Hey all Secret Chances here reporting for duty! LOL. Anyway I'm posting this because I want to put in a story I'm working on and I want to know what you guys think of it. Flames are alowed; my toaster died on me yesterday. Critique it pick it over I dont care just tell me what I should do to make it better ect. ect. I will post the story that this goes with soon. :D I guess it would help to tell who these people are.

Erik: You should know who he is. If you dont you need help! J/k

Lina: Christine and Raoul's daughter. Madly (I mean it too) in love with Erik. you pronounce her name like if it was spelled like this: Lena.

Charlotte: Meg's daughter. Last name isn't Giry it's Deveraux. Meg got married in other words.

Hope that helps! Plzzz RR.

Lina (spoken):

Charlotte, have you seen him?

Charlotte (spoken):

Seen who Lina?

Lina (singing):

The one who haunts our every move

The one who murders all that's good

He's with us now, I can feel him

He's mot an angel but a devil

He cursed my family

He makes you risk your life to live

His eyes burn your soul

His face is not even a face at all

His music, I sing

His soul, I have

Nothing is my own now

He has a grasp on me

He controls me

He's all I think of

That voice of his rings in my ear

It won't let up

It won't disappear

He's all I see, he's all I know

He's my angel of music, my angel of the night

Charlotte (spoken):

Lina this is absurd

This man who haunts you

Can't control you

Your family

Controls you, not him


This man I've never seen

Where does he hide?

Who is this man who runs the ground?

He can't be your angel

If he's not even an angel at all

He can't run you so push him aside

If he scares you so much tell him to leave

Only you can choose your destiny

With the angel of the night


Angel of music

Guide and guardian

Grant to me your glory

Angel of music

Hide no longer

Secret and strange angel

Erik (to Charlotte):

Insolent girl

You slave of fashion

Basking in her glory

Ignorant fool

You brave young woman

Sharing in our triumph!


Who is this angel of music?

This person who lives in the night

Why does he curse you?

Why does he haunt you?

Didn't he teach you all you know?

Why does he kill to love you?

Doesn't he know you're already taken?

Why do you keep him?

Tell him to go!

Don't keep this angel of the night!


Mother once spoke of an angel

I used to dream he'd appear

Now as I sing I can sense him

And I know he's here

Erik(to Lina):

I am your angel of music

Come to me angel of music

I am your angel of music

Come to me angel of music


Look at the mirror and you'll see him

You'll see his unsmiling face

All in black he dresses in

His face covered by a white, cold mask

He has no feelings

No sense at all

Yet when I'm with him

He seems so gentle, so serene

He is my guardian, my angel of the night

Charlotte (spoken):

The Phantom of the Opera?

Is that who he is?


He is no angel

Oh why do you love him?

He's murdered too many people!

He is a devil child!

He should be hanged this angel of the night!


I love him too much

I can't let him be hanged

He's the only true person I know

He's the angel no one sees

but everyone hears

He'll be mine forever

He's the man who's a genius

He is the angel of the night

Erik(to Lina):

In sleep I sang to you

In dreams I came

My voice called out to you

and spoke your name

and you do dream again

for now you find

the Phantom of the Opera is there

inside your heart

Charlotte and Lina:

Angel of music

Guide and Guardian

Grant to me your glory

Angel of music

Hide no longer

Secret and strange angel