Things were finally starting to settle down. Terra had left, to no one's surprise and Zacroma's pleasure, right after Beast Boy set her aside to talk to, she didn't look at all happy, and was, understandably, a little hurt. That left a bad taste in most of the Titans' mouths, and Beast Boy, especially, felt a bit guilty. Still, no one had kicked her out, Robin had offered to let her join if she and Zacroma could get along, but that just wasn't going to happen. Zacroma had only become more and more foul towards Terra, and Terra towards her, and Raven knew that it went far deeper than a simple matter over Beast Boy, at least with Zacroma it did. Terra probably felt Zacroma was usually such a, well, a b8888, and felt that she didn't deserve Beast Boy any more than Terra.

And then there was the matter of Chire'ni to consider.

"Pleeeeeease!" to everyone's surprise, it was Zacroma who'd started begging, "It'd be so cool to have you as an ally! I mean, I know you're not a teen, definitely, but wouldn't you prefer to get paid to beat up the bad guys rather than to keep gambler's in line? You wouldn't have to stay in a human form all the time! I mean, I know you'll have less space to spread yourself out in, but maybe Cyborg and Beast Boy would be willing to clean up the basement for you and your spiders!" She said.

Chire'ni gave Zacroma a rather surprised look, "I thought you were afraid of me." She commented.

"Well, I am, but you're so cool! I mean, you could probably just look at the bad guys the wrong way and they'll be begging to go to jail just to put metal bars between them and you!" She answered happily.

"We could fix up the basement if you really wanted to use it as your bedroom." Cyborg came in, considering, "Most of the stuff in there's junk anyway." He said airily.

"Junk? What do you mean 'Junk', our entire collection of belly button lint is—" Beast Boy began, but Cyborg grabbed him, slapping his hand over his mouth and grinning innocently at Chire'ni. Was it Raven's imagination, or was there a blush on his cheeks?

Chire'ni raised any eyebrow and smirked, sniggering, "You collect belly button lint?" She asked, her smirk turning into a grin, "Would you like some of mine, then?" she asked, moving forward and presenting her exposed navel to Cyborg with a mischievous glint in her eye. Cyborg stared, now there was no mistaking the red on his face, "Well? Go ahead, take it. There should at least be some." She told him casually, hands on hips.

"Uh, er, that is…I ah…" Cyborg fumbled articulately.

"Okay, Chire'ni? I know how much you like to break boys, but we kind of need Cyborg's brain in tact. He is our electronics expert." Raven said, appearing next to Cyborg with an almost amused leer in her eyes.

Chire'ni sniggered, "Right, well, your offer is rather tempting. And yes, I would like the basement if you're willing to go to the trouble of finding another place for your…collection. And you're right," She turned to Zacroma, "It would be more fun to actually beat the living crap out of people without worrying about legal rights for a change." She said.

"So you'll stay?" Robin asked brightly.

Chire'ni considered a moment, and then nodded, "Yes, since you asked me so nicely, I will stay." She answered.

"Glorious!" Starfire exclaimed, coming over to hug a very surprised Chire'ni, "Welcome to the Teen Titans, new friend Chire'ni! Would you, then, like to come to the malls of shopping with us to purchase very revealing swim-ware with us for our vacation?" She asked hopefully.

"'Very revealing swim-ware'?" Malorek quoted, and then he turned to Raven with a familiar glint in his eye. Raven leered back at him.

"In your dreams." She muttered.

"Well, most of my dreams involve you rather well clothed, Love, to be honest." He chuckled, bringing his arms around her casually, "A long, beautiful white dress and a collaboration of flowers in your hand, actually." Raven smacked her face with her hand just as Zacroma instantly pirked up.

"EEEEEEE!" She squealed.

"Why do you have to say things like that in front of her?" Raven asked through clenched teeth. Chire'ni burst out laughing.

"Well, you know, if your dream ever comes true…CAN I BE A BRIDE'S MAID PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!" Zacroma exclaimed, jumping up and down. Everyone just stared at her.

"Um, sure." Malorek said shiftily.

"YAY!" Zacroma squalled.

"Should you tell them or should I?" Malorek asked quietly into Raven's ear.

"I'll do it." Raven muttered, just as the conversation was about to return to Starfire and her getting Chire'ni to go shopping, she said, "By the way, we're engaged." As though she were mentioning something offhand about the weather.

"Yeah I was expecting tha-wait WHAT!" Cyborg exclaimed, rounding on the pair of them, "Already?" He demanded, causing everyone else's attention to snap to what Raven had just said as well.

"AIEEEEEEE!" Zacroma almost screamed with glee.

"How wonderful! I am overjoyed for the both of you!" Starfire exclaimed in ecstasy.

"Dude, you're only 16! What the heck?" Beast Boy yelled.

"I didn't say we were getting married now, just that we would someday, it doesn't have to be soon, sheesh!" Raven exclaimed in a voice that suggested she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

"When did he propose? When did you propose! Do you have a ring! OOOOOOOH let me see!" Zacroma cried, jumping up and down happily.

Raven sighed and unwound the small illusion she'd put over the ring, showing it to Zacroma, who positively beamed at it. Malorek looked as though he were enjoying this.

"I want to see!" Starfire cried, moving in and almost pushing Zacroma to the side. Chire'ni was laughing.

"Is that a diamond!" Zacroma exclaimed in wonder.

"I shaped it myself." Malorek answered proudly. "I had it cast specially by a master dwarf."

"OMIGOSH THAT IS SO ROMANTIC!" The two girls squealed giddily.

Yes, it had been very romantic, in private. Having all of this publicized made the whole thing seem a bit sappy, causing Raven to sweatdrop and pray to get out of this swiftly. "Um…right." Malorek said, obviously feeling that the girls were being a little weird himself.

"Dude, how did we miss that?" Beast Boy asked, curiosity getting the better of him and forcing him to look himself.

"I was hiding it so no one would notice before I wanted to tell you." Raven answered plainly.

"Wise move." Cyborg muttered, though he needn't have bothered. The two girls were too out of it to hear him. "So, ah, Malorek, could I have a word?" he asked oh so subtly.

Raven just gave him this look, "Cyborg—" She began, but Malorek cut her off.

"No, it's okay." Malorek said, moving his hands to her shoulders and giving her a kiss on the cheek through the cloth of his scarf. Then he nodded to Cyborg and followed him into another room, Raven, of course, fuming slightly. Of all the times to act 'big brother', grumble, grumble.

Cyborg turned to face Malorek, "Now, first off I know that you know what I'm about to say. So we'll cut to the chase, I care for Raven, and if you hurt her in any way, shape, or form—"

"I swear that I will stab myself in the heart with a rusted blade and save you the trouble." Malorek finished for him. "Now, I believe, you know that I'm going to defend myself, saying that I love Raven with all my heart and soul and that I'd never do anything to purposely harm her ever again. So let's assume I made the obligatory speech, explaining to you how dragons are strictly monogamous and how it simply is not in my nature to look at other women while in love, that Judora used a powerful mind-bending curse on me to make a part of me think I was in love with her, and then end by telling you that I'm going to marry Raven whether you like it or not. That all having been said, let's assume this conversation is now over, and I will now start a new conversation by asking why you really wanted to talk to me."

"Yeah, nice, am I really that obvious?" Cyborg asked nervously.

"At first, no, but now you are. So, is this about the drow woman?" Malorek asked.

Cyborg blushed, telling him he was right, "Ah, yeah…um…"

"So, what exactly are you wanting from me? You do realize that I've had absolutely no past experiences with the drow, correct?"

"Dangit! Well, still, you probably understand women, in general, better than anyone else here, who is male, right?" Cyborg asked.

"To be honest, I sincerely hope so." Malorek answered quite frankly.

"Ha, ha, ha." Cyborg muttered leeringly, "Right, seriously man, do you think she was coming on to me, or was she being…y'know, drow?" He asked.

Malorek just gave him an 'how can you be this stupid?' look, "Okay, Cyborg, this is what you heard: 'Would you like to take some of my belly button lint for your collection?' Now, I may be reading between the lines a bit here, but, considering what I've heard of drow and the fact that they usually don't like being touched unless it's sensual, this is what I believe she meant: 'Stick your tongue in my mouth.' Now, do I believe she's in love with you? Absolutely not. Do I believe she's attracted to you? Yes. Any more stupid questions?" He asked.

Cyborg gave him a look, in spite of the fact that he was trying, and failing, not to seem as though Malorek's words had encouraged him a great deal, "Ha, ha, ha, you know not all of us guys are as confident as you are." He grumbled.

"You know, Chire'ni is only going to find your insecurity 'cute'." Malorek told him.

"You think?" Cyborg asked, perking up suddenly.

"Yes, it'll give her a collar to put her nice little leash upon, she'll find that incredibly adorable." Malorek answered. Cyborg paused for a moment, not quite understanding what Malorek had just implied.

"Oh very funny." He muttered darkly.

"Ha, ha, you think I'm joking don't you?" Malorek said smugly, "Beware, drow females are famous for being very dominant, don't be surprised if she actually does try to put a leash around you. She may have lived with humans for over a thousand years, but one can't just ignore one's inborn nature."

"A thousand—dang, forgot how old she was." Cyborg said, his face falling.

"Another tip: Never, ever mention her age again, whether or not you think she will be able to hear you or will find out. She makes the age jokes, not you. Understand?" Malorek instructed.

"Uh…Right, never mention age…" Cyborg said, pulling out a pad and pencil to write that down, "What else can you tell me?" He asked.

"Never refer to her as 'yours', not sure if she, personally, will mind, but I do know that the typical drow female would be quite offended, far more than your average human female." Malorek answered, considering. "If someone tries to move in on her, say, instead, that she 'already has a male, thank you'. For example. Though you'll want to wait until the two of you actually are a couple for that. Still. Also, never comment if she has a bad hair day, pretend her hair doesn't exist. Do not, I repeat, do not stare overlong at her chest, her navel, or any part of her body that is not the face, unless of course she expects you to stare and has made it vary clear that you can. Pay more attention to the tone of voice she uses when she says things rather than what she actually says. It will take a lot of practice, but if you listen carefully enough you will be able to differentiate between the times when they mean what they say, when they mean something quite a bit different, and when they mean something that's the complete opposite of what they say. Also, you might want to…" He continued, Cyborg scribbling everything down as fast as he possibly could.


"What did he say?" Raven inquired the moment Malorek had returned to her side, the living room had settled down, Zacroma and Beast Boy were currently playing video games, Chire'ni had gone back to her house, explaining that, while she was staying, there were things she had to take care of, like quitting her job, selling her house, and getting everything together. Most of her spiders preferred the wilderness around her house, so she would be setting them free. Zerr, of course, would stay with her, as well as a number of her other favorites. A particularly large black widow named Otta, another tarantula named Cor, who was Zerr's mate, and a brown recluse by the name of Zalv. That was mostly it, though, along with all her personal possessions. Raven was currently sitting on the couch reading, and Robin and Starfire were off…probably making out, again.

Malorek shrugged of-handedly, Cyborg had gone to start on Chire'ni's room, so he wasn't with Malorek when he entered. "That if I ever hurt you I would be on the receiving end of his empowered blaster." He answered.

"Took long enough." She grumbled, she felt a bit embarrassed at the fact that Cyborg felt the need to go 'Big brother' on her, now of all times. Still, it was kind of sweet.

"Ah, well, I clamed I loved you more than he ever would, and he got defensive for some reason so we argued a bit. He seems satisfied though." Malorek told her, slipping down next to her, one arm going around her waist and the other up to her neck so he could pull down her collar and kiss it.

"Must we do this in public?" Raven said quietly through clenched teeth.

"Raven, those two couldn't be paying less attention to the rest of the world unless they started making out." Malorek murmured in her ear, his breath hot and sensual as he began to nibble it.

He was right, there seemed to be a lot of wordless mush going on with Zacroma and Beast Boy, Raven could practically see the hearts floating up above their heads as they played their game without really trying to take the other down.

"That being said." He whispered softly, slipping the book out of her hands and pushing her down to lie across the vacant couch, seeing as Zacroma and Beast Boy were sitting on the floor very close to each other. His lips connected with hers, moving in slowly at first, and then deeper, more hated with every second. Common sense and worry about the fact that they were, technically, still in public seemed to slip from Raven's mind like water as she felt herself becoming entranced. It was as though she were being spellbound all over again.

"Dude! Get a room, you're making me look bad!" Malorek looked up and smirked at Beast Boy.

"Well then, what are you going to do about that?" He asked mischievously.

It was, however, Zacroma who picked up Beast Boy, a very interesting sight, and carried him out the room. "Eep!" Beast Boy exclaimed before the door was shut.

"Well, that certainly is convenient." Malorek commented to Raven's slightly red face. "Where were we?" He asked, giving her a very sexy smile that only made her roll her eyes before he bent back down to her lips.


"I'm, really, really sorry." Raven told Malorek sincerely, Malorek bit his bottom lip, trying his best not to cringe too much, "I had no idea they'd make you come along just because I mentioned you didn't have any swimming trunks." She said.

"It's not so bad, Love, except that there is a great deal of noise, and the many scents are practically driving me crazy in spite of the spell you put over my nose." He told her. As Zacroma had forced Malorek to wear one of Malchior's 'Bad Boy' shirts, there was no scarf to shield his nose and they had to make due with a spell. His eyes and hair sort of made the whole 'discard the armor' thing rather pointless, as he was still getting stares, and Raven would have been stared at anyway because of the chain burns all over her body, which were beginning to look more like she'd gotten tanned in those places somehow. The two were walking hand-in-hand behind Zacroma, Starfire, and Chire'ni, currently re-donning the appearance of Shenira.

Raven sighed, "Sorry." She said again as they entered a store that seemed to specialize mostly in bathing suites.

The two of them sort of hovered while Zacroma and Starfire practically went wild, Chire'ni chuckling after them and looking for her own suit at much slower pace. Raven couldn't help but notice she was looking mostly through the skimpy suits, which was slightly curious. Chire'ni was confident about herself and, obviously, her body, but she wasn't sluty, why would she want to show off, exactly?

Raven shook her head and decided to ignore it for now, thinking to get Malorek a swimsuit first, but then Zacroma rushed over with two hangers in her hand, grinning at Raven as she displayed them for approval, whish she had to know she was not getting. The top was wide and looked to cover a good deal of the chest, but it was strapless, black, and gathered in the middle with a silver ring that would show off that little bit of space there. The bottom, as well, appeared to cover everything, but it was rather low, and was bound on each hip with the same silver ring. Raven glared.

"No." She said flatly.

"Oh Raven, that is just so cute! Thinking you have a choice in the matter!" Zacroma exclaimed cheerfully.

"Ah, pardon my asking but how exactly is that worn? And where's the rest of it?" Malorek asked.

Zacroma let out an evil laugh that sent shivers up Raven's spine, "Come on Raven, Malorek wants to see how one wears this!" Zacroma said.

"I'm not—ack!" Raven cried out as Zacroma snatched her arm and practically drug her to the changing rooms, where she stuffed Raven and the swimsuit in.

"You're not coming out unless you're in that bathing suite!" Zacroma told her.

"Doesn't she need the rest of it?" Raven heard Malorek ask, causing her face to flush.

"She has the rest of it. Don't worry, you'll see how these bathing suits work as soon as she puts it on." Zacroma answered, her voice malicious.

Raven stared at herself in the mirror, holding the bathing suite in her hands and fighting with herself. Not surprisingly, Dark Raven appeared on the other side of the mirror and was smirking at the swimsuit. Oh, come on, doesn't he deserve a little treat once and a while? She asked teasingly. Besides, why so shy still? It's not like he hasn't already seen everything, come on, you know he'll love it.

Raven let out a small groan, but began to remove the clothes that Zacroma had convinced her to don for the mall. The next thing she knew she had the skimpy two-peace on, the burn marks all over her body were completely visible now, but rather than make her look ugly, they seemed to add to her appearance somewhat. She'd decided to like them, and so she did.

"Is it on yet?" Zacroma asked impatiently.

"Yes." Raven sighed in defeat.

"Yay! Come out come out come out!" She yelled, and Raven reluctantly opened the door. "EEEEEEE! I knew that would look good on you!" Zacroma exclaimed proudly. "Malorek thinks so too." She said, sniggering.

Malorek's eyes were almost bulging, his jaw dropped. For a moment he just stood there, that comical but slightly embarrassing expression on his face, and then he was next to Raven, arms around her shoulders and nuzzling her neck. "You know that 'swimsuit' looks absolutely stunning on you, I do believe you should purchase it! Please, please, please, please?" He almost begged. Raven sweatdropped, it was pathetic, but it was so cute at the same time. Raven let out a groan as she just knew she was going to say yes. Dark Raven was demanding it almost as much as Malorek's 'please's and pecks on the neck.

Chire'ni came out of the next stall, a very flattering and revealing bakini showing off much of her chocolate skin. Two boys happened to glance their way and stopped abruptly. It didn't help that Chire'ni was posing in a very, 'I'm hot and I know it' way.

Then Starfire came out with a purple bikini that had small green flower decorations on it. She immediately squealed over Raven's swimsuit and complimented Chire'ni on hers. Then Zacroma went to try on swimsuits.

Raven was the only one who bought the first swimsuit she tried on without trying on any others first, even Malorek was forced back into the changing room with another set of swim trunks. Eventually Chire'ni found the perfect bathing suite, one with a halter design, black, with a red spider on the chest, and the front of the bottoms. Raven was fairly sure that, at first glance, that bathing suite would not have fit her, but it seemed to have been altered as Chire'ni was in no way going to give up such a perfect design. Still, the halter didn't expose very much of her chest, which was a good thing until Chire'ni said she was probably going to remove all the red on the front so that, rather than a red spider, it was a skin-colored spider. Raven sighed.

Starfire ended up finally getting the first one she'd found, Zacroma's was a tie-dye bakini with practically every color on it, and Malorek had a pair of black swim trunks with a red Chinese dragon on it that he kept having to be assured that, yes, this was a dragon, in spite of the fact that it just looked like a long snake with limbs and a mustache.

Afterwards they were allowed to split up, Zacroma wanted to get her hair dyed and Starfire was thinking of putting pink streaks in hers. Chire'ni was just going to browse for a while before heading back to the tower, so Raven and Malorek headed for the bookstore.


Much to Beast Boy's annoyance, Cyborg burned their lint collection and tossed the ashes into the trash, in fact he did the same to a lot of their…collections. Collections that were all stored in the basement because Robin would have their heads if he saw them anywhere else. The rest was mostly spare parts that he'd yet to find a use for, he moved them into his already cramped workshop closet, and then had several robots come in to clean the place up. It wasn't a whole lot bigger than their usual bedrooms, though their bedrooms were typically very large but usual standards, so he hoped Chire'ni would find it big enough for her and her spiders.

Now all that was left was furniture, most of which Chire'ni undoubtedly had in abundance in her own house, and though there was a rather large storage closet in the basement, Cyborg wasn't sure what they were going to do with the rest of her personal belongings. Maybe Raven could come up with something. He went to go find her.

"Hey, Zee? Do you know—" Cyborg began, but he stopped abruptly, realizing that Zacroma wasn't the only one in the living room. She was currently in a lip-lock with Beast Boy, neither of which took any notice whatsoever of his presence. "Uh…" He stepped back and went, instead, to the kitchen. "Hey Robin do you—" Only to find that they, as well, happened to be glued to each other on their lips. "Nevermind." He muttered, stepping away.

Screw that, he'd just go to her room, she was either in there, on the roof, or in the training room, the usual places.

He should have seen it coming, he really should have, but he opened her door anyway, "Hey Raven? I was wondering if you could—" He began, and then stopped abruptly at the sight of Raven and Malorek currently making out on her bed.

"Excuse me, getting fresh with my fiancé here, thank you!" Malorek snapped, using magic to slam the door in Cybrog's face.

"What tha—exactly where did you hear that term?" Cyborg heard Raven demand as he inched away from the door.

There was a slight chuckle coming from down the hall, "There seems to be a lot of kissing going on, doesn't there?" Chire'ni asked.

"Yeah." Cyborg muttered irritably, "It's getting to where you can't find someone to talk to without interrupting a tongue wrestling session!" He complained.

She sniggered, "Feeling left out?" She asked teasingly.

"Uh, no." He answered, a little too swiftly. Dang, I'm such a liar. He told himself. "Listen, I've got your room mostly set up, do you want to check it out? I was going to ask Raven if she would be able to make something that'd hold all of your things because it's definitely not as big as a house and might get a little cramped." He said.

He is so cute when he lies. Chire'ni thought, "That's fine, most of my belongings that would take up space are body building machines, and those, I'm sure, will be able to fit quite well in the training rooms. I will need to keep my refrigerator, I have a few…questionable items that I'm sure you'd rather not have to look at every time you want to get some milk, but mostly, I'm fairly sure I'll be able to manage." She told him.

"I don't want to know. Alright this way, the easiest way to get there is to take the elevator, though you probably didn't know we had one due to the fact that we almost always use the stairs. There's nothing wrong with it, except that sometimes the stairs are faster depending on where you want to go." He explained conversationally, stepping inside the sliding doors and waiting for Chire'ni to get in as well before pressing the button.

It took a few moments, but eventually they came to the basement floor, a small hall with the stairs headed upwards at the end, and a door in front of them that lead down into the actual basement area.

"It's kind of dim, but I'll assume you prefer the dark." Cyborg said, walking down the small flight of stairs to the floor. "Over here's a fairly large storage closet, probably not fit for anything but boxes, though it's usually fairly cold due to the lack of airflow, so you're spiders may like it, I still need to put some carpet in it and, what tha—" His eyes widened as the light suddenly turned themselves off, leaving the place pitch black, seeing as the door had been closed as well.

"Hmmm, it seems I've turned off the lights." Chire'ni said casually.

"Um, why?" Cyborg asked, sweating slightly as he turned around, even his robotic eye was having a hard time seeing with no light whatsoever to use. He did, however, see a pair of glowing red eyes that, he deduced, were Chire'ni's. "Can drow see in the dark?" He asked curiously, hoping that she couldn't see the heat rising to his cheeks.

"Inferred vision as well as a tendency to see with our ears when our vision is obscured. So I can see even if I close my eyes." She told him, and she did just that, removing all indication of where her presence was.

"Um…So…I'll just, er, go get that carpet…" Cyborg suggested.

"Heheheh, you're so cute." Chire'ni chuckled, Cyborg only had a glimpse of her glowing red eyes before she lunged, actually managing to knock him off his feet and hit the ground.


"Hey Cyborg? Are you down there?" Malorek called, flipping on the lights to the basement, "We're ordering pizza so if you—" He stopped abruptly at the sight that greeted him.

"Excuse me," Chire'ni hissed, raising her head from Cyborg's to glare at him, "Getting fresh with my new pet, thank you!" She told him, throwing his own words back in his face.

Cyborg grinned in a dreamy fashion, "Pet? What kind of pet am I?" He asked.

"Mmmm," Chire'ni considered, "A puppy, I think." She cooed.

Malorek closed the door then and shut his eyes for a moment, then he opened them back up and smirked evilly to himself, reopening the door. He just had to, it was too perfect, too good an opportunity to resist, "Ooooooo, I'm telling Raven!" He called in the voice of a kid who's about to get their sibling in trouble, and then he ran for it.

"What the, OH NO YOU DON'T!" Chire'ni cried after him. Malorek laughed as he ran up the stairs, knowing full and well that Chire'ni was now after him.

"Raven, Raven! Cyborg's making out with your sister!" Malorek called as he passed Raven's reading place in the living room. She, Beast Boy, Zacroma, and Robin all shot to attention.

"Say WHAT!" Raven exclaimed, just as Chire'ni seemed to appear out of nowhere and attack Malorek. She threw him to the ground, then sat on him, bending his legs back quite far in a wrestling move. She seemed too fast for him to react, causing him to let out a small exclamation of pain.

"Augh! Legs are not supposed to bend that way!" He cried.

"No, they're not suppose to bend this way either! Nor is one's arm for that matter." Chire'ni hissed, and, right in front of everyone, she pulled one of Malorek's arms back behind him, and forced it to meet the opposite leg. They heard the sickening breaking of bones as she twisted leg and arm together, then pulled the other two limbs up in the same fashion. She was so fast, as though she did this rather often, that Malorek was no less than a human/dragon knot before they knew it.

"DON'T YOU THINK THIS IS A LITTLE EXTREME?" Malorek yelled out in pain, though he was certainly not in as much pain as he would have been had he been human.

"Reminds me of what happened to me when we caught Raven and Rorek kissing on video." Beast Boy mused, flinching, just as Cyborg came in, panting slightly flushed. His jaw dropped at the sight of Malorek, and Chire'ni standing over him whipping her hands together proudly.

"It would be, if it didn't take so much to put you in pain." Chire'ni told Malorek, stepping on the knot of limbs which were all turning disgusting colors of black and blue, "A word to the wise, dragon, meddle ye not in the affairs of drow, for our tempers are short and we like to break things." She said chuckling.

"Dude, YOU AND CHIRE'NI?" Beast Boy suddenly yelled at Cyborg, whose face flushed red, "What the heck?"

"Ah…" Cyborg muttered, apparently rather surprised as well.

"Glorious!" Starfire exclaimed happily, "We all have boyfriends and girlfriends! It is perfect!" She said.

"A little too perfect," Zacroma said to Robin, "I'm kind of scared." She admitted.

"I am too." He answered.

"What's wrong?" Chire'ni asked smirking as she came over to Cyborg, "Puppy and I were feeling a little left out, and he's so cute." She purred, stroking his cheek with her finger, which caused Cyborg to practically melt on the spot.

"…Puppy? She calls you, 'Puppy'?" Beast Boy asked slowly, as Raven began to fix Malorek, whose face was turning purple as well. He then let out a huge roar of laughter, going on and on until Chire'ni stepped up to him, looming over him with her eyes switching to inferred vision so that they would appear to glow red. She made for a very intimidating figure, and Beast Boy stopped laughing abruptly.

"I think it's absolutely adorable, and masculine," She added with a small smirk, "Don't you agree?" She asked. Beast Boy put on a nervous smile and nodded vigorously, "Gooood." She cooed.

I can't believe this. Raven thought to herself, "I'm going to meditate." She told them all after healing Malorek's body. And then she fazed up to the roof, deciding that she'd rather pretend that did not happen, though it didn't surprise her, come to think of it. Chire'ni was probably naturally more attracted to Cyborg because of his dark skin, also Cyborg in general. It didn't seem plausible that she would like him at first, but, Raven thought back to the first conversation she'd had with Chire'ni. She'd gotten the impression that she didn't want a romance so much as she wanted someone she could talk to, and, apparently, make out with at the same time.

Ugh, still, she didn't want to think too much about it. Cyborg was like her brother, and Chire'ni her sister by oath, this didn't make them like brother and sister to each other, but still…

Raven crossed her legs in the air and rose herself fairly high, letting the winds whip her cape back behind her. She then allowed her hair to release itself from her scalp, and it began to move about her. It felt good, actually, as though it really was a huge collection of extra limbs that she'd been neglecting, and that letting them float around her was like stretching them out. She felt more relaxed, kind of strange, but seemed really nice. Maybe she should let her hair out a bit more often.

"Azarath, Metriom, Zynthos, Azarath, Metriom, Zynthos…" She began to chant, first relaxing every part of her body, and allowing her mind to think of nothing. Soon, however, her chanting changed, and she began to repeat, "Necronam, Hezburec, Mortix," Instead. She didn't argue, this was far more effective for when she began to sort out her emotions and troubles.

Most of them were minor, wondering about whether it would be a good idea to let the Titans keep their new powers, whether it would be fair to take them away simply for the sake of trying to separate them more from what happened? The answer to that was simple: No, it was not fair. They had gone through all of that just as she did, she had no right to take that away, whether or not it had been her battle. They were her friends, they were family.

Then there was the worry about when she and Malorek would get married, but that was very small. They were simply promised, they had an eternity together, it seemed. And her body was still young, in spite of the length of time it took for her to grow. Her body was 16 years, but she was, in fact, much older than that. Yes, it could wait. None of the titans would be getting old anytime soon either, not with Zacroma's blood coursing through their veins, and Zacroma would stop growing soon enough, probably when she reached 17. There was no hurry.

A bigger worry was Arella, how was Raven going to explain to her everything that had conspired? She'd have to go to Azarath, of course, her mother would want to know about her engagement to Malorek and the longer she waited the more wrath she'd receive.

And then, the biggest worry came up, one that had been bothering her for a while yet she didn't want to address it, the marriage itself, between she and Malorek. Raven's body began to tense, she didn't know what to think, what to do about it. Was it right? She was half-demon in this body, but her true body had no human in it whatsoever. It went without saying that there would be no children, Raven had placed a spell on her womb to keep herself from conceiving the other night, but…

She loved him, she loved him dearly, and he loved her more than she could have ever dreamed. It was right, wasn't it? She could have this? Could she?

Softly, Raven began to whisper, "Our father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…"

"Questions?" A voice like a roar of seven waterfalls answered her prayer, loud and booming, but at the same time soft, comforting. Still, it surprised her, causing her to jump, though she didn't break her meditative state. It seemed as though she were being held there by a firm, but gentle hand.

Y-y-yes…Raven answered uncertainly, suddenly feeling extremely nervous. She didn't have to ask who it was, she knew, she knew exactly who she was speaking to. And He waited, waited for her to tell him, I…I…She swallowed, Doyouloveme? She suddenly asked, not entirely sure where that had come from, but it seemed something she just couldn't set aside, something she had to know, something that had been burning her ever since she was born as Avelona.

"Yes, I do." The voice answered.


"Why do I love you when you are what you are? Why have I allowed these things to happen to you? Why have you had to face so much hardship?" The voice finished for her, firmly still, but not unkindly.

Y-yes… Raven answered, shaking a bit with nerves, suddenly very glad that she was only hearing Him, and not seeing.

"Do you know why I am speaking to you in this way?"


"Because I want for there to be no doubt, no question in your mind of what I need you to know. You were born with a human soul, Raven, because I knew that it would be the only way for you to overcome Yulazrielle. If not, the child she conceived would have neither soul nor conscious, it would be a doll, and she would use it. As it was, you were able to fight against her, to run from her, and finally to defeat her, as it was only fitting. You will ask my why I simply allowed the child to be born and did not stop it completely. It is because you were needed, Raven, you have done more than you will ever know, more than you truly need to know. You will ask me why I answer your prayers, why I love you even though you are born of vial blood. It is because you have strived forever to reach me, to turn from the darkness and the evil, and so I sent the seraphim to aid you. I will always answer your prayers, Raven, whatever body you may possess, you are still one of My children.

"I am also here with an answer to a prayer that your friend made on you're behalf. Yes."


"She asked that you be spared from the fate that your current body holds for you, and I've said yes."

But, the prophecy…

"Will come to pass in time, but not through you. You have earned your freedom, Raven, marry Malorek Rechior, protect the world you hold dear, and live happily with your friends. There will be hard times ahead, but they will be little in comparison to what you have faced. Know only that I listen to your prayers, and take no heed of those vile beings who will tell you otherwise."

Raven felt herself hit the roof of the T-tower, she was panting, and sweating, but there was a smile on her face as she laid there, staring up at the sky, her hair spread out around her. Her heart sang with a joy she couldn't quite describe, and it was wonderful.

"Thank you." She whispered, "Thank you."


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