DG: cool I'm just popping out stories!

Chrno- yay

DG: this story is cool

Chrno: why is that?

DG: because: whispers something in his ear:


DG: giggles: I thought you were used to this kind of thing


DG: MUAHAHHA Chrno start the fic

Chrno:…………..- Dark girl dose not own Chrno crusade P.S this story contains suggestible Grammar, Sexual situations, Random humor and is the product of Dark girl watching all the American Pie movies in a row this story is Romance/humor/horror………………


Chrno: This could get ugly!

Chapter one

Under HIGH cover

Insert some saying that's dramatic here!

" ROSETTE ARE YOU INSANE!" Chrno screamed in shock and anger

" Ohh relax this isn't any different then any other mission we have been on "Rosette said causally as she packed her suit case.

" But Rosette!"

" Chrno shut up and go pack you things!" Rosette said getting irritated.

" No I'm not going!" Chrno said sternly crossing his arms. Rosette looked at him with a twitch of anger then pulled out her gun and started firing.

Chrno yelped in shock and dogged the bullets. " ROSSETTE! GAH STOP! OHH FINE I'll GO PACK MY THINGS" he said running down the hallway. Rosette sighed and thought about how the whole mess got started one hour ago when she was called to sister Kate's office.

Flash back

" Come in Rosette" Sister Kate said looking at some papers on her desk. Rosette walked into Sister Kate's office She sat down in the chair in front of Sister Kate's desk expecting anther bashing on her horrible driving skills and her extensive damage report.

" I have got a Mission for you" Sister Kate said finally looking at her then throwing her a folder containing important documents.

" We have located someone who we suspect might be targeted by the Sinner's" Sister Kate said as Rosette read the name of the " someone" Sister Kate was referring to.

" Cheore broadshell " Rosette read the name aloud " what's so special about her? From her report she seems like a normal high school girl" Rosette said with a yawn " Whats so special about her is that at a young age she showed sighs of having supernatural powers" Sister Kate said grimly

" What kind of powers" Rosette asked getting more interested

" She is sort of a psychic she can heal people but there is something much more sinister about her powers that leads me to believe that they may be unholy" Sister Kate said.

" She has just recently moved to Florida in Panama City and has enrolled in school but around the time she moved there strange things started happing, People started seeing what they described as a white ghost wolf wondering about. One such person was attacked and killed by this wolf and it just so happens that the town in Japan that she moved from there were attacks by a white wolf there as well" Sister Kate said crossing her hands.

" Rosette what I need you and Chrno to do is to enroll in the same school as her and go under cover" Sister Kate said

" No problem! Just what kind of school dose she go to any way?" Rosette said to lazy to look at the report

" Tiger grace high a boarding school for Young women" Sister Kate said looking back down at the paper on her desk as Rosettes jaw dropped.

" You want me AND Chrno to ENROLL?" she said between gasps.

" Yes you will have to, now go your train to Florida leaves in three hours" Sister Kate said turning back to her papers as Rosette stared in shock then jumped up to go tell Chrno.

End Flash back

Rosette sighed, she finished packing her things then headed down the hallway then down the stairs to Chrno's room. When she came to his room, she knocked on his door lightly

" Come in" Chrno groaned from inside his chamber. Rosette walked in and looked at him

" Do you have all your stuff packed?" she asked giving him a look.

" Yes…" he said staring at the ground, Rosette looked at him again then sighing she took out two schoolgirls out fits and laid them on Chrno's bed. Chrno looked at them with great discus and surprise

" Please please don't tell me I have to wear.. THAT" he said pleadingly. However, Rosette stood unmoved at Chrno's pleas

Rosette studied him for a moment.

"Take off your shorts!" Rosette said unexpectedly

" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" Chrno yelled gapping at her.

She put her hands on her hips and repeated the demand,

" WHY?" he yelled with deep blush.

" AGR JUST DO AS I SAY! " she yelled at him giving him the look that says "I will set you a-blaze right now".

Chrno jumped at the look, and then glanced at his pants and back to Rosette, he slowly slid his pants down his legs until they hit the floor revealing his bright red boxers.

" Your shoes and socks to!" she said trying not to look at the bright boxers.


He said whining and worrying about what she was going to do to him.

" Now!" she said getting inpatient, Chrno gave her the puppy dog look then took off his socks and shoes.

Rosette sat down and took out some odd looking instruments from her bag and placed then on the ground, Chrno looked at them mouth open and one eyebrow raised. He had no idea what they were but apparently they had something to do with his bottom half and most were sharp so he started to feel a little uneasy at that point.

. In addition, Rosette taking out some oil, balm and some other unknown substance out of her bag did not help that fact that Chrno was on the edge of a nervous break down. Rosette took the substance and walked into his small bathroom with it, she ran some hot water into a pale and came back and sat down. Chrno looked at her

" Sit!" Rosette said pointing to a spot beside her on the ground

Chrno did as she said then looked at her again. " What are you going to do?" He said shyly with anther blush

" Do not worry about that just BE STIL!" she said opening the unknown substance she had heated up in Chrno's bathroom.

It was then that Chrno finally realized what she was doing " GAH! ROSETTE YOUR NOT DOING WHAT I THINK YOUR DOING ARE YOU?" he yelled in surprise and in horror.

Rosette whacked him on the head " Just hush you can't go under cover as a WOMAN with hairy legs! That is unless you are Norwegian (NO OFFENCE) but in that case it wouldn't be your fault" Rosette said grabbing one of Chrno's legs and started to apply the hot wax.

Mary and her trio were walking down to see Elder when they heard some odd things coming from Chrno's room. Being as nosey as they are the trio stopped to hear Rosette talking to Chrno. " Take off your shorts" they heard Rosette say, they looked at each other wide eyed and gapping not believing what they heard. They listened to the rest of the conversation with great interest. The girls giggled softly as heard what torture's Rosette was putting Chrno through.

" GAHHHHH THAT'S HOT!" they heard Chrno yip

" HOLD STILL!" Rosette snarled


" YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOCH XX" Chrno's screams lasted for about thirty minuets later when Rosette peeled the last strip off his legs.

" See it wasn't that bad" Rosette said trying to sound cheerful

Chrno glared and said nothing; Rosette let out a laugh then turned to the school outfit on the bed. She picked up the smaller one and handed it to Chrno. She smiled again and pushed him toward the bathroom door.

" Try it on" she said

Chrno sighed, wondering how he got him self into the mess, he walked into the bathroom and closed the door. This had to be the most undignified moment of his entire life, or at lest that was his opinion on the whole deal. He took off his red coat and his white shirt then removed his red boxers. He stared oddly at the undergarments that Rosette had handed him to wear.

" How am I support to get these on?"

Chrno said looking at a pair of panty hose and panties .It took him fifteen minuets of fidgeting around to finally understand how to put the darn things on. Then he turned to the school out fit, it was gray and white and had a blue ribbon tied in a brow that was placed on the center of the V-neck portion of the outfit. The bottom of it was a gray and white-checkered skirt that went all the way down to his knees. After getting it on he walked out of the bathroom.

"…. I feel like I'm going to be sick," Chrno mumbled

Rosette gaped at him ".." She started to laugh uncontrollably at his horrible misfortune. Which didn't help Chrno's state of mood.

Chrno said beginning to sulk, but Rosette could seem to bring her self to stop her insane laughter.
" Cant you be a little more serious Rosette?" Chrno said looking at her

Rosette finally stopped her fits of laughter " You look so funny!" she said trying to catch the breath she lost.

"Gee thanks"

He said sarcastically then forcing a smile, " And now!" Rosette said walking over to him and grabbing his hair.

" Ohhh no WHAT now?"

Chrno said as if he was in deep despair, He could stand a lot of thing out of her, getting smacked, landed on, shoot at, dressing up like a women but he would certainly NOT let her cut or in any way damage his precious hair.

" Your going to need a new hair style so you'll look more like a woman"

Rosette said undoing the yellow ribbon in the back of his hair, she through it a side and started to run her fingers through the long tresses of purple hair. She grabbed a brush and started to get to work. Chrno found it semi- relaxing for Rosette to play with his hair, he always liked when she did that but he never told her so.

Rosette separated his hair into two parts of ether side of his head. She grabbed one of the blue ribbons that she had laid on the ground while Chrno was in the bathroom. She pulled up his hair into a ponytail on the left side of his head and tied it with the blue bow, then did the same to the right side. She stepped away and looked at her finished work.

" Perfect!" " And now the last thing!"

Rosettes said grabbing some make up from her bag and applying it to Chrno's face before he could protest. Chrno decided fighting her was useless; he relaxed and let her do whatever she was doing to his face.

" DONE!"

She said clapping her hands together. She stood back and looked at her masterpiece, Chrno slowly walked over two the small mirror he owned. He looked as if he was seeing himself for the first time. Rosette has done a good job HE could hardly tell he was a guy.

" Ohh wait one more thing"

Rosette said grading some breast shaped things from her bag "put these in you dress", she ordered. He did as she said, then looked at him self again.

" Ok we have to get going are train leaves in… GAH 30 minuets!"

Rosette said grabbing Chrno and running out the door. Mary and her trio hardly had enough time to get out of sight as Rosette and Chrno came bonding out of his room things in hand.


Chrno… :in shock:

Fiore: please RR