Stuck Together:

Summary: Harry and Hermione are handcuffed together by the twins as a prank, angering Ron. The worst part? They lost the key.

AN: Okay I need a nice Harry/Hermione romance to keep me alive! I get all weird when I don't have a story going, I actually got sick. So here's a story for y'all!

Chapter One:

Harry climbed the long stairs to the astronomy tower wondering why the twins would choose there of all places to show off their new invention. He neared the top of the seemingly never-ending staircase and let out a breath of relief. He paused near the top hearing a familiar voice.

"Honestly you two, why would you plan to demonstrate this in private. Wouldn't you want everyone to see if it's good?" Harry recognized it as Hermione's voice and wondered why the twins would also bring her.

'They probably want a second opinion.' He reasoned in his mind and entered the room and saw the three others in a corner across the room.

"Hello," Hey said approaching them and they all turned around. "So what's this 'brilliant' invention you want to show off?"

"Ah Harry just in time," Fred said vibrantly. "We need you and Hermione to stand side by side and hold an arm out." He instructed and watched as Hermione held out her left arm and Harry held out his right arm. "Excellent. Now I shall hand the presentation over to my dear brother George." And stepped back letting George come forward.

"Okay our product is…" He said trailing off; out of nowhere he quickly took out some handcuffs and placed them on their arms that were drawn forward. "There, presentation done."

"George! Fred! What have you done to us!" Hermione yelled shaking her arm, in turn dragging Harry's with it.

"Just a simple experiment to see how long you two can stand each other." Fred answered simply.

"But we have work, how am I supposed to write when my arm is attached to someone else!"

"Well you don't see Harry complaining." George said pointing to Harry.

Harry was standing beside Hermione silently hoping they wouldn't notice him. He didn't mind being this close to Hermione; being able to smell her, peaches and cream, was nice. Although she'd be freaked out if he said that.

"Yeah, Fred, George; take these off." He said weakly.

"Fine, Fred, the key." George said holding he hand out to his brother.

Fred went through his pockets taking out random pranks and treats. He muttered to himself and kept searching. He felt down his back pocket and stopped moving right away with a shocked look on his face.

"So how's the weather?" He asked avoiding Harry and Hermione's eyes.

"Fred, where's the key…?" Hermione asked stepping towards him.

"Uh see the thing about that is… My pant pocket has a hole in it… And the key must've dropped through sometime either at Hogwarts or on the train or at home… Maybe even on the way to the train station…"

"You mean to say that the one thing that could separate us is somewhere in London? LONDON!" Hermione screamed.

AN: This first chapter is really short I know but I'll try to make the rest longer.