sweatdropped and decided to try escaping the knowledge of his answer. She heard it anyway.

"Hm, let's see, she's more intelligent, she's vastly more powerful, she's much more beautiful, and she's half demon, beat that."

"Okay, I'm leaving." The girl said in a small voice.

"Well, that was simple." Malchior said, jogging back up to Raven, "See now this is why I hate being, what you call, a 'good guy'." He complained. "At least I don't have a child hanging onto me." He said.

Raven resisted making a smart-alike remark, without much luck. "You're too scary looking for that." She said.

"Good…hey wait a minute, what's that suppose to mean?" He demanded.

"Clarissa!" A woman's voice suddenly cried.

"Mommy!" The little girl in her arms exclaimed, launching herself towards her mother.

"Oh thank you so much!" The woman cried, holding her daughter tightly. "You have no idea how worried I was." She said.

Raven nodded her head, "Be thankful, she was lucky." She said, before turning to rejoin the other Titans.

"How's that new armor of yours holding up, Rorek?" Zacroma asked, giving her own handy work a tap on the decorative M.

"It feels just like my old plate, you did a very good job." Rorek assured.

Out of guilt and to be helpful, Zacroma had taken to making Rorek a new set of armor to replace what she'd destroyed in her 'villain' days. He provided her with the proper metal to be used (somehow having gotten his hands on mythrill) and she'd spent a good amount of days making and remaking it to be just like his old one. Poor Rorek had to put on 12 gradually fitting plates (Malchior laughing in the background at particularly embarrassing attempts) before she had perfected it.

Robin secured his helmet and checked the computer on his new bike. "There's more. Come on." He said.

"More?! But we've already saved 100 people! Isn't that enough for the day?" Malchior exclaimed.

"You really don't get this hero business do you?" Zacroma asked.

"Okay, number one, I refuse to be called a 'hero' or considered a member of the 'team', the only reason I'm here is because—"

"Because Raven said 'heal boy!' and natural instincts give you no choice but to obey." Zacroma finished for him.

Malchior raised an eyebrow in confusion, "What?"

"Well it's simple rea—uh oh," Zacroma paused, and then started running for dear life.

"ZACROMA!" Raven yelled.

"HAVE MERCY!" The girl cried.

"GUYS!" Robin yelled. He sighed and turned to Beast Boy, "This is something I'd have expected from you." He said.

"It's something I wanted to do." BB responded.

"Oh shut up." Robin grumbled. Beast Boy morphed his lungs enough so that he could let out a very Ed-like laugh.

"Yall an't gonna be sorry about this!" Cyborg assured.

"Does it count if I'm already sorry?" Raven questioned as she was forcibly pushed into the entertainment room.

"Aw come on, Raven! You promised after all." Beast Boy told her.

Raven sighed and sat down next to Robin, who had been duct-taped to his seat and was currently fuming. Beast Boy was leading Starfire in with the girliest looking magazine he could find in his hand, and her following him, continually asking if it was for her in her sweet, hopeful way. And then came in Zacroma, obviously in on the entire thing, and dragging a chained up Malchior and Rorek behind her. "Iron binds fey." She explained with a large grin.

"You don't have to tell them!" Malchior hissed, looking extremely put out.

"You really did not have to tie me up to—" Rorek began.

"Liar!" Zacroma snapped, placing him on the couch next to Raven. She then put Malchior beside him (this, as you can see, is a very big couch).

"What, I have to sit beside sissy boy! I can't at least sit on the other side of Raven?" Malchior demanded. Raven sank into her seat.

"No, because then we'd have to un-tape Robin from the couch and the instant we did he'd hop away." Zacroma explained.

Malchior glowered, "This…what's the word?"

"Bites? Sucks? Stinks? Blows?" Beast Boy listed.

"All of the above." He answered.

"Okay whatever! Here!" Raven huffed. She got up, levitated Rorek to where she had been sitting and then settled herself in the middle.

"Popcorn?" Cyborg asked Robin, sitting down.

Robin made an 'mmmm!' sound, so Cyborg unwisely took off the duct tape on his mouth. "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YO—" And slapped it right back on.

"So what's this movie about?" Raven asked.

Cyborg and Beast Boy grinned so broadly half their faces were taken up by teeth. "Yooouuuuuu'll seeeeeee." They sang at the same time.

"Everyone ready?" Beast Boy asked.

"JUST PLAY IT!" Yelled Raven and Malchior.

"Alright!" Beast Boy pressed the button on his remote.

The TV portrayed the ever-cliché '3, 2, 1' film and then flickered to a perfectly fine picture of the T-Tower. Question marks flew about the heads of everyone but Beast Boy and Cyborg, who were grinning even bigger (If that was humanly possible).

"Uh, Beast Boy, what is thi—" Raven began.

"Sh, sh, sh!" The changling hushed, just as his own voice came from the screen.

Beast Boy: Ah, the T-Tower, home of the protectors of Jump City, the best super heros around, The Teen Titans!

"Oh for crying out lo—" Malchior tried, but suddenly found a strip of duct tape slapped onto his mouth by Zacroma (who was the only one with guts to do it).

Cyborg: But what do people really know about the Teen Titans? What do the Teen Titans know about themselves, and each other? Let's ask them!

The scene changed to a view of Cyborg and Beast Boy wearing what seemed to be what they thought was reporter outfits. Suites, ties, and microphones.

Beast Boy: We're here exclusively, inside the Teen Tower. What are your thoughts Cyborg?

Cyborg: Well I'm hoping we'll get to see, not only action, but maybe even some stuff I'm sure no one has ever seen before! It's gonna be off da hook yo!

Beast Boy's face got right up to the camera.

Beast Boy: You'd better believe it!

The scene changed to one where they were walking along the hall, the camera somehow following them, and turning their heads so they could talk to it.

Cyborg: First off is the Boy Wonder himself, every girl's dream date, Robin!

"What!" Starfire suddenly yelled, she then gave Robin a glare, the poor boy unable to do anything but shake his head, trying to mumble that that's not what they meant. She then turned her head with a "Hmph!" as the Beast Boy and Cyborg knocked on Robin's door.

Beast Boy: Oh Rooooobiiiiin, it's us!

Robin: I'm a little busy right now, what do you need?

Cyborg: Just a moment.

Robin foolishly opened the door, but before he could inquire about what they needed, they had him on a fold-out chair that they seemed to have been carrying and were suddenly surrounding him, keeping him from escaping.

Beast Boy: So, Robin, tell us about yourself!

Robin: (Staring, wide-eyed, at the camera) Uh, guys, what's going on?

Cyborg: Don't pay any attention to the camera, Robin. Just relax, and try to think about how you would describe yourself.

Robin: That's a camera!

Beast Boy: Okay let's just skip onto the next question, what are you're thoughts on Starfire? (He asks sinisterly)

Starfire then perked up and stared at the screen with rapt attention.

Robin: (Eyes widen) (Blushes) Uh, well I ah…er…I think she's very…ah…(sweats) lively!

Beast Boy Cyborg: (Fall to the floor)

Raven leaned over and whispered from the corner of her mouth, "In case you didn't know, you were suppose to say 'beautiful'." Robin glared and grunted something that she took to mean 'I know!'.

Beast Boy: Okay, whatever, (Whispers) What he wants to say, but isn't, is that he's hopelessly in love with Starfire and that she's the most gorgeous girl in the universe.

Starfire's eyes instantly shone with bright sparkles, "Really?" She squealed, "Oh Robin!" She launched herself at him, causing the duct tape holding him to the couch to rip off and him to fall on the ground with her kissing him all over the face. Not that it looked like he minded much. Meanwhile the video Robin was currently yelling at Beast Boy, demanding to know what he had said.

"Alright kiddies, if you're going to do that here on the floor you could at least do it right!" Malchior exclaimed, "Stick your tongue in his ear!" Smack! "Owe! What was that for!" He exclaimed.

"What do you think?" Raven asked, glaring at him. "And how'd you get that duct tape off?"

"I ate it." He answered.

"Riiiiiiight, no really." Raven said.

"No, really! I can prove it too." He said, he then flexed his neck a bit, and suddenly unearthed a mushy wad of gray-silver stuff, displaying it publicly on his tongue. Raven stared.

"HOLY CRA—" Zacroma freaked.

"Ap ap ap! Movie!" Beast Boy yelled.

The scene had changed and now they had Starfire.

Starfire: Oh, well I like to think of myself as being a strong person,

"While passing out at the sight of blood." Malchior inserted, earning himself another smack. "Well she did!" he exclaimed.

Starfire-And someone that can make others happy!

Beast Boy: So what are you're thoughts on Robin?

Starfire: Oh, well, (Giggle Blush), he is an excellent leader, very kind, concerned, strong, and resourceful, but also very smart!

Beast Boy: (Whispers) What she wants to say, but isn't, is that Robin's very H-O-T hot!

Starfire: What did you say?

Beast Boy: Uh, nothing! So, what are you're thoughts on Raven?

Starfire: She is very strong indeed, not always pleasant, but a good person at heart! But I think she is lonely, she very much needs to get out and make more friends! In fact, I think I have heard of some, what are they…Magazines! That may be able to tell me what I can do to help her! I will go and get some right now! (Runs off)

Cyborg: Dang, we didn't get to ask her about us!

Everyone but Starfire and Robin (Who were still on the floor .) looked at the two. "What!" Beast boy demanded.

The scene changed again, and the two were approaching Raven's door. They paused at the front, and then looked at each other. They then looked back at it.

Beast Boy: Well, ah, go on in, Cy.

Cyborg: Actually, I think she likes you more, you go in.

Beast Boy: Noooo, I annoy her, so you go in.

Cyborg: Noooooo, I think you should go in.

Beast Boy: No, you go in.

Cyborg: You go in.

Beast Boy: You go in.

Cyborg: You go in.

Beast Boy: No you go in.

Cyborg: No you go in.

Beast Boy: You go in!

Cyborg: You go in!

Beast Boy: You go in.

Raven sweatdropped, "I think I remember this….Thought it was another prank." She grumbled.

Raven: Guys, what are you doing in front of my room?

Beast Boy and Cyborg turned around, both looking relieved, and then attacked Raven, sitting her down in the seat.

Cyborg: So Raven! We're going around asking all the Titans these questions, what do you think of yourself?

Raven: (Raises eyebrow) I think I would like to go back to my room and read my new book.

Beast Boy: Aw come on Raven! Just go with it, pleeeeeeease?

Raven: (Sighs) I'm dark.

Cyborg: And?

Raven: And would like to get in my room.

Beast Boy: Fine, we'll go on to the next question.

Cyborg: What are your thoughts on that fine changeling, Beast Boy!

Raven: (Raises eyebrow while Beast Boy starts flexing his non-existing pecks) Sorry, I can't say that on TV.

Beast Boy: (Freezes, then slumps to the ground in despair)

Cyborg: What about me, (Flashes charming smile).

Raven-' I think you have dark skin, are made of metal, and are properly named.

Cyborg: (Slumps as well) Dang. Well, what are your thoughts on Robin?

Raven: He's the leader of the team and I have no problem with it.

Beast Boy: Starfire?

Raven: Needs to calm down and learn what the term anti-social means.

"Speaking of which, should probably stick her tongue in Robin's mouth as well. OWE!" Malchior exclaimed, earning himself a third red mark.

Cyborg: Oh come on! Tell us something new! Something we don't know!

Raven: regular tap water contains about 5 chlorine to keep bacteria at bay.

Cyborg: Haha, very funny Ra—

Raven: Haha, I'm going to my room now. (Phases through her door)

Beast Boy: Dude, did you know there was chlorine in tap wa—

Cyborg: Shut up!

"Heh, heheheheh," Raven snickered.

"Shut up!" Both Cyborg and Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Okay now you'll want to nibble his neck a bit." Malchior instructed.

"You shut up too!" Robin exclaimed. "Ah!…" His eyes widened, "whoa…"

"Heheh, I don't see you compla—OWE! What do I keep doing wrong!" Malchior demanded.

Rorek: Um, what is that?

Beast Boy: It's called a camera, just ignore it. Ahem, anyway! This is our newest Teen Titan, Rorek! Say hello Rorek!

Rorek: Are there people in there?

Cyborg: No, just go with it. We're gonna ask you some questions about your thoughts and such, so just answer them and we'll all be happy!

Rorek: Is this some sort of test?

Beast Boy: uh…yeah! Ahem, so, how would you best describe yourself?

Rorek: That is a rather personal question…

Cyborg: Well, you don't have to say anything personal, just how you'd best describe yourself.

Beast Boy: Here's a question, why do you wear that scarf over your face? Is it so you can stick your tongue out at people and they won't notice!

Rorek: Um…I suppose I could do that, but what would such a gesture accomplish?

Beast Boy: (Sigh) Never mind, alright! Here's another question, what do you think of Raven?

Rorek: I thought her name was Raven, not Raven.

Beast Boy: Uh…same thing.

Rorek: The two names sound very different to me.

Cyborg: Okay whatever, what do you think of 'Raven'?

Rorek: I think she is very dark, not very trusting, and perhaps a little too withdrawn.

Beast Boy: (evil look)Do you liiiiiike her?

Rorek: Like her? Well I certainly don't hate her if that's what you mean.

Beast Boy: Okay, how about this? Do you think she's pretty?

Rorek: I think she is very pretty, why? What's this all about?

Beast Boy: (innocent look) Oh, nothing.

Rorek: (Raises eyebrow) Um, right, am I free to go?

Cyborg: Uh, yeah, go on.

Cyborg and Beast Boy then exchanged rather evil looks as the scene changed again.

Beast Boy: Hey Raven! What are your thoughts on—

Raven: Go away. (Slams door in their face)

Cyborg: Well that was informative.

Beast Boy: Shut up.

The scene then changed again so that the camera focused directly on Beast Boy and Cyborg once again.

Beast Boy: So, Cy, what'ja think of that!

Cyborg: I think it stank!

Beast Boy: Stank, like STANK BALL! (Throws wad of smelly socks at Cyborg's head)

Cyborg: Oh it's on! (Chases Beast Boy around with the wad)

Scene changes.

"Yay! Wo hoooo!" Beast Boy cheered, clapping.

"Uh, dude, isn't it suppose to end there?" Cyborg asked as the camera was beginning to focus on the living room, more precisely the couch. Raven's eyes widened.

"YEAH!" Beast Boy exclaimed as the object was now clearly obvious to everyone.

Beast Boy: We're here at Titan Tower where the apocalypse is being held. What are your thoughts on the subject Cyborg?

Cyborg: Personally? I think we should run for our lives.

"Like we should probably be doing now!" Cyborg said.

"I THOUGHT YOU CUT THAT PART OUT!" Beast Boy exclaimed.


Raven: Beast Boy, I am going to mutilate your body.

"Like I am going to do now." Raven said. Her hair was floating around her and her eyes were glowing, not white, but red.

Beast Boy: Uh oh. HAVE MERCY!

"Uh, yeah, what I said!" Beast Boy exclaimed. Raven's hands began to glow black.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Cyborg and Beast Boy's screams could be heard by a very confused fish from outside the T-Tower.

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