The Fall from The Ninth Circle

Chapter One: Abyssus Porta

February 19, 2005


She ran.

Her breath resounded like rolling thunder in her chest.

Her wings were too tired to carry her any more, and their weight was quickly becoming a hindrance to her speed. Her spine and hips begged for mercy as she dragged the burden along at top speed.

"Devoveo!" (Curses!) She cried as her tiny, bleeding feet caught a rock. Slipping on a trail of blood, she fell forward.

"Quare est is venio?" (Why is this happening?) She whispered to herself, her voice hoarse and dry from running. She lay in the putrid dirt, feeling heat and exhaustion surround her. Frightening images swirled around her head, things she had to endure for millennia upon millennia… and she was sick of it all. She wanted to leave; to be rid of Hell forever.

The mournful, wailing cry of Cerberus alerted her senses. She was not far from the gates, soon she could exit and run away from this place. Tears welled up into her eyes as she settled weight onto her injured feet, but she pushed the salty water back, forcing herself to continue.

"Filia! Subsisto!" (Daughter! Stop!) The strangely luxurious sound of His voice called to her, full of authority and power. The small, beautiful woman stopped in her tracks and stood deathly still for several long moments. Slowly she turned to face her father, dark eyes flashing as they met his own. Her dark blood colored the ground, and her body was bruised, battered, and burnt all over. Through all of this, she managed to hold her head high and continue to stare Him in his face.

"Qua es vos iens?" (Where are you going?) He asked her, Cerberus nuzzling one of his heads against his hand. He patted each head individually, stroking the worn fun on the dog's necks.

"Ego sum decessio…" (I am leaving) She whispered, taking careful steps away from him. She could feel more blood spilling down her arms and pooling on the dray, cracked ground.

"Parum bird," (Little bird) He coaxed, calling her his favorite nickname. The girl quickly shrunk away, hating it when he called her that. It was a sign that she meant something to him, and she wanted to leave this place. He took a few steps forward, but the girl always took the same amount back.

"Vos operor non postulo dimitto. Ego mos servo vos…" (You do not need to leave, I will protect you). He let a slow, handsome smile pass over his attractive, masculine face. "Forem." (Forever)

"Ego sum formido vestrum, Abbas…" (I am afraid of you, father). She spoke bluntly, her small feet still moving backwards. Her dark eyes shimmered as he continued to stare at her before laughing suddenly, his burning wings shimmering brighter. He looked his daughter in her dark eyes and smiled knowingly.

"Plures es, Filia…" (Many are, Daughter)

"Commodo, operor non planto mihi subsisto hic…" (Please, don't make me stay here…) She pleaded with him, taking a few more steps back. She could feel a slightly cooler air on her thighs and calves, signaling that she was close to the final gate. She dare not look over her shoulder though; she knew that every demon and devil her father had would be guarding the gate from her.

"Vos es nostrum procer, qua mos vos vado?" (You are our princess, where will you go?) He drew himself up in a straight and rigid line, her eyes growing dark and flaming at that exact moment. He stared harshly at his daughter; the princess of darkness. She would not leave, ever. "Humanus ero formido vestrum. Nemo mos diligo vos. Vos ero invisus." (Humans will be frightened of you. No one will love you. You will be hated.) His lips flattened into a thin line as she took a few more steps toward the gate. She could not leave! She was his daughter!

"Ego contemno vos!"(I hate you.) She hissed, taking another step back. Her father followed her closely, Cerberus at his side snarling.

"Plures operor." (Many do.) His voice was colder now, as if he was finally realizing that she may indeed escape.

"Ego sum decessio…" She whispered, stepping backward even more.

"Ego mos reperio vos si vos licentia." (I will find you if you leave.)He glared at her and let his hand fall from Cerberus's heads. Every demon he commanded suddenly went into a battle stance, ready to protect the gate from her.

"Ego sum decessio!" (I am leaving!) She cried, turning and running to the gate. She threw out her arms against the rotted, acrid flesh that covered her father's minions and cried, "Absum!" (Be gone!) They scattered like pebbles at the command and let the woman through, unable to comprehend anything else as Lucifer hissed out commands and curses at them.

Taking the last amount of her strength, she pushed through the burning iron and forced herself into the normal world. Collapsing on the ground, she took her first breath of real air. But she was not able to enjoy the taste of freedom, forit was not long before darkness over came her.

"Indulgeo mihi, Abbas…" (Forgive me, Father), she whispered softly, her body shutting down.


OKAY! So, I know that you're all going to kill me for not finishing my other fifty-thousand stories that aren't finished, but I really wanted to write this. I've been trying to read Dante's Inferno and I thought a Raven/Robin story would be sort of fun to write. So, here you go:

Fall From the Ninth Circle is now yours to enjoy!

Oh yeah! The language I used for the dialogue was Latin, and I used a translator. So, I'm positive that the sentence structure is off. Gomen ne!

I need a nap… and a cookie… (Sigh) oh well…

Love: Xaph!