Harry Potter – Unknown Title

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Crossover- Xenogears



Unknown Place, August 11th

A group of 12 men and women are sitting around a table.

"The Mother has been reborn again." One man looked around at his peers. "That means he has been reborn as well. Do we know where he is?"

A woman shook her head. "No, we don't. And since the death of the keeper's host almost a year ago, we haven't had any contact from her either. Normally when she acquires a new host, she makes contact with us again."

"Is it possible that the keeper cannot contact us?" a third questioned.

"No." the first shook his head. "I would not think so. Unless the host was in a place impossible to get in contact with us."

Another one of the group made a motion. "It does not matter about the keeper right now. About the Mother. What is her assumed name this time?"

"Ginerva. A strange name. And one, I do not see how he will be able to see it as he always does."

The first one shook his head again. "As bad as the last one. Elurven. What is it with these odd names."

"The Mother was born to those of magic, it may be that it is interfering with the rebirth. I suggest that the Mother be removed so that she may be reborn again without the influence of a magical birth." Another mentioned.

The first nodded. "That is a good idea. All in favor?"

Before the vote could be taken, there was a knock on the door. A messenger entered.

"My Lords and Ladies, I bring a message from the Emperor. He has stated that this incarnation of the Mother and her Contact are not to be touched. If they are to die, it is to be natural, without any of your or his interference."

The first sighed, and nodded. "Take a message back to him, telling him we will only monitor them then."


October 31st

At the moment of Lord Voldemort's defeat, far away in another home, a little girl was surrounded by a green and red incandescent glow. She seemed to scream for a moment, and then was quiet. Her parents rushed into her room, only to find everything except her crib was destroyed but the girl herself sound asleep again.