Chapter 3

The crew hurried to the bridge, with Superman not too far behind. Commander Scott, or "Scotty" by nickname, hurried to engineering below. The crew assembled in their designated places on the Enterprise. "Follow the sun's orbit trajectory once again, Mr. Sulu, take us to warp factor nine. Bridge to engineering, you know what to do." "Aye, sir," replied Scotty. The ship began to rumble, then lurched into the path of the sun's orbit.

"I'm a little confused. Where, exactly, are we going again?" asked Superman.

"The twenty-third century. Hold tight!" replied Kirk.

Sulu began to drive the ship into warp speed. "Engaging warp speed. Warp one….warp two…warp three…"

As the Enterprise began to travel back into the twenty-third century, they noticed that the Klingons were doing the same right in front of them, in their own ships, what they called Birds of Prey. "I'll follow those Birds of Prey to the very edges of this universe and any other before I give them up", said Kirk. "For the Daily Planet, and for Earth, I'll follow right behind you," said Superman with a grin.

"Warp seven, warp eight, warp nine!" shouted Sulu.

A mighty wash of stark-white light engulfed the entire ship. The screen in front was filled with white light. A silent peace engulfed the ship and its crew for thirty seconds…

They were suddenly yanked right into deep black, studded with diamond stars again. The crew on the bridge caught their breath. They looked around at each other. Everything seemed to be all right. Superman couldn't help but notice Earth was right below.

"Superman, my friend," Kirk said with a slap on Superman's back, "Welcome to twenty-third century Earth".