(('ello again...this is my second fanfic to my fav Kingdom Heart pairings...at the moment i saw them two i knew they were meant to be...well in my opinion XP))

"MOM! I'm off for school"

"Bye Honey be safe now!"

"Geesh I'm 19 already give it a rest" Sora made a face as he looked at his mother who was inside the kitchen and she laughed softly

"All right then, come back at least in one piece. At least let me say that. Doesn't that make you feel more manly?"

Sora laughed as he looked at his watch and freaked out

"OH CRAP I'm late!"

"Sora what did I say about using that kind of language in the house?"

"Have no time for that mom! Love you!"

Sora's mother sighed as she crossed his arms shaking her head "Oh that son of mine…" She laughed gently; her son was growing up to be a real man now…


"Sora you're late" Riku growled at him as he was waiting near his car. Sora bowed down showing that he was sorry

"I'm sorry Riku, I PROMISE I won't be late again"

"You said that yesterday…"

"Err…THIS time for REAL"

"You said that as well"

"Well fine then I don't mean it, and I'll TRY not to be late"

Riku laughed "Oh you better not be late or I'll just leave without you because you making me late for my class!"

"Well I thought professors didn't care if you come late or not" He looked at Riku who just stared at him annoyed

"I have a test today and I don't want to be late for it" He swung his arm around Sora's neck and gave him a noogie with his free hand pushing Sora into the car

Inside the car Sora fiddled with his short brown spiky hair and Riku stared at him as he drove

"Why not change you hair style for one? Geesh look at your hair…its still the same even after 5 years"

Sora pouted "Well I like it this way" He stuck out his tongue and Riku pinched his nose "Show respect to your elders kid" Then laughed as he ruffled Sora's hair

"WOAH!" Sora was irritated now and slapped the hand off his head "Don't call me kid, I'm just one year younger than you, thank you."

"Well you look REALLY younger than me and you look more like 15 year-old than a 19 year-old" Stopping his car Sora opened the door to get out but Riku pushed him harshly that the boy feel on the sidewalk.

"What was that for?" Sora stood up as he dusted himself up before slamming the door. The windows opened and Riku leaned forward "I wanted to see your little ass in a uke position" He winked which made Sora blush after Riku's car just drove off leaving him shocked from the remark and the wink itself.

"Baka…." Sora rubbed his legs since he fell on his hands and legs first so Riku actually did get a good view of his ass and Sora rubbed it lightly "Uke position…I'm no uke…"

The bell rung and Sora knew that was the tardy bell and gasped in shock as he heard the bells

"OH NO! I'm gonna be in trouble for sure" With that he ran into the building to go into his classroom.


"Sora…you're late again…" Cloud looked up at his tardy student sternly as he took off his glasses "I will not have you late in my class next time so have a seat." He pointed at Sora's desk and he bowed showing that he was sorry

"Sora…" A girl behind him patted his shoulder gently. Sora turned around to see the young girl's face and smiled "Yes Kairi?"

The young girl smiled at him "You got a ride from Riku again?"

The boy nodded his head knowing the young girl was still in love with the slivered haired boy

She sighed in a dreamy expression "Your so lucky to get a ride with him all the time…."