A large hover buss landed in the car park of Papeta Island a large Capsule corporation logo on its side drawing a few peoples attention.

The doors opened and a young boy of seven years of age with a Dark green gi red belt and brown leather boots he had mid length Lavender hair in a center parting and blue eyes, he was Trunks Briefs, after him came another boy of six years he had wildly spiky hair black eyes and a long sleeves Orange over Blue gi all but identical to the boys farther he was Goten Son.

Two middle aged women followed after one easily recognizable as Bulma Briefs head of the Multi national Capsule corporation, the other woman could only be the mother of the other child Chichi son, a few of the die hard fans of the Budokai recognized her and her son and instantly new it as going to be a really good tournament after all where she goes her husband isn't far behind.

The next to exit was a relatively short um vertically challenged man by the Name of Vegeta 'Bijita' Briefs the prince of all Saiyan's with flame like dark brown almost black hair an exceed smirk on his face, the Prince was dressed in a simple pair of black pants and a tight blue shirt.

The last to exit was a tall young man in his late teens, black Boots, gi bottoms and a red short-sleeved gi undershirt and a black gi top finished of with a red sash and short spiky black hair with a rebellious lock trailing down to just above his eyes and a small half smile/smirk on his face and intelligent black eyes.

Eyes which were searching around "I cant sense dad yet but Piccolo and Krillin are over their" pointing to the registration stand with a large sign reading Registration.

Gohan began to walk to walk over when a flash of Ki drew his attention drawing a smile to his face "Dad"

And over by a tree was his farther the Legendary Martial artist Goku the half dozen times savior of the planet and youngest Budokai champion and his seven year deceased farther.

Goku grinned in excitement as Baba disappeared 'I can really see Chichi, Gohan and everyone again its been so long Seven years man Gohan must be as old a Trunks was by now I cant wait to se how much stronger he has become' his musings were interrupted when an exited "Goku!" came from behind him and as he turned around he was engulfed by the arms of one of the two people he has missed the most his wife and he uttered quietly "Chichi"

He looked around and saw Piccolo and Krillen first and blinked in surprise "Krillin you, you've got hair? I always thought you were naturedly bold" the aforementioned ex-monk grinned as he replied "Na I just kept it well waxed oh yeah id like you to meet my wife and daughter Jun and Marron" Goku almost managed to suppress his gasp … almost.

Gohan stands at the rear of the small group a small smile on his face with Goten half hiding behind his legs when Goku's eyes land on him and widen slightly "Gohan its grate to see you damn I missed you two" he said alternately looking between Gohan and Chichi.

Gohan looked down as Goten pulled on his pant leg "Um Gohan who is that man mom is hugging" smiling slightly before replying "That's are Dad Goten c'mon ill introduce you" weaving their way thru the small crowd Gohan kneeled next to his younger brother and said "Dad let me introduce my brother and your youngest son Goten, Goten this is Goku are dad now" Gohan grinned as Goku kneeled and said hi "Now you kind of go give him a hug bro" that was all Goten needed and threw himself at Goku while yelling "Daddy!"

"Name please" the Monk attending the reception desk muttered without looking up, "Son Gohan" the monk looked up and saw a group of people and couldn't help but smile as he recognized most of them 'Oh yes this tournament is going to be one to remember'

After registering the group of Ki manipulators chatted amongst themselves before two men interrupted them one a short purple skinned man with a white Mohawk and unsnarl robs of some kind and his companion a tall red skinned brute.

Gohan idly listened to the two as they talked to his farther while tying to place the dark energy he was feeling,

The young Saiyan narrowed his eyes as they came to rest on a duo of huge pale skinned overly Muscular fighters both had a strange stylized M on there foreheads which sent chills down his spine, something was going to happen soon something bad and he knew they were going to be right in the middle of whatever it was.

His thoughts were interrupted when Goku's stomach let out a loud rumbling "Oh man I'm hungry lets go get something to eat guys" he couldn't help but snigger at his fathers insatiable appetite.

Nearly an hour several exhausted chefs and three finely satisfied Saiyan's later found Gohan bored out of his mind 'Kami this is boring' glancing down the line of fighters he saw that he only had a few more to go before him 'Its still to late to watch Goten's match' when his turn finally came around he punched it lightly making the machine jerk back about an inch and a score of 17,000 to come up.

He was about to leave when the monk asked him to punch it again saying it must be malfunctioning and growled out "I don't have time for this shit my little brother is in the finals and I'm missing it" glancing behind the machine to a hole in the wall with peaces of the other machine around it he smirked while walking up to it calmly smirked at the remaining contestants and punched at about 1/1,000,000 his max power.

The punching machine blurred as it flew back into and threw the wall and several hundred mils into the ocean.

He walked calmly glided a small half smirk on his face all the way to the waiting room where he saw Vegeta smirking fully at him with badly contained mirth and shrugged "I was missing Goten's fight" Vegeta did laugh that time while saying "You have been spending to much time around me brat" Gohan walked passed and up to his farther saying "You say that like it's a bad thing.

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