Endless Sorrow: Kikyou's Journey

Rated: PGGenre: Poetry/Angst

Summary: What goes through the mind of a soul that doesn't belong? What does Kikyou thinks as she wanders in this world as only a tortured soul? A collection of poems to Kikyou. My first Inuyahsa fic!

Author's Note: This poem is about Kikyou thinking about her presence back in the world of the living trying to figure out what's her purpose. I got inspired when I saw a picture of her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha

Harsh Reality

I've wandered in this world

Protecting the innocent from the dark

Ridding the evil from the land

So purity rain supreme

I was once a priestess who was respected by all

Now I'm a soul that wanders

Trying to find her purpose

Looking for answers to my questions

I never asked to come back here

To this harsh reality

When I died

I thought I was free

I soon learned how wrong I was

I want to seek my answers I desired so

To find out why must I continue to wander

In a world

That gave me so much pain

Why did God send me back here?

Only to be tortured and lost

I won't give up

I'll keep wandering

Until I find the answers I seek

Ok, I hoped you liked it.

I'm not a big fan of Kikyou but I found a lot of inspiration to write poems about her character. I may start one about Kagome too but I'll need some suggestions first from you guys since I'm new to writing Inuyasha fics. Please RR! Thanks