Problem (chapter 10)

Cloud blinked noticing the eyes that were staring at him and he turned his head to see who on earth was staring at him "What are you looking at Leon?"

Leon jumped back and blushed "Well…I was just staring at you…that's all"

Cloud raised a brow "Leon, I'm sorry but I am not interested in you…my heart belongs to Sephiroth."

Leon gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly "Why him? He left you without saying a word right? Don't you think that was harsh for him to do to you?" He couldn't understand at all why the blonde would love the man so much, but that was just an excuse to cover up his jealously

"I'm sure he had he's reasons…this is the fist time he ever did this to me, mind your own business Leon…my relationships has nothing to do with you, so just find someone else to fall in love with. There are plenty of guys that are way better than me" Cloud stared at him as he took a bottle of water out of the fridge as Riku and Sora watched silently.

Leon shook his head "I don't want anyone else…I'm not interested in anyone else either. I want you Cloud" He grabbed the smaller man's arm and pulled him close hugging him tightly "I love you"

Cloud gasped as he felt himself being pulled and hugged his blue eyes widened but tried to pull away "Let me go! I…I'm sorry but I don't love you"

Leon said nothing but pulled away from Cloud and walked out of the house saying nothing more.

"Wait Leon!" Sora was about to run after him but Riku grabbed the young boy's shoulder "Leave him alone Sora…he needs to deal with these kinds of things. It shows him how harsh the world can be…"

Sora nodded his head as his face shifted to look at Cloud who was now crying "Sephiroth…" The blonde whimpered "Where are you Sephiroth…I need you with me…" Sora could do nothing but watch helplessly, he felt sorry for Leon but also felt bad for Cloud, after all the silver-haired man left without a single word.

Riku pulled Sora into a hug "Sora…lets leave him alone for right now…I think that's the best thing…to do" Sora nodded looking one last time at Cloud then walked off with Riku. Once they were alone Sora tugged onto Riku's shirt staring into the man's deep aqua eyes "Promise me Riku…promise me that you won't leave me like what Sephiroth did to Cloud"

Riku looked at him in shock for a moment then laughed as he kissed the boy's mouth lovingly and as they pulled away he whispered into the boy's ear "I promise…" Sora shivered as he heard the sexy voice purring into his earlobe and he smiled "I love you Riku…" Riku smiled again whispering once more "I love you too, Sora…" They kissed once more growing a bit urgent with their kisses until Sora broke the kiss "We can't do it in the kitchen" Riku smirked "And who is going to stop us…?"

Sora blushed and smiled "I suppose no one will…" He wrapped his arms around the man's neck as the man wrapped his arms around the boy's waist. They kissed again melting to the kitchen floor moaning and groaning until Leon came back in "What are you two doing?"

Riku got off of Sora quickly glaring at the brown-haired man who was now laughing, "What are you laughing at Leon?" Leon chuckled "Well it was funny how you just jumped off of Sora like that…oh yeah I saw Kairi…"

This caught Riku's attention and Sora's as well "KAIRI? Where is she? When did you see her? Why didn't you tell us sooner? Does she…." Leon gasped at all the questions that were asked "Relax! She's in front of your house Riku…which reminds me…your dad wants to talk to you."

Riku nodded grabbed Sora's hand "Let's go Sora" Leon shook his head "You shouldn't take Sora with Riku…" The silvered-man boy blinked "And why not?" "Come on! Use your brains you two. Sora's mom would be wondering where Sora might be and when I tell her that she's at Riku's house then she's going to think you two were having sex over at your house…Riku!" Sora nodded his head "Your right Leon…" Leon nodded his head and smirked as he watched Riku run out of the house "Sora stay there! I'll be right back!" Sora nodded and shouted back "OK!"

"I thought he would never leave your side…Sora"

Sora blinked looking at Leon who was chuckling "We're alone…did you notice that?" Sora looked at him feeling uncomfortable with Leon's movement as the man began to stagger over towards him suddenly changing "L…Leon?" Leon just laughed "You fool…you really thought I was him…?" Sora gasped as Leon's hands grabbed his neck Sora let out a small yelp before speaking again "Who…are you?" Suddenly Leon's hair color was white and long and his eyes turned crimson "Don't tell me you already forgot him dear Sora…" Sora's eyes went wide and couldn't find himself speak as he stared at the man in front of him who was not Leon but…

"My name…is Ansem"

to be continued

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