School Daze

by: Juiicy

It's been two years since the end of the Shaman Tournament and things are beginning to settle down. HoroHoro and his sister returned to Hokkaido, Tao Ren is back in China, and Yoh and Anna continue to live under the same roof. And although the tournament is over, these fourteen year olds come across another challenge...


At Funbari Academy, the Junior Highschool that Yoh and Anna currently attend, talks about highschool drifts in each ninth grade classroom. But Yoh and Anna are too busy studying for Final Examinations to be thinking about highschool just yet.

What comes as a surprise to our favourite couple, is a scholarship offered to Anna to a very competitive highschool in Tokyo. Yoh's ecstatic but Anna refuses to accept because Yoh had told her that he didn't want to apply. And Yoh, being who he is, offered her a deal: She takes the Entrance Exam and he'll give a her a big surprise that'll have her glad she applied...

A/N: I've had this story building up in my mind for a while so I decided to write it out. So far, I've been able to write down atleast five chapters! Hooray!

So anyways, I just want to make a couple of things clear:

- The ManKin Gang are all two years older than in the anime meaning that most are fourteen and in the ninth grade, which is the last year of Junior High.

- Tokyo High is a fictional highschool that was inspired by Love Hina's Tokyo U(niversity). If there is actually a Tokyo High in Japan, I just want to say that it was a coincidence and you cannot, and will not, get anything out of a thirteen year old girl

-Story is best veiwed if your browser is 800 x 600, or if you minimize your window or if you enlargen the font? Otherwise the paragraphs will look strange o.O