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Sorry about not updating for a while but I have been playing Suikoden 4 and Shadow hearts 2. Convent a lot lately, I hope to put out a few more chapters in the next few days I pushed this out in about an hour and as half so it shouldn't be two hard to get a few more chapters out, and ill try to increase the words per chapter as well, this would have a few more but I have work in about twenty Minuets and I wanted to post SOMETHING ANYTHING before I do


Ouzoru X 10

Kaioken X 20

Supersaiyan X 50

Supersaiyan 2 X120

Supersaiyan 3 X 240

Golden Ouzoru X 300

Supersaiyan 4 X 600

Mystical/Mystic reaches there max potential

I use this system because it makes sense if you think about it, a lot of people will think this is just plain wrong.

I ask you why. People have said that Fifty fold is just way two powerful again I ask why.

Think about this, Arthain said that when Goku first ascended his base increased by a huge amount and Supersaiyan then triples his power.

So Goku has a base power of 5.000.000 and a Super of 15.000.000 at the battle with Frieza.

But that doesn't make sense as he could then just pull of a Kaioken X 7 and be stronger then in Super

No I believe that a Saiyan has a maximum potential of say 2.000.000 to 2.500.000 and the closer to his max he gets the slower his power increases but as he ascends his power is increased fifty fold and his Max potential is pushed back my a huge degree to about 6.600.000 and his base increases slightly.

Its just it gets to me how you could have Goku or Gohan with a power of 3.000.000 and a super of 60.000.000 and a level of 135.000.000 at the second level

Just take into consideration the power of the elder techniques like Ouzoru, which Vegeta said in the cannon, increases his power ten fold so Super has to be at least Fifty

I also have it like this, Say I Goku has a max power of 500.000 and a max POTENTIOL as in the highest he will EVER be able to achieve of 3.200.000 then after ascending his power would be like this 360.000 with a max Potential of 5.700.000.

So when a Saiyan ascends to another level his power increases and his maximum potential power grows.

As a Saiyan trains and fights his power slowly increases to his maximum over time with the closer to his max he is the harder it will be for him to increase before ascending to another level and having his max potential power pushed back. Do you understand that?

Gohan is special; his Maximum is all but limit-less as you see when the elder Kai unlocks his power.

So take it this way if Goku has a Max potential before ascending it is about


Max Potential - 2.500.000


Max Potential – 5.000.000


Max Potential –

That would about explain Gohan ability to increase his power faster that anyone else, it also explains why

Also in my universe Fusing has a similar effect as ascending as the two people who have fused will have there max power increase a little because of there powers fusing so douse there potential so take it this way if Goku with a max potential of 13.000.000 as a super 3 fuses with Gohan then un-fuses his max would have copied something from Gohan and would have dramatically increased to about 70.000.000 but it would still take decades to increase by even ten percent of there power by training on its own.

Ok the Power levels are as follows

Gohan Base - 9.400.000 Supersaiyan – 470.000.000

Supersaiyan 2 –


Base – 7.400.000

Supersaiyan – 370.000.000

Supersaiyan 2 – 888.000.000


Base – 6.300.000

Supersaiyan – 315.000.000

Supersaiyan 2 – 756.000.000


Base – 7.200.000

Supersaiyan – 360.000.000

Supersaiyan 2 – 864.000.000


Chapter 3

"Ok folks next we have a newcomer to the Budokai by the name of Vegeta Briefs, while a new comer I have heard from a very reliable source that he and his opponent have had a powerful rivalry spanning back years" the crowd cheered as the eldest living Saiyan walked into the arena smirking like the cat who ate the canary.

Taking a deep breath the announcer bellowed "And his opponent, a living Legend in the Budokai history a semi-finalist in the 21 Budokai in an awe expiring battle with the defending champion Jacky Chun" taking another deep breath he continued.

"He once again made it to the finals in the 22 Budokai where he once again fought a spectacular battle against that years winner Tienshinhan" the crowd roared in excitement.

"He finally became champ at the 23 Budokai in a fierce battle with who some believe to be nobody other that the king of demons himself King Piccolo in a battle which destroyed the whole arena, ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce the Legend himself Son Goku!" the roar was deafening as Goku walked towards the ring grinning the whole way.


Vegeta smirked deeply "Prepare yourself Kakarot" he slid into a low offensive stance as Goku slid into one of his own "I'm not holding anything back, show me just how powerful you have become" Goku narrowed his eyes in concentration and nodded slightly "Yes lets se just how far we Both have progressed"

Ducking low the two Saiyan warriors yelled as streams of yellow energy circled them and there eyes faded to a deep Turquoise and there black hair flashed blond as there golden battle auras exploding in a flash of light, kicking up a small dust cloud.

The entire stadium began to rumble as there auras began to increase in intensity and sparks of blue electricity danced in their auras, next there hair lengthened slightly while their muscles expanded.

There power continued to increase for a few minuets before topping off, they stood smirking Saiyan battle smirks and ignoring the crowds exclamations of there being even more Gold Fighters and two women arguing over who will win.

The two eldest living Saiyan's 'Kind of' charged one another the tiles under there feet cracking with the pressure.

Goku was the first to attack with a punch aimed for Vegeta's stomach, which the Saiyan prince deflected with powerful palm strike, and jumping up trying to connect a knee with the elder Son's face.

Goku using his Ki to push him towards the floor before pushing of and shoulder barging Vegeta's shin pushing the elder Saiyan back before firing a volley of weak Ki blasts at the Saiyan prince before phasing out.

Vegeta deflected the blasts directly behind him; Vegeta had just enough time to see Goku's eyes to widen before he once again phased out.

Vegeta smirked to himself as he sensed Goku reappear just behind him and jerked to the right spinning 200 degrease and lashing out in a powerful spinning hick as Goku as he passed his after image.

Vegeta's leg also passed through an after image as Goku attacked from his right with a series of punches finished of with a powerful kick, Vegeta managed to block all but the kick which he let passed his defenses while pushing himself lower towards the ground as Goku's foot sailed over his head.

Goku found his feet swept out from under him and pushed himself into a spin and pushed of the tiled floor with his hand, using his already outstretched hands Goku fired a mid power Ki blast at point blank range, straight into Vegeta's right shoulder.

The Saiyan prince spun with the impact while lashing out with his right leg, which to Goku's shock, a crescent wave of energy, sped at him in the kicks wake.


-In the waiting area-

Piccolo looked over to Gohan as he laughed slightly while muttering "Thieving son of a"


-In the arena-

Goku only just managed to cross his arms in a block as the wave of energy overcame him and lowered his guard as the beam passed harmlessly around him.

'What the… oh no' Realization came to late as Vegeta's fist connected powerfully with his jaw splitting his lip, he managed to let of a powerful ball of Ki before the force of Vegeta's punch sent him crashing into the tiles floor below like a rocket.

The prince smirked "First blood goes to me Kakarot" he taunted as Goku kipped to his feet and wiped the small trail of blood from his chin but smirked "Yeah I guess it did, but what's that behind you" before Vegeta could react a powerful ball of Ki smashed into his back exploding on contact.

Vegeta crashed into the ring not five foot from Goku's own crater.

Vegeta pulled himself to his feet with a groan but was smirking as he looked at Goku "This is what I have been waiting for Kakarot, I am your ultimate rival, just like you are mine" Goku only nodded his agreement "Then lets finally see who the best fighter is, once and for all"


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